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After bringing Paris Gildon to the second floor, Rong Bailun closed the door and the windows.

It was as if he didnt want this shocking secret to be revealed to anyone else.

Walking toward the younger woman, Rong Bailun said, “Xiqing, you just said that your family has another secret.

Is it heaven-defying Hehe, I really want to know what you guys are secretly researching.”

Rong Bailuns eyes lit up.

His manner was no different from before.

But from the light in his eyes, it was obvious that he was very eager to know this secret.

Paris Gildon took out something from her pocket and said, “Its this.”

Paris Gildon took out a QR code from her pocket.

“A QR code Whats that for”

Rong Bailun was surprised and even more curious.

Their heaven-defying secret was actually hidden in a QR code

The Geng family was indeed creative!

Their strength was indeed extraordinary!

Rong Bailun was quietly amazed by the Geng familys secret.

Paris Gildon suddenly stuck the QR code to the left side of Rong Bailuns waist.

This spot happened to be the button Rong Bailun pressed to activate his physical defense after being electrocuted by Ace.

Although the spot was covered by his clothes, the sharp-eyed Shaun immediately noticed it.

He knew there must be a hidden button on Rong Bailuns left waist area that activated a system to protect and heal his body.

That was why he had sent Paris Gildon to paste the bomb QR code on that location.

Paris Gildon took out a scanner that could detonate the QR code.

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Rong Bailun panicked.

“Damn it! This is the Miyamoto familys bomb QR code! You damn woman, youre here to kill me!”

After Miyamoto Chujiro died, he took over all the research efforts of the Miyamoto family.

He suddenly recalled this bomb QR code.

One of them could cause an explosion just by scanning a QR code.

In order not to be attacked by Paris Gildon, Rong Bailun hurriedly used his hands to tear apart the QR code.

Rong Bailun was indeed very strong.

With a forceful tug, he tore off his clothes and the “body treatment device” under them!

“Oh sh*t!”

Rong Bailun didnt expect this QR code to be so sticky.

It seemed that this QR code wasnt the original one developed by the Miyamoto family.

It had been improved.

Rong Bailun had tested it before.

The previous QR code did not have such adhesion and adsorption power.

This was something Shaun had done on purpose.

He wanted Rong Bailun to tear off the healing device on him.

After pulling everything off, Rong Bailun didnt think much of it.

He threw it aside and took out a pistol from his pocket.

He aimed it at Paris Gildon.

“You can die now!”

However, at this moment, a cat flew over.

Shocked, Rong Bailun quickly swung his arm and smacked the cat aside.

At this moment, Shaun jumped in from the window and grabbed the cats neck.

“You are… Shaun… urgh… urgh…”

Rong Bailuns eyes shone with unprecedented fear when he saw Shaun.

He was nearly suffocated to death and could not finish his sentence.

Shauns left hand squeezed the cats neck as if he was squeezing Rong Bailun.

Falling to the ground, Rong Bailun tried to fire his gun, but Paris Gildon snatched it away from him.

She wanted to call for help and crawl out, but she didnt have the strength.

Shaun had his signature evil smile on his face.

“The great Chairman Rong, let me introduce myself.

Im Shaun Handley from a small town in the US.

Im very happy to meet you today! Do you know 20 years ago, I already knew your name and your noble status in this world! From then on, my dream was to become you and replace you! Youre the perfect person Ive been dreaming of!

“Ive thought about you for 20 years, but Ive never dared to appear in front of you.

Today is the first time I am finally able to meet you face to face.

Ive always told myself that our first meeting will be the time I replace you!”

Shaun was very excited.

He was a very cautious person and knew how to wait and bid his time.

He had wanted to replace Rong Bailun for the past 20 years.

He had been plotting in the shadows for 20 years.

Over the past 20 years, he had sent many people to make contact with Rong Bailun and infiltrate his side.

However, he never dared to appear in front of him in his true body.

Even though he had already been here for a few hours today and had the advantage in numbers, he did not dare to appear until he was certain of victory.

Instead, he used Ace and Paris Gildon to attack first.

All his caution was for the sake of subduing Rong Bailun in one swift move.

He could not give him any chance to resist or escape!

“You… are… courting… death…”

Rong Bailuns face turned red.

It was obvious that he was very indignant!

He was the number one person in the world, but today, he had fallen into the hands of a despicable and shameless villain.

Rong Bailun knew very well that Shauns methods were extremely mysterious and could not be explained by science.

Even someone as technologically advanced as the Rong family could not figure out Shauns methods.

Shaun walked up to him and smiled.

“Im sorry, my idol.

I should chat longer with you, but time is limited.

Thats all I can say for now.

Ill knock you out now.

When you wake up again, Ill have replaced you and become the new Rong Bailun.


Rong Bailun looked like he wanted to kill Shaun!

However, Shaun did not give him any chance.


Shaun flung the cat against the floor, causing Rong Bailun to faint.

Paris Gildon heaved a sigh of relief.

“Oh my god, weve finally subdued thisoverlord! It wasnt easy!”

“Master Shaun, congratulations.

Your dream is coming true! Dont forget me in the future!”

Shaun had an excited smile on his face, but he forced himself to calm down.

“Its not time to celebrate yet! True success is only after I complete the mind-transplant procedure with Rong Bailun! In order not to make the Rong people suspicious, I must complete the mind swap with Rong Bailun as soon as possible before returning to this place.

Paris, you must stay here.

Dont open the door until I return.

No one is allowed to enter, understand”

Paris Gildon nodded.

“Dont worry, Master Shaun.

I know what to do!”


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