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Looking at Lotas cute and mischievous expression, Jordan tapped her nose and smiled.

“No perverted thoughts, silly sister.

I wont care if its about your physical desires.

Your first time should be reserved for a man who treats you as his one and only.”

Jordan believed that he was being very chivalrous.

Otherwise, the number one beauty in Switzerland would have been his long ago.

However, Jordan already had many women.

He did not want to get involved with too many.

Even if he was a Deity, he didnt want to have a harem of three thousand beauties like the ancient emperors.

Lauren and Victoria were enough.

However, Lota said, “Now that I know that youre a Deity, theres no point in you continuing to act dumb.”

Jordan was puzzled.

“Act dumb What do you mean How am I acting dumb”

Lota stomped her feet.

“You know very well that my first time is gone!”

Jordan was shocked.

“What You have a boyfriend I didnt know.

Who is it What does he look like He better not be an ordinary man or Ill be displeased.”

Lota was certain that Jordan already knew the truth.

Seeing that he insisted on playing dumb, she said directly,

“Its none other than you!”

Jordan felt that Lota was joking again.

“What are you talking about How is that possible Hehe.”

Lota said, “Do you remember the 24 hours we spent in that room at my house You should have known you were a Deity by then, right”

Jordan nodded.

It was true he already knew that he was a Deity at that time.

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Lota continued to ask, “A Deity can predict what will happen in the future”

Jordan confirmed.

“Yes, I can predict what will happen in the next few minutes or even hours.”

Lota said, “Thats right.

Then you must have known what I would do to you.

Before you took the sleeping pill, you must have predicted what I would do to you next.

But you are still acting dumb.


Jordan was confused.

He did not know what Lota was talking about.

After all, he did know he was a Deity when he and Lota were locked up in that special room.

However, at that time, Shaun had yet to inject him with the medicine used by the previous Deity.

Jordans prediction abilities were that strong yet, so he couldnt predict the future at will.

Nevertheless, Jordan did not explain this to Lota.

She was talking about what she had done to Jordan and he was very curious about it.

What did this little girl do to him!

Jordan asked, “You didnt take the sleeping pill I gave you You didnt sleep for 24 hours What did you do to me!”

Jordan was a little afraid.

Lota had remained awake while he slept!

Fortunately, Lota was not a sinister person.

She might have already killed him if she had bad intentions.

How could this little girl have bad intentions

Jordan was very curious about this!

Lota couldnt hold it in anymore.

“I raped you.

You already know that I wouldnt take the sleeping pill.

You must know what I did to you.

How could I control myself in that atmosphere”


Jordan almost vomited blood.

My God, what was he hearing!

This little girl raped him The great Deity


For a moment, Jordan was completely incoherent.

At this moment, Lauren suddenly walked out.

“Hubby, are you alright”

Lauren had been obediently staying put in the room.

But when she heard no sounds of fighting, and Jordan talking amicably to the people outside, she emerged.

“Hello Lauren! Youve lost weight! Your legs are so thin! Im so envious!” Lota praised Lauren.

Actually, with her status as one of the members of the secret families, she could totally disregard Lauren.

However, she was still an innocent little girl.

She did not look down on Lauren.

Instead, she respected her.

Lauren knew Lota.

“So its Ms.


Before they could continue their conversation, Geng Xiqing cut in.

“Deity Jordan, Paris Gildon is controlling my body to infiltrate my family.

Im afraid something will happen to my mother.

Can you go to China to stop this disaster”

Jordan always had a good relationship with the Geng family.

Previously, he had even “submitted” himself to the Geng family.

Now that something had happened to the Geng family, Jordan could not ignore it.

But Lauren was confused.

She pointed at Geng Xiqing.

“Hubby, isnt she Paris Gildon Why is she claiming that Paris Gildon is controlling her body”

As they didnt have much time, Jordan just said, “Lauren, this matter is very complicated.

I have to rush to China now.

If I am not wrong, a world war is likely to break out.”

World war!

Jordans words made Lauren became nervous.

This concerned the lives of billions of people in the world! As such, she was very sensible.

“Hubby, go ahead.

I will take care of myself.”

Jordan did not say anything else and boarded the plane with Lota and Geng Xiqing.

As soon as they boarded the pink plane, Jordan cornered Lota.

“Lota, what did you say earlier You didnt take the pill I gave you.

During those 24 hours, you… you were…”

Jordan was too embarrassed to say it!

Who said that little girls couldnt have bad intentions!

Only then did Lota realize that Jordan was not acting dumb.

He really did not know.

Lota immediately cowered.

“No Jordan, I… I…I didnt do anything to you.

I was practicing yoga in the room!”

Jordan smacked Lotas butt.

But of course, it wasnt a very hard smack.

“How come my legs felt weak after you practiced yoga After I woke up that day, I could barely stand up and walk! Youre too ruthless.

How could you do such a thing to me…”

Jordan finally understood why he was so tired after sleeping for 24 hours that time.

He had thought that his own stamina was failing, but it turned out that this little girl was the cause!

Lota lowered her head and put her legs together in a posture of submission.

“Im sorry Jordan… I wont do it again.”

Seeing how cute and shy Lota was, Jordan couldnt bring himself to continue scolding her.

After all, it was an honor for any man to be chosen by the Swiss Holy Maiden.

It was no loss to Jordan.

Jordan suddenly asked, “You didnt get pregnant, right”

Lota suddenly looked up.

“No! Its so strange.

Im not pregnant! Just now, Xiqing and I thought that you must have predicted that I would rape you, so you took a male birth control pill in advance.”

Jordan laughed out loud.

“To think that you two girls could come up with such an idea.

Why would I take that kind of thing Hahaha.”

It would be all too easy for the Steele family to develop a male birth control pill.

However, a real man like Jordan would never take it.

Lota suddenly said worriedly, “Jordan, after helping Xiqing, why dont you come to Switzerland with me”

Jordan was confused.

“What for To visit your parents”

Lota said, “You know, our family doctors are among the best in the area of male infertility!”


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