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“Master Shaun is the ruler of the world! Master Shaun is number one in the world!”

“Master Shaun is the ruler of the world! Master Shaun is number one in the world!”

Shauns subordinates had long been brainwashed by him.

They all knelt on the ground and shouted in unison.

Hearing this, Shaun laughed loudly and returned to the house.

He opened a map of China and spread it on the ground.

He then took out a golden rectangular box from his pocket.

The golden box looked very precious.

Shaun treasured it a lot.

He carefully opened the box and took out a strand of hair.

The strand of hair was black.

“Hehe, Rong Bailun, let me see where you are now!”


Shaun struck a match and lit the hair before placing it on the map.

The hair moved on its own to a spot on the map.

It landed on a spot located in western China, where it was rumored to hold an ultra-secret base.

Shaun frowned.

“At such a critical moment, Rong Bailun actually went there! There have been rumors that the Chinese government conducts all sorts of advanced research there.

Could it be true

“Hmph, regardless of whether they are researching aliens or some other big secret, I will take over these world secrets in the future! Men, listen to my orders.

Gather everyone and rush to this secret base in western China!”


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Meanwhile, Geng Anli did not remain idle after detonating the paper bombs.

After learning that Rong Bailun had gone to his secret base in western China, she immediately led her family there.

She wanted to kill Rong Bailun and avenge her son!

At this moment, Rong Bailun was at his western China secret base, instructing his subordinates to transport all the secret equipment here.

Constant explosions rang out on the base.

However, compared to the other bases, the explosions here were relatively small.

Rong Bailun asked impatiently, “How long will the explosions continue! Why cant it be stopped!”

Ban Luming explained.

“We havent found a way to stop the explosions yet.

However, there are fewer papers here.

Although the power of the paper explosion is constantly doubling, we dont have to worry that it will destroy this place because there arent enough papers here.”

Rong Bailun nodded.

“Fortunately, the TT Experimental Base is mainly used for…”

Rong Bailun nearly revealed the Rong family secret which would shock the world!

Ban Luming was his personal assistant and knew what the secret was.

But he was standing in an open area.

As the saying went, walls had ears.

Now that spyware technology was so advanced, he was still very careful and did not say it directly.

Ban Luming understood what Rong Bailun meant and continued, “Yes, Chairman Rong.

Fortunately, our TT Experimental Base doesnt need a large amount of paper.

Otherwise, the situation here would definitely be very bad.

Our heaven-defying research might suffer a huge setback!”

Rong Bailun nodded.

“Damn Geng Anli! If I had known she would cause me so much trouble today, I would have gotten rid of this crazy woman long ago!”

Just as Rong Bailun finished speaking, an invisible plane suddenly appeared.

It was the Gengs familys fighter jet!

“Chairman, be careful!”

The Rong family people immediately became vigilant.

Geng Anli shouted at Rong Bailun through a high-tech voice transmission device, “Rong Bailun, I want you to pay for the death of my son with your life!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the flames of war erupted!



Cannonballs and laser weapons were all aimed at Rong Bailun!

“Activate the interceptor weapons!”

The Rong familys high-tech weapons were also not to be trifled with.

They immediately intercepted the Gengs attack.

Seeing that their attack was not working, Madam Geng decided to send someone to assassinate Rong Bailun on the ground!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Both sides engaged in an intense battle!

At that moment, another fighter jet flew over.

A familiar face walked out of the plane.

It was Jamie!

Jamie had now taken over the power of the Addington family.

When he heard that the Geng and Rong families were fighting, he came to support with the Addington laser weapon.

“Madam Geng, Im here to help you!”

Jamie shouted at Geng Anli from a distance.

Like Jordan, Jamie pretended to join the Geng family.

In reality, he was just protecting his own interests.

This time, Geng Anli was so busy planning her attack on the Rong family that she didnt even think about summoning Jamie.

He had come on his own accord.

Jamie always hated Rong Bailun.

He wanted to deprive the Rong family of their ruling position today!

“Men, aim at that b*stard Rong Bailun.


Jamie gave the order.

With a bang, the laser cannon fired straight at Rong Bailun.

However, the Rong family had already set up a defense in front of them to resist any weapon attacks.

The laser cannon hit the “barrier” with a dull thud.

The entire ground shook violently, like an earthquake.

However, Rong Bailun was not hurt at all.

Rong Bailun was the head of the eight great families.

How could he be so easily injured!

However, Jamie was not disappointed.

He continued to grin.

“Haha, we didnt hit him.

Its alright, continue bombarding him!”

Jamie basked in the thrill of starting a war with the most powerful Rong family.

As for victory or defeat, he really didnt care.

He knew the difference in strength between the Addingtons and Rongs.

After a few more minutes, the Haus family arrived and stopped between the Geng and Rong families.

Covered in protective armor, Dieter Haus rushed toward Geng Anli.

He pleaded with her.

“Oh my god, Madam Geng, Chairman Rong, why are you fighting If you fight, the world will be over.

We wont be able to survive! Madam Geng, stop attacking.

Were secret families with a hundred years of friendship.

What cant we sit down and talk through things”

Geng Anli snorted.

“Sit down and talk Ask the arrogant Rong Bailun over there.

Will he sit down with me and talk He killed my son without even giving me an explanation! Hes so arrogant.

Does he really think that my Geng Weilun family is so easy to bully!”

Dieter turned to Rong Bailun and spoke through a special voice transmission device.

“Chairman Rong, there might be some misunderstandings between you and Madam Geng.

Lets sit down and slowly resolve it together.

Dont fight anymore!”

However, Rong Bailun was now completely enraged.

To think that he, who had the most advanced weapons and technology in the world, was actually provoked like this!

Rong Bailun replied to Dieter through his own voice transmission device.

“Dieter, scram! You b*stard, dont think I dont know that youve been trying to steal our familys secrets all these years! Also, tell that crazy woman Geng Anli that I will make their entire family pay for their stupidity today! Today marks the death anniversary of the Geng family!”


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