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Geng Xiqing and Lota did not continue to discuss this strange question but immediately made their escape.

Lifting her arm, Lota covered the two of them with her invisibility cloak.

Hand in hand, the two of them escaped together and arrived at Lotas private plane.

Lotas private plane looked different from Jordans and the other families.

Her plane was pink and looked rather cute.

Every girl would want to own it.

The interior, especially the private lounge area, was also a girls dream.

The sofa and tables were all pink.

After Lota pulled Geng Xiqing on board, she handed her a cup of hot coffee.

“Xiqing, what happened You were crying so much in the virtual game, I didnt really understand what happened to you.”

Lota had been in the game when she suddenly met Geng Xiqing.

Unexpectedly, Geng Xiqing knelt before Lota and asked her to save her.

Lota didnt probe the exact situation.

She just asked Geng Xiqing to tell her current address and immediately rushed over with her subordinates.

Lota was now the head of the Schmid family.

How could she not help when her good friend was in trouble

Geng Xiqing wasnt in the mood for hot coffee.

Without even a polite word of thanks, she put the cup aside and explained.

“The day before yesterday, I was drawing in my studio when Shaun entered with a woman to capture me.

The woman is Paris Gildon, and she is currently occupying my body.

Shaun kidnapped me and placed us in his laboratory.

He performed a mind-transplant procedure on us! Now that Ive swapped minds with Paris Gildon, I cant return to my own body anymore.”

Geng Xiqing looked very sad as she spoke.

Lota was very surprised.

“Mind-transplant procedure Shaun actually succeeded in developing his mind-transplant procedure That shouldnt be the case.

If he had already successfully developed the mind-transplant procedure, he and his late wife would have swapped minds with my parents long ago!”

Over the past 20 years, Shaun had been secretly controlling Lotas parents.

Unlike the mind-transplant procedure, Shauns previous technique required him to be hidden in the shadows.

As a result, Shaun and his wife led dark, wretched lives.

Therefore, Lota found this very strange.

If Shaun already had such a powerful procedure, wouldnt he have used it on her parents, or even her

Geng Xiqing explained.

“He didnt successfully develop the mind-transplant procedure on his own.

Jordan helped him.”

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Lotas heart skipped a beat at the mention of Jordans name.

Even until now, Jordan was the only man Lota cared about.

Although they had not met each other in the past six months.

They didnt even have much communication.

“By the way, you just said that you know Jordans secret.

What is it” Lota asked.

Geng Xiqing said, “But first, why did you say that Jordan is infertile This is too strange.”

Lota laughed awkwardly.

“Hahaha, I was just joking to lighten the atmosphere.”

Lighten the atmosphere

It was such an intense rescue mission.

Who would be in the mood to tell jokes to lighten up the atmosphere

Geng Xiqing was two years older than Lota, so she could still see through this little girls heart.

Geng Xiqing smiled and asked, “Lota, you slept with Jordan, right”

Lota blushed at the direct question.

Geng Xiqing was even more certain now.

“Arent we best friends I thought you told me everything!”

The two of them did talk about everything, but Lota still had some reservations about this topic.

She had only told Geng Xiqing that she liked Jordan very much and wanted to marry him.

Lota nodded.

Jordan would definitely be shocked if he was present.

He would exclaim:When did we sleep together! Why dont I know about it!

Lota looked around very carefully.

After confirming that there was no one around, she said quietly,

“Xiqing, Ill only tell you.

Dont tell anyone else.”

Geng Xiqing was speechless:Ive turned from a young Chinese girl from a noble secret family to a common American woman in her late 20s.

I cant even go home now.

Who else can I tell!

Nonetheless, Geng Xiqing just nodded earnestly.

Lota whispered in Geng Xiqings ear.

“I raped Jordan! For one whole day and night!”


This was Geng Xiqings first reaction.

She was completely dumbfounded.

Was this something a pure and cute little girl like Lota would do

Was this something a woman could do

Was this something a fair, rich and beautiful woman could do

Was this something the Swiss Holy Maiden could do

One word sprung into Geng Xiqings mind: Awesome!

This was too awesome.

Jordan was a Deity Jordan.

Lota managed to rape a Deity.

She was the first person in history to do that!!

Geng Xiqing gulped excitedly.

“Are… are you serious”

Lota said playfully, “Of course.

Why would I lie to you That time, Jordan and I were locked in a special room designed by Shaun.

Jordan asked us to take a sleeping pill each and sleep for 24 hours.

He fell asleep after taking it, but I didnt take it.

Instead, I put it in my pocket.



In retrospect, those 24 hours were the happiest moments of my life.

After he woke up, he couldnt even stand properly!”

Geng Xiqing was speechless.

She really didnt know what to say.

Was this the same Lota she knew

So she was that kind of “Swiss Holy Maiden”!


It was too awesome!

Geng Xiqing gave her a thumbs-up sign.

“Lota, you are the most powerful girl in the world now because the man you raped is the new Deity!”

Lota smacked Geng Xiqing on the arm.

“Stop joking, Xiqing.”

Lota thought Geng Xiqing was pulling her leg.

Geng Xiqing said very seriously, “Im not fooling around.

Im telling the truth.

Jordan is really the new Deity.

This is what I wanted to tell you.

Its his secret!”

Lota was stunned.


Geng Xiqing nodded.


Otherwise, how could Jordan have successfully developed something as heaven-defying as the mind-transplant procedure for Shaun”

Lota thought for a moment.

“Thats right.

Previously, he even successfully developed the Mirakuru serum.

Even the Miyamoto family couldnt complete that serum! Oh my god, the man I like is a Deity! Jordan is amazing! Hey, by the way, if Jordan is a Deity and can predict the future, then did he know beforehand that I would rape him”

Lota suddenly felt a little guilty.

She had been keeping it a secret from Jordan!

Jordan had always treated her as his younger sister.

If Jordan found out that she had secretly done such a thing to him, he would definitely beat her to death!

Geng Xiqing laughed.

“I bet he predicted that.

You were wondering why you didnt get pregnant, right My guess is he might have taken a male birth control pill in advance!”


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