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Actually, no one knew that Shaun had been the first person to arrive at the western China secret base.

He was here even before Geng Anli.

However, he did not make his presence known but hid in the dark and observed the situation.

Earlier on, the Geng family and Jamie had blasted the Rongs at full power, but Rong Bailun did not return fire.

As a result, Shaun had been a little worried that Rong Bailun would be killed.

But after the battle, Shaun had a clearer understanding of the defense capabilities of the Rong family.

“Too formidable, too formidable.

Once the defense system is activated, no weapons can penetrate it.

Hehe, Rong Bailun, have you heard of the saying:The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it After I capture you and swap minds with you, all your top technology will be mine!”

Rong Bailun had sent all his men out.

This was because he believed that all his enemies were in the Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest.

There were only about a dozen people left on his side.

Meanwhile, Shaun had brought more than a thousand people!

These were not ordinary people.

They were all elites.

They were all killers who could fight ten ordinary men each.

Even so, the typically cautious Shaun did not directly lay all his cards on the table and openly declare war on Rong Bailun.

He did not reveal himself but remained hidden in the shadows.

He knew very well that some battles could not be won with numbers.

Rong Bailun had many powerful high-tech devices.

Although Shaun had many men on his side, they might not be able to even touch him.

Shaun picked up the walkie-talkie and commanded.

“Ace, move out!”

Over the years, Shaun had planted his own spies in the major families, especially the Rong family.

He had planted at least 70 of his own men in the Rong family.

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However, half of them were already dead while the other half were mostly low-level personnel.

There was only one who could approach within a hundred meters of Rong Bailun.

And that man was Ace!


One of the men standing on Rong Bailuns side silently moved closer to Rong Bailun.

Rong Bailun was completely unaware.

He was still angry at being attacked by the Geng family.

At this moment, Rong Bailun and his other assistant were walking side by side.

“What are our losses at the other bases Have the explosions been contained”

The assistant shook his head.

“According to the information from the seven bases, the situation is not optimistic.

Many places have been destroyed, including our biological laboratory and medical laboratory…”

“Damn it! We installed so many defense systems but still couldnt avoid being attacked! Fortunately, I have backup copies of all this laboratory information overseas.”

As they were talking, Ace suddenly walked over and pretended to bump into Rong Bailun.

“Sorry, Master!”

Rong Bailun was about to say something when he saw Ace placing a blue weapon in his hand!


The blue weapon produced electricity, causing Rong Bailun to go into spasms!

“Well done, Ace! Haha, it worked!”

Shaun was very happy to see his man succeed.

The power released by this blue weapon was enough to instantly stun an ordinary person.

But to Shauns surprise, although Rong Bailun was already middle-aged, his physique was still very good and he was not electrocuted.

The assistant at the side wanted to help but was killed by Ace.

At this moment, Rong Bailun quickly pressed the left side of his body, near his waist.

“Oh Theres something there!”

Shaun noticed this through the binoculars.

After Rong Bailun pressed that area, his entire body immediately changed drastically.

A robotic voice sounded out from inside his body.

“Masters body has been detected.

He is being electrocuted.

Defense and treatment plans have been activated.”


A weapon suddenly appeared in Rong Bailuns hand, and it automatically attacked Ace.

Within seconds, Ace died on the spot and fell to the ground.

“The crisis has been resolved.

An abnormality has been detected in Masters body.

CPR is now being performed.”

In the distance, Shaun was completely dumbfounded.

“What kind of advanced technology is this! Theres actually such a defense system installed in Rong Bailuns body Damn it!”

Rong Bailun was much more formidable than he thought.

The Rong family was indeed the head of the eight secret families.

Rong Bailun was indeed terrifying and not easy to deal with.

“Damn it.

Im afraid there wont be such an opportunity in another 10 years.

I must seize todays opportunity and capture Rong Bailun!”

However, in the current situation, other than fighting Rong Bailun head-on, there seemed to be no other way.

Shaun was confident in defeating Rong Bailun if they fought head-on, but he was not confident of successfully kidnapping him.

Rong Bailun could escape very quickly.

If he refused to engage with Shaun, there was nothing the latter could do.

At this moment, a woman was suddenly brought over.

“Master Shaun!”

It was Paris Gildon!

Paris Gildon ran forward and said, “Master Shaun, I saw Jordan and Geng Xiqing coming over just now.

I was afraid that my identity would be exposed, so I escaped and came to find you.”

Shaun smiled and suddenly thought of a plan.

“Paris, youve come at the right time.

I was just wondering how to deal with that fellow, Rong Bailun.”

Paris Gildon was dumbstruck.

“Do you want to use me to deal with him No, Master Shaun, I cant.

Its very dangerous.

Im afraid.”

Shaun smiled.

“How to achieve future glory and wealth if you dont contribute anything Baby, as long as you help me capture Rong Bailun, after I switch minds with him and become the head of the Rong family, I will marry you!”

Paris Gildon had also witnessed the power of the Rong family today.

They could completely control this world.

If she became Rong Bailuns wife, it would be the pinnacle of her lifes achievements.

Gritting her teeth, Paris Gildon swallowed before answering.

“Alright, Master Shaun, what do you want me to do!”

Shaun said, “Rong Bailun still doesnt know your true identity.

He will believe that you are Geng Anlis daughter.

Geng Anli blew up so many of his bases.

He must be itching to eat the Geng family alive.”

Paris Gildon became worried.

“Will he kill me when he sees me”

Shaun reached out and hooked her chin.

He smiled.

“That depends on how you appear in front of him.



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