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Lota was implying that Jordan was infertile!

Jordan pinched Lotas tender ear and refuted angrily.

“You silly girl, who are you calling infertile You didnt get pregnant and youre blaming me.

Why dont you say that its your fault”

“Ouch, it hurts…”

Lota yelped as Jordan was using some force this time.

Seeing that Lota was in pain, Jordan immediately stopped.

Rubbing her red ears, Lota replied very seriously.

“Ive done a physical check-up! Theres nothing wrong with my body! I am very fertile! I have very good hips!”

Somehow, Lota managed to sneak in a self-compliment about her own figure.

Jordan said, “Its normal not to immediately get pregnant.

How can it be so easy to get pregnant after just one time It took some time before I got Hailey pregnant.

Lauren was the only time this happened.

And it was just plain luck.”

Lota began to envy Lauren.

“Why can Lauren do it but not me”

Jordan patted her head and said dotingly, “Lota, forget about this.

Be my good little sister in the future, okay”

Lota answered reluctantly, “Okay.”

While the two of them were fooling around, Geng Xiqing, who was also on the plane, sat quietly in her seat with a melancholic expression.


She had a vague feeling that something bad had happened at home.

Suzhou, the Geng familys private town.

Madam Geng had returned to the familys secret laboratory, followed by all their core research teams.

She opened a secret passageway.

There was a locked cabinet inside.

She opened it via a fingerprint scan.

Inside the cabinet were switches to detonate the paper bombs.

There were also multiple labels indicating the specific locations of the paper bombs distributed across the world.

Madam Geng could easily blow up any place in the world where there were paper bombs.

There was also a specific switch for the Rong family territory.

All the paper bombs planted in the Rong familys territory could be detonated with one switch.

With a single flick, explosions would spread across the Rong family territory!

Madam Gengs hand slowly moved to the switch that controlled the life and death of the Rong family.

“No! Madam Geng!”

An old white man in his 50s suddenly shouted.

“Once we choose to start a war with the Rong family, theres no turning back! With our current strength, we definitely wont be able to defeat them!”

“Madam Geng, please reconsider!”

“Madam Geng, please reconsider!”

The core members of the Geng family were afraid of the Rong family.

However, Madam Geng had already made up her mind.

She could not let her son die in vain.

Especially since the Geng and Rong families had always minded their own business.

But Chairman Rong had suddenly killed her son.

He would definitely kill her next.

This was a battle that could not be stopped!

Geng Anli said, “I have to avenge Weilun! Perhaps we cant compare to the Rong family, but we have taken careful measures over the years.

These measures are enough to plunge the entire planet into a disaster! We also have the power to control the fate of the world!

“Rong Bailun, I will reveal the trump card of my Geng family today.

Im very curious if I can expose your trump card too!”

If she could force the Rong family to show their hand, it would be worth it.


Geng Anli flipped the switch.

In various locations in the Rong family territory, including offices, laboratories, warehouses, yachts, planes, aircraft carriers, and so on.

They all began to spontaneously combust.

At first, it was just a very slight spark.

Just an ordinary piece of paper smoldering.

It was so mild that it was undetectable.

But gradually, soft sizzling sounds could be heard, like beans being fried.

The sizzling sounds became louder.

Then, it exploded like popcorn.

As more time passed, more paper exploded.

The sounds became louder and more terrifying!

At this moment, Rong Bailun was watching an opera performance.

Suddenly, his personal assistant Ban Luming, walked in and halted the program.

He reported to Rong Bailun.

“Bad news, something happened! All our bases in China have been attacked!”


Rong Bailun immediately got up and boarded the plane.

“How could they all be attacked at the same time What were our interceptors doing Why didnt they warn us Why didnt they intercept the attack!” Rong Bailun said angrily.

Ban Luming explained.

“The attacks were caused by exploding papers.

These papers have been on our bases all along.

The papers ignited on their own, there were no intruders.”

Rong Bailun frowned.

“Exploding papers Was the power very serious”

Even Chairman Rong did not think that a mere piece of paper could cause any major damage.

Ban Luming said seriously, “This paper explosion is very extraordinary.

It wasnt very powerful at first, but as time passed, it became increasingly powerful.

Now, its power has increased to the point where a stack of A4 paper can blow a car up! And the power is still increasing.

We dont know what its final limit is!”

Rong Bailun immediately became serious.

“Damn it! This must be the Geng familys secret weapon.

Geng Xiqings mother loves to play such tricks! Ah! That b*tch mother-daughter duo! Ban Luming, listen.

Focus all your energy on our TT experimental base in west China.

Make sure that the instruments and anything there is unaffected.

If necessary, quickly move the equipment there to a plane and transport them to our secret Fort Rong!”

At such a critical moment, Rong Bailun did not care about the losses of the other bases.

He only cared about the TT experimental base in western China.

It seemed like this TT experimental base held the core secret of the Rong family!

Meanwhile, in another location in Suzhou.

Shaun had just killed a big rooster and poured the chicken blood into a porcelain bowl.

He then lit three incense sticks at a temporary altar.

It looked like he treated today as a big day.

It was traditional for practitioners of his dark arts to offer blood and incense on special days.

Suddenly, a subordinate rushed into the courtyard and said anxiously,

“Master! The explosions happened! Our people just confirmed that explosions occurred in multiple places in China.

All those places were more or less in the Rong family territory!”

Shaun sneered.

He had also just received a message from Paris Gildon.

Now, he was even more certain that the Geng family had already attacked the Rongs!

Shaun shouted, “Rong Bailun, today is the day you die! Then I will replace you and dominate the world!!”


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