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A few minutes later.

“Help! No! Uncle Rong, save me! Uncle Rong!”

Rong Bailun was standing beneath the roof eaves and calculating the losses caused by the explosion.

Suddenly, he heard a girls voice.

“Whats that sound Go over and take a look!”

The voice came from the back of the house.

Rong Bailun and his subordinates rushed over.

As they approached, they saw a man pressing a woman down, as if he wanted to do something bad to her.

Rong Bailun took a closer look and realized that it was Geng Anlis daughter, Geng Xiqing!

Of course, he didnt know that Geng Xiqings body now held the mind of Paris Gildon.

Paris Gildon had been sent by Shaun, and the man on top of her was also one of Shauns underlings.

The man looked like he was going to rape her, but he was actually putting on an act to lure Rong Bailun over.

“Stop, what are you doing!”

Going by the mans uniform, Rong Bailun believed that the man was one of his subordinates.

When the man heard Rong Bailuns voice, he quickly turned around and knelt in front of him.

“Master Rong! We discovered this suspicious woman just now and realized that its the Geng familys Geng Xiqing!”

“She is the culprit behind this war, so I wanted to punish her on the spot to avenge you!”

Paris Gildon cried.

“Uncle Rong, I know my mother has offended you.

Even if you want revenge, please dont let a subordinate taint me.

Im a woman from the eight great families! I have fallen into your hands today and I wont resist whether you want to kill me or do something to me.

But it has to be you.

No one else is worthy to touch me!”

Her words implied that she was willing to sleep with Rong Bailun.

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Rong Bailun glanced at Paris Gildon, who was lying on the ground, covered in sweat and her clothes in a mess.

“Geng Xiqing” was a very charming girl.

Naturally, Rong Bailun was very attracted to her.

Although Rong Bailun hated the Geng family to the core, he reprimanded “his subordinate”.

“Who allowed you to take matters into your own hands! Who allowed you to kill Geng Xiqing!”

Following Shauns instructions, the man said, “The Geng family dared to declare war on the Rong family.

Everyone in their family deserves to die.

Master, why would you want to spare anyone”

Rong Bailun was very angry.

“B*stard! Who said I wanted to kill everyone in the Geng family I was going to keep one member of the Geng family alive, you damned thing.

You almost ruined my plans!”

It was true that Rong Bailun did not intend to completely exterminate the entire family.

The heads and main threats from the Geng, Steele, Haus and Addington families must be eliminated.

However, he planned to retain one insignificant member from each family.

Geng Xiqing was a suitable candidate.

“Im sorry! Im sorry! I shouldnt have acted on my own accord.”

The man knelt down and begged for mercy.

However, Rong Bailun did not like this subordinates methods and tone.

He took a gun and shot him.

Seeing this, Paris Gildon quickly stood up and walked towards Rong Bailun.

“Thank you for saving me, Uncle Rong.

Please dont kill me.

Im willing to do anything for you!”

Paris Gildon was about to throw herself into Rong Bailuns arms.

However, before she could get close, his bodyguards pushed her away.

“Xiqing, I treat you as a junior.

I am not a pervert.

Although I hate your mother very much now, I wont take revenge in this form,” said Rong Bailun.

“Xiqing, why didnt you leave with your mother Why did you stay here”

Paris Gildon had already thought of an answer.

“When you launched the weather weapon earlier, Mom left in a hurry.

She thought that I had already boarded the plane.

Actually, I happened to step out for a while just now.”

Rong Bailun smiled.

“Child, youre quite lucky.

To be honest, your mother and the rest are trapped in the Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest.

Ive already sent all my elite fighters to kill them.

If everything goes according to plan, they will all die there.

If you had followed them, you would definitely die there.”

Paris Gildon knew how to put herself in Geng Xiqings shoes.

She knew that as the daughter of the Geng family, she would definitely kneel down and beg for mercy when she heard that her mother was about to die.

Therefore, Paris Gildon immediately knelt on the ground.

“Uncle Rong, please spare my mother.

Dont kill them.

Please, Im willing to do anything for you.

You can sleep with me.

Ill definitely serve you well!”

“What nonsense are you spouting!”

Rong Bailuns expression was serious.

“Who wants to sleep with you! I am the master of the world and I dont lack women! Dont think that just because youre pretty, you can use it to exchange for something.

Your beauty hasnt reached that level yet.

You dont have to plead for mercy.

Your mother and those people from the other families will definitely die!”

Shaun was watching everything from afar.

He frowned when he heard this.

“Damn it.

Rong Bailun is so upright.

Hes not even interested in a decent girl like Geng Xiqing.”

If Geng Anli had just destroyed Shauns bases and her beautiful daughter appeared before him, Shaun would have no qualms sleeping with her.

“Hehe, youre indeed someone who is meant to do great things! Fortunately, I still have Plan B!”

Shaun smiled confidently.

Seeing that her beauty couldnt tempt Rong Bailun, Paris Gildon changed tack.

“Uncle Rong, I know that my mother and the rest committed a capital crime.

Perhaps this is their fate.

I hope you wont kill me.

Im willing to tell you all the secrets of my family!”

Rong Bailun was instantly interested.

“Oh Other than paper bombs, the Geng family has other secret research”

Paris Gildon nodded.

“Yes, we have another heaven-defying secret research! Perhaps its not inferior to the Rong familys!”


Rong Bailun was shocked.


Wasnt this the same as his own research


Come upstairs with me quickly.

I want to have a good chat with you!”

Rong Bailun brought her to a room on the second floor of the base.

This was exactly what Shaun wanted.

He had long guessed that as soon as Paris Gildon said this, Rong Bailun would definitely want to talk to her alone and not let anyone else be present.

In the sealed room, it would be easy for Shaun to make his move!

“Hehe, its finally my turn to shine! Jordan, you should really take a look.

Although I dont have the abilities of a Deity, I can still predict Rong Bailuns every move! When Im done with Rong Bailun, it will be a battle between me and Jordan!”


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