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Lota was very jealous of Jordans relationship with Geng Anli.

Why could Geng Anli have Jordan but not Lota

Lota was clearly younger and loved Jordan more.

When they were on the plane just now, Lota had asked Jordan this question.

Jordan told her that he wasnt the one who initiated it at all.

It was Shauns doing when he possessed Jordan.

When Lota heard this, her first thought was not to blame Shaun.

Instead, she was thinking about why Shaun didnt choose to seduce her

Geng Anli knew that Lota liked Jordan.

She smiled.

“Lota, dont worry.

I wont harass your man again.”




At this moment, several new artillery shells were suddenly fired into the sky in all directions.

After these were launched into the sky, they would form a terrifying weather weapon!

“Oh no, Rong Bailun has launched his weather weapon.

Everyone, get on the plane and get out of here!” Jordan shouted.

Everyone knew that the Rong familys weather weapon was no small matter.

No one dared to stand there anymore.

They all returned to the plane.

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“Jamie, get on the plane!”

Jordan urged Jamie before he left.

Jamie waved his hand.

“Got it! Hehe, well call it a day.”

Although Jamies laser cannons did not hit Rong Bailun, he felt very satisfied to be able to blast to his hearts content here.

He just loved the feeling of participating in a battle.

Seeing that the situation was not good, he hurriedly boarded the plane and prepared to escape.

After boarding the plane, Jordan quickly started a video chat with Geng Anli and Jamie.

Jordan suggested, “I cant predict too far ahead for the time being.

I suggest that everyone move in the same direction.

Its best for us to fly side by side or one after another.

This way, we can take care of each other.”

Geng Anli said, “Why dont we fly west again Follow me to Suzhou.

Thats my base.”

Jordan said, “No, Suzhou is too close to here.

The Rong familys weather weapon will definitely affect that area.”

Hearing this, Geng Anli continued, “Then lets go to Hainan Island.

I have a base camp there, too, with all kinds of defense systems for intercepting missiles.”

Jordan nodded.

“Alright, lets head there now!”

With that, Jordan and the others headed to Hainan Island at full speed.

“F*ck, why is there another plane following me!”

Jamie suddenly noticed that there was another plane behind them.

Geng Anli looked around and said, “Its Dieter.

It looks like hes prepared to follow us and escape with us.”

Jamie sneered.

“That coward.

But now that he has made the right decision to stand on our side.”

Dieter had no choice.

He knew that Rong Bailun was enraged now and might kill him at any moment.

Therefore, he could only choose to follow the Geng family.

However, less than five minutes into their flight, the weather suddenly took an ominous front.



The sky turned dark, and it started to rain heavily.

If it was just rain and clouds, it wouldnt stop them from flying.

However, a powerful tornado appeared out of thin air!



The tornado resulted in heavy turbulence for all four planes!

Everyone in the planes kept bumping into each other.

Beep beep beep beep…

Alarms kept going off.

“Activate Bad Weather Flight Mode!”

“Activate Bad Weather Flight Mode!”

The planes of the secret families all had more powerful functions than ordinary planes.

They could fly normally even in extreme weather.


However, at this moment, a bolt of lightning struck the Geng familys plane.


Geng Anli screamed and fell to the ground.

She cried out.

“Sh*t, my plane was struck by lightning.

Im worried that I wont be able to make it to Hainan Island.

You guys go first!”


Another bolt of lightning struck Jamies plane.

“F*ck! I was struck by lightning too! The quality of my plane is not as good.

There is smoke coming out of the tail.

Jordan, I think Id better board your plane.”


As he spoke, another bolt of lightning struck from the sky.

However, Jordans plane was not hit.

Jamie felt that it was very unfair.

“F*ck, why did lightning hit my plane and Madam Gengs, but not yours Is it because youre handsome”

Jordan snorted coldly.

He said confidently, “Im a Deity! Would lightning dare to strike me!”

Deities were chosen by the heavens.

Lightning also descended from the heavens.

They were all from the same side!

Why would you hit someone from the same side

“You are a what”

Jamie still didnt know that Jordan was a Deity.


Before he could finish speaking, another bolt of lightning struck Jordans plane.

Jamie laughed.

“Haha, Jordan, stop bragging.

The heavens also dont like you.”

Jordan felt embarrassed.

The heavens had really made a fool out of him!

“Everyone, stop flying.

Land nearby,” Jordan ordered.

If they continued to fly under such circumstances, their planes would be destroyed by lightning sooner or later.

Therefore, the four planes were all forced to land near a forest.

Meanwhile, in the western China secret base.

Acid rain was falling from the sky.

Rong Bailun and his subordinates wore special raincoats to prevent their bodies from being corroded.

Ban Luming walked over and reported.

“Master Rong, The planes of the Gengs and the others have all landed near the Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest.

It looks like they plan to hide there.”

Rong Bailun said fiercely, “Alright, send all our men to the Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest.

Kill everyone, including Geng Anli.

Leave no one alive!”

Ban Luming hesitated for a moment.

“Do we really have to do that The heads of the Geng, Schmid and Haus families, as well as the two descendants of the Steele family, are all there! If we kill them, the eight secret families will no longer exist.

Will there be that so-called curse that you were worried about”

Rong Bailun waved his hand.

“What nonsense curse! There is only one true curse of the eight great families, and that is that no one from a secret family will live beyond 80 years old! Theres no need to keep the eight great families intact!

“Didnt Jordan kill Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro previously Do as I say.

I will spare one descendant from each of those families.

I wont kill them all.”

Ban Luming quickly replied, “Yes, sir!”

With that, Ban Luming led everyone to the forest.

Ten minutes after Ban Luming left, a nearby figure suddenly moved.

‘Hehe, Rong Bailun, all your subordinates seem to have left.

They all went to kill Jordan, Geng Anli and the others, right Hehe, theres no one left to protect you but your strongest enemy is still here.

What can you do now


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