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When Lota heard this, she was very envious of Victoria.

To think that Jordan was willing to place his most capable subordinate with Victoria.

Even in such a dangerous situation today, he didnt insist on bringing Dragon along

‘So, Victoria is the woman whom Jordan loves the most.

Lota naturally knew the story of Jordan and Victoria.

She sighed in her heart.

‘It looks like the timing of when you appear in someones life is really important.

She knew that Victoria was not the best in terms of family background, beauty or age.

However, she appeared in Jordans life when he was at his lowest point and needed love the most.

Therefore, Jordan would always cherish her.

However, both Jamie and Lota had misunderstood Jordan.

Jordan did love Victoria very much, but he let Dragon be with Victoria despite this intense battle, because she needed the protection more.

Jordan had predicted that Victoria would be shot.

He knew that something would happen to her one day, so he asked Dragon to protect her 24/7.

Since Jordan was a Deity and had been injected with the Mirakuru serum, he had a lesser need for protection.

He also had many other capable subordinates by his side.

Compared to Victoria, Jordan could handle danger better.

Jamie led his men and fought with the Rong family subordinates for more than half an hour.

Both sides suffered many casualties.

This was because Rong Bailun only wanted to kill that group.

He didnt want to cause chaos across the world.

Therefore, he did not use large-scale lethal weapons.

He didnt want to hurt any innocent bystanders or let commoners know of their battle.

So they carried out their fight on land.

And in terms of land combat, the Steele, Geng, Haus and Addington families combined were not inferior to the Rong family.

Ban Luming, who had been sent by Rong Bailun, was furious that he had not been able to enter the forest even after more than half an hour.

“Stop the weather weapon and use fire.

Burn them to death!” ordered Ban Luming.

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The people from the four families were all in the forest and surrounded by trees.

Once a fire was ignited, it would spread far and wide.

“Ah sh*t, theyve started a fire.

We must escape!”

A subordinate ran over anxiously.

Dieter was very nervous.

“Lets continue north!”

Geng Anli said seriously, “No, our planes are all here.

We cant stray too far from them.

Also, our planes are all damaged and it will take time to repair them.

Immediately request for backup.

Get someone to send over a fire extinguishing device!”

The Geng and Haus families, as well as Jordan, tried to call for backup.

However, Ban Luming had already thought of this and intercepted their signals, preventing them from calling for reinforcements.

Jordan suddenly asked, “Anli, didnt you say that your family also studies weather weapons Can you make it rain”

Dieter cheered up.

“Thats right, Madam Geng.

You have weather weapons too.”

Geng Anli felt a little awkward because she wasnt very confident in her weather weapon.

But since Jordan made this request, she instructed Peng Tai.

“Activate the weather weapon.”

Peng Tai fired a weather weapon into the sky.

Soon, raindrops fell.

However, the raindrops were too small to have much effect on the fire.

Dieter was exasperated.

“Madam Geng, are you kidding me How can this bit of rain extinguish the fire!”

Geng Anli was very embarrassed.

“Im sorry, thats all we can do now.”

Jordan consoled her.

“Its alright.

Its enough that you can do this.

I can help you increase the intensity of the rain to extinguish a fire.”

Geng Anli was shocked.

“Are you going to…”

Jordan smiled.

“I can help the Miyamoto family make the Mirakuru serum and Shaun develop the mind-transplant procedure.

So I can also help you make a weather weapon stronger than the Rong familys!”

Geng Anli knelt in excitement.

“Thank you, Deity Jordan!”

Peng Tai also knelt on the ground.

“Deity Jordan, our weather weapon research team is on the plane.

We will do our best to not let you down!”

Dieter added.

“Ive also brought my familys top scientific team to help you.”

Lota also raised her hand.

“I have a team too! Lets study weather weapons together.

I believe that with Jordans Deity ability, we will definitely be able to develop a more powerful weather weapon!”

Soon, an hour passed.

Outside the forest, Ban Lumings mood improved as he watched the flames rise.

“Very good.

In another half an hour, they will probably all be burned to death.

Otherwise, they would take a risk and come out.

In that case, they will fall into our ambush! Master Rong, Ill be able to complete the mission soon!”

The loyal Ban Luming had no idea that at this moment, Rong Bailun and Shaun were undergoing the mind-transplant procedure.

However, at this moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of weapons being fired into the sky could be heard.

“Those are… weather weapons Hehe, Ive heard from Master Rong that the Geng family has dabbled in weather weapons as well.

However, they are 50 years behind the Rong family!”

But to his surprise, it suddenly rained heavily just two minutes later!


Splish splash!

“Damn! What the heck is with the size of this raindrop! Ive never seen a raindrop the size of a fist!”

Ban Luming was stunned.

The rain was very intense, and the raindrops were especially heavy.

They hurt his head when they made contact! The torrential rain would probably extinguish the fire in the forest in no time!

“Damn it, the technology level of those four families cant be underestimated.

They actually developed such big raindrops.

I have to tell Master Rong about this immediately!”

Ban Luming immediately called Rong Bailun, but he did not answer.

He knew that his master must be very busy now.

Without thinking too much, he took a video and sent it to Rong Bailun.

Meanwhile in the forest, Geng Anli and the others were all celebrating.

“Deity Jordan, youre amazing.

You easily developed a new liquid substance and the rain produced is worlds apart from the earlier weapon! This is probably something we would have taken at least 10 more years to figure out.”

Dieter kept sucking up to Jordan.

“Deity Jordan, until today, I didnt know who the greatest person in the world is! Is it Rong Bailun No, no, no, hes not worthy! You are the one who will rule the world in the future! The Haus family is willing to pledge our lives to the Deity!”

“We will follow Deity Jordan to our deaths!”

The people from the four families shouted in unison!


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