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By this point, many of the Rong familys secret bases had been destroyed, and their most precious secret equipment had been forced to be transferred.

Rong Bailun was livid.

It was impossible for him to negotiate with Geng Anli anymore.

‘You pulled out the tigers teeth and still want to make friends with it

Dieter had been eavesdropping on the eight great families.

He was a pacifist who did not dare to provoke anyone.

But now, there was nothing he could do about this situation.

Seeing that he couldnt persuade Rong Bailun, Dieter walked toward Jamie and shouted at him.


Jamie, stop attacking.

We need to calm down.

We need to be united! The eight great families shouldnt fight among themselves!”

Jamie actually ordered his men to stop attacking when he heard Dieters words.

He waved at Dieter, gesturing for him to come over.

Dieter was delighted.

Finally, someone was willing to listen to him!

Hurrying over to Jamie, Dieter continued.


Jamie, the Steeles have a good relationship with the Geng family.

Please persuade Madam Geng to stop attacking the Rong family!”

Unexpectedly, when Dieter arrived beside Jamie, the latter raised his right fist and punched him in the face!


Jamie said angrily, “Dieter, you bastard! After my grandfather passed away, when the other families targeted the Steeles, why didnt you stand up and say not to fight among ourselves! Now that its the Rong familys turn, you are stepping forward to be the peacemaker F*ck you, youre nothing!

“Blast him! Blast this arrogant thing to death!”

The battle became even more intense!

On the Rong familys side, Ban Luming saw that the situation was not optimistic.

He suggested to Rong Bailun,” “Sir, use your weather weapon and kill them with lightning!”

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But Rong Bailun shook his head.


The weather weapon has too wide a range and is very powerful.

We cannot control its precise target area.

Our equipment is in the process of being transferred.

Well be finished if the weather weapon destroys our equipment! Lets wait a little longer.

Well use our weather weapon to deal with them after all our equipment is transferred to Fort Rong!”

On the Schmid family plane.

Jordan, Lota, Geng Xiqing and the others were also rushing to the secret base in western China.

The plane flew at full speed, and everyone looked very nervous.

Jordan had already ordered Lota and Geng Xiqing to wear the highest-level protective suits.

Lota asked, “Jordan, are Xiqings mother and Chairman Rong really at the western China secret base Have they started fighting”

Jordan did not have Shauns means to determine a persons precise location.

However, he had predicted that they were all in the western China secret base.

In response, Jordan said, “Of course.

Have you forgotten that Im a Deity Ive already had a vision about it.

I saw the scene.

It is clearly a secret base in western China.

I also saw Madam Geng and my brother Jamie bombarding Rong Bailun.”

Lota was surprised.

“Your visions are so detailed You even saw the battle”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, why”

Lota shook her head and said it was nothing.

But she still felt like something was not quite right.

Geng Xiqing noticed that Lota was behaving strangely.

She asked Lota.

“Lota, you drank a lot of water just now.

Do you need to go to the toilet”

Lota said quickly, “No, I… I dont need to go.”

With that, Lota felt rather shy.

Geng Xiqing couldnt help laughing.

“Lota, youve been holding it in instead of going to the toilet.

Are you afraid that Jordan will have a vision of you going to the toilet”

Lota lowered her head in silent agreement.

Jordan was speechless.

How did Lota manage to have such a train of thought!

This was the first time hearing that someone didnt dare to go to the toilet because he was a Deity!

Lauren also knew that Jordan was a Deity, but she had never had such thoughts!

Jordan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He tapped Lotas forehead with his finger.

“Are you crazy I am not that perverted.

Why would I purposely get a vision of you going to the toilet! What kind of person do you think I am!”

Lota crossed her arms cutely.

“Im just afraid that Jordan will have a bad image of me.

Then Ill go to the toilet.

Dont have a vision about that.”

Jordan pushed Lota to the door of the washroom on the plane.

“Hurry up and go.

Whoever has a vision about you is a dog!”

He was truly speechless.

He was a Deity with such a heaven-defying ability.

He could predict major events that would affect the world.

Why would he do such a despicable thing

After a moment of righteous anger, he went back to his seat.


The more he didnt want to think about something, the more he would imagine it.

What was going on…

10 minutes later.

The plane flew at full speed and quickly landed on the battlefield in western China.

Jordan, Lota and Geng Xiqing led the Steele and Schmid family people onto the battlefield!

“Damn it! Its Jordan! The one who killed the heads of the Park and Miyamoto families! Its over, its over.

The situation will worsen with his arrival.

Ah, Earth is going to perish!”

Dieter fell into deep despair when he saw Jordan.

He was still holding his phone in his right hand.

The phone showed Twitter, Instagram and other major social media platforms.

Now, the situation here had already become a trending topic, resulting in heated discussions among people all over the world.

Fortunately, the battle was confined to western China.

No one thought that it was a world war.

However, when the secret families fought, their power was comparable to that of a world war.

“Haha, Jordan is here too.

Come, give Rong Bailun another round to liven things up for Jordan!”

Meanwhile, Paris Gildons face suddenly turned pale with fear when she saw Jordan and Geng Xiqing.

“Oh no!”

Paris Gildon knew that Jordan and Geng Xiqing would definitely expose her.

Hence, she quickly took the opportunity to slip away.

Jordan led them all the way to the core area of the Geng family.

As they were on the same side, no one stopped them.

Seeing Jordans arrival, Geng Anli happily walked forward and hugged him.

“Jordan, youre here to help me, right Rong Bailun killed Weilun.

Were declaring war on the Rong Bailun family today! Ill feel safer if you stay by my side…”

Geng Anli was a woman who had just experienced the pain of losing her son.

She really wanted a solid shoulder to lean on.


Geng Xiqing couldnt help leaping into Geng Anlis arms.

Tears streamed down her face.

Geng Anli and her subordinates were very vigilant and quickly pushed Geng Anli away.

Geng Anli demanded.

“Why did you call me Mom”

Tears streamed down Geng Xiqings face.

“Im Xiqing, Im your daughter! Is Brother really dead What happened to him Was it that woman, Paris Gildon!”

Geng Anli was confused.

She couldnt understand what she was saying.

Jordan said, “Madam Geng, Im sorry to tell you this news.

Your daughter and Paris Gildon switched minds.

The person standing before you now is your daughter, Geng Xiqing!”


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