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“Male birth control pill!”

Lotas eyes lit up as if Geng Xiqings words had enlightened her!

For the past six months, Lota had been curious as to why she wasnt pregnant.

She even began to suspect that Jordan was infertile!

Lota immediately said, “Xiqing, youre right! That must be it! He must have taken a male birth control pill in advance! Hehe, if he predicted that he would be raped by me in advance and didnt stop it from happening… Then it looks like he still has feelings for me, right!”

Geng Xiqing was speechless.

She did have some understanding of the abilities of a Deity.

The Deity could only predict the future but could not change it.

Even if Jordan wanted to prevent it, he couldnt!

Geng Xiqing suddenly became serious.

“Alright, lets get down to business.

My body is being controlled by Paris Gildon now, and she listens to Shaun.

Theyre doing bad things at my house now.

Hurry up and call my mother and tell her the truth!”

“Okay, okay!”

Lota immediately picked up her phone and called Madam Geng.

However, no one answered the phone even after they tried calling several times.

Madam Geng was rushing to her Suzhou laboratory now.

She wanted to declare war on the Rong family.

How would she be in the mood to answer anyones call!

“No ones answering.”

Lota told Geng Xiqing.

“Call my other siblings!”

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Lota called Geng Xiqings other siblings, but no one answered.

“How did this happen Call the CEO of my familys military division.

Damn it, I forgot his number.”

Geng Xiqing became anxious.

For a moment, she didnt know who to contact.

Just as she was feeling anxious, Lota suddenly gave a suggestion.

“Xiqing, didnt you say that Jordan is a Deity Jordan Lets go to him for help.

He can predict the future.

He will definitely be able to help you!”

Geng Xiqing knew that Lota probably just wanted an excuse to see her sweetheart.

Regardless, asking Jordan for help was the only way now.

“Okay! Lets go to the US to find Jordan!”

In the capital.

Lota flew her plane at full speed.

She knew where Jordan and Lauren lived, so the plane stopped directly above Jordans villa.

“Who is it!”

Pablo and his men immediately raised their weapons when they heard the roar of the plane.

Geng Xiqing was the first to step out after the plane landed.

Pablo looked at the figure.

It was Paris Gildon!


Pablo immediately fired a warning shot and reported it to Jordan, who was in the villa.

“Master, bad news.

Shaun has arrived at the villa!”

At that moment, Jordan was cooking with Lauren.

He was surprised and angry when he heard Pablos report.

When Jordan looked out of the window, he was surprised to see Paris Gildon.

Jordan, Pablo and the others did not know that Geng Xiqing and Paris Gildon had swapped minds.

Therefore, they thought that Paris Gildons presence meant that Shaun had also come.

“Shaun is simply lawless! He dared to land at my villa!”

“I must teach him a lesson this time.

If necessary, I will kill him!”

“Lauren, stay here and dont move.

Dont come out.”

With that, Jordan walked out angrily.

“Hubby, be careful!”

Lauren was very worried about Jordan, but she didnt dare to go out in case she became a burden.

Geng Xiqing was the most anxious, so she was the first to alight from the plane.

Unexpectedly, she was mercilessly warned to back off the moment she alighted.

Then, Lota emerged.

“Pablo, dont shoot! Everyone, dont shoot.

Were on the same side!”

Pablo and his men knew Lota.

When they saw her, they immediately stopped attacking.


Schmid Why are you with Shauns woman” Pablo asked in surprise.

Lota led Geng Xiqing down.

“Shes Geng Xiqing, not Shauns woman.

Im here to see Jordan.

Is he here”

By now, Jordan had already emerged from the villa.

Just as he was about to attack, he saw Lota, whom he had not seen for a long time.


When Lota saw Jordan, she happily leaped into his arms.

Jordan smiled and patted Lotas hair.

“Why are you here You are here with… Paris Gildon How did you two meet”

Lota explained.

“Jordan, shes not Paris Gildon.

Shes Madam Gengs daughter, Geng Xiqing.”


Jordan was shocked.

He had met Geng Xiqing before.

She was a very cute short-haired girl.

It was obvious that she did not look like that.

Geng Xiqing knelt on the ground.

“Deity Jordan, please save me.

Help me take back my body and help my family!”

Jordan heard her accent, which was so similar to Madam Gengs.

He immediately made a deduction.

“You… you switched minds with Paris Gildon”

Still crying, Geng Xiqing nodded.

Jordans heart churned with emotions.

He knew that Shaun would definitely let Paris Gildon swap minds with another woman after they failed with Liza Shelby.

He never expected Shaun to choose Geng Xiqing!

‘Shaun is a beast! Geng Xiqing is only 20 years old.

Such a cute girl actually has to endure all this!

Jordans heart ached for Geng Xiqing.

After all, he had helped to develop the procedure.

If not for Jordan, Geng Xiqing would not have encountered such a thing.

Crying, Geng Xiqing pleaded.

“Deity Jordan, can you help me take back my body”

Jordan shook his head.

“Im sorry, Xiqing.

I cant do it.

With the current procedure, the human mind can only be switched once.

You cant keep switching it back and forth.

You will both die if you try again.”

Geng lowered her head.

She knew that she would never be the eldest daughter of the Geng family again.

Jordan comforted her.

“Xiqing, you should think positively.

At least youre not dead and you have a good body.

Paris Gildon is considered a great beauty in the US.

By the way, how did you know that Im a Deity Did Shaun tell you”

Jordan had kept the fact that he was a Deity from the Geng family and Lota.

At this moment, Lota walked forward and patted Jordan.

“Jordan, youre so mean! Youre a Deity, but you didnt even tell me.

Do you still treat me as your younger sister!”

Jordan smiled.

“Im sorry, Lota.

This matter is too complicated.

Im just afraid of implicating you.

Dont worry, with me as your Big Brother Deity, your Schmid family, together with the Steeles, will be the most impressive among all the secret families in the future.

If you need anything, you can come to me.

Ill help you!”

Lota smiled wickedly.

“Anything Are you sure”


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