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In an extremely short period of time, Jordan managed to help the Geng family increase the power of their weather weapon.

This terrifying ability stunned the people from the other families.

Dieter, Geng Anli and the rest all knew that only by following Jordan would they have a brilliant future!

Likewise, the Rong family was so powerful now because of help from the previous Deity.

Since the death of the previous Deity, the Rong familys technology had actually been stagnant for a long time.

As long as they had Jordan, it would only be a matter of time before the Haus, Geng and Schmid families surpassed the Rong family!

As for the Steele family, they were already in control now!

Jordan saw the proud heads of the eight great families, including Geng Anli and Dieter, kneeling in front of him and submitting to him.

He was also thrilled!

“Grandpa, if only you were alive.

If you could see that the other families have all submitted to our Steele family, you would definitely be very happy!”

Seeing that the fire could not burn them to death, Ban Luming once again sent people to fight with the four families.

The battle was a tie.

No one had an absolute advantage.

It was impossible for Ban Lumings men to infiltrate the forest and kill Jordan, the Gengs and the rest.

Meanwhile, Jordan and his group could not access their planes to escape.

The two sides fell into a stalemate.

More than an hour later, on the second floor of the secret base in western China.

Knock knock!

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One of the Rong familys subordinates knocked on the door of the room on the second floor.

He called out.

“Master Rong, are you still inside Are you alright”

Ever since Rong Bailun had gone upstairs with Geng, he had not appeared again.

It was no surprise that his subordinates were a little worried.

However, they also knew that Rong Bailun wore a protective device.

It shouldnt be a problem for him to deal with a little girl.

In the room, Paris Gildon was extremely nervous.

She was the only one in the room now.

If his subordinates barged in, she would be in deep trouble!

Therefore, Paris Gildon hurriedly used the microphone that Shaun had given her to imitate Rong Bailuns voice.

She shouted back.

“Of course Im inside! Dont disturb me if theres nothing important! Im talking to Geng Xiqing about something very confidential.

If you dare to eavesdrop, Ill blow your head off!”

Outside the door, the subordinate trembled in fear.

“I wouldnt dare! Mr.

Ban said that he couldnt contact you, so he asked me to come over and check.

Currently, we are in a stalemate with the four families at the Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest.

The firepower of the four families is very strong, and they managed to escape all our traps.


Ban said that ordinary attacks arent working, so he wants to ask your permission to use the Rong familys S-grade biochemical weapons to attack.

Right before Mr.

Ban left, you said that we can only kill the people from the four families.

We are not allowed to use large-scale weapons of mass destruction.

We have to minimize the impact on the outside world.

“Once we activate our biochemical weapons, Im afraid some innocent people will be affected to varying degrees.”

“Biochemical weapons”

Paris Gildon was stunned for a moment.

She did not know much about military stuff.

All she knew was that biochemical weapons could be poisonous gas or viruses.

And the harm these things could do to a person was fatal.

‘No, Geng Xiqing is among them.

Shes pregnant with my child.

I cant let anything happen to my child!

Paris Gildon suddenly remembered that her original body was currently in the forest.

So Paris Gildon said into the microphone, “You must not use biochemical weapons! You bunch of trash, cant you defeat them without it If you have to rely on the most advanced weapons for everything, whats the point of me training so many of you!”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Ill inform Mr.

Ban now.”

His subordinate shivered as he quickly responded.

“Wait a minute.”

Paris Gildon stopped him and instructed.

“Tell Ban Luming that he can execute everyone else, but he has to spare the life of the American woman Paris Gildon.

You dont need to know the reason!”

“Yes, Master!”

“Leave then! Dont bother me if theres nothing else!”

This magical microphone was indeed very powerful.

It imitated Rong Bailuns voice perfectly.

However, this disguise was not a permanent solution.

“Master Shaun, please come back quickly.

Otherwise our plan might be exposed!”

Paris Gildon prayed with both hands.

Four hours later, in Suzhou, at Shauns temporary base.

Shaun and Rong Bailuns mind-transplant procedure had been completed.

The two of them were lying on the operating table, unconscious.

Actually, a few hours ago, right after Shaun had been anesthetized and was about to undergo the mind-transplant procedure.

The atmosphere at the scene was very treacherous.

All the researchers looked at each other as if they had something to say.

However, in the end, no one spoke.

Actually, at that point in time, everyone had the idea of replacing Shaun to take Rong Bailuns identity.

Rong Bailuns body was here in their hands.

They could be the one to dominate the world if they switched minds with him.

But in the end, no one dared to try such a dangerous act.

After all, Shaun was too terrifying.

Anyone who betrayed him would not have a good ending.

Not long after, Rong Bailuns body began to move slightly.

First, it was a finger, then his feet, then his eyes.

Rong Bailuns eyes slowly opened.

All the doctors in charge of the surgery knelt down.

“Congratulations, Master.

The procedure was a success!”

They all knew that the awakened Rong Bailun was no longer the real Rong Bailun, but Shaun!

From the moment Shaun woke up, he looked around as if a lifetime had passed.

He frowned because of his headache.

He opened his mouth but realized that he couldnt speak.

After more than 10 seconds, Shaun finally managed to form some words.

“Doctor, I… I…I… success”

Everyone nodded.

“Yes, Master.

Youve successfully switched minds with Rong Bailun.

Youre now the head of the Rong family!”

Hearing this, Shaun was extremely excited.

He hurriedly removed the tubes from his body and got off the operating table.

He fell immediately after planting his feet on the floor.

“Master, youve just swapped minds with someone else.

Your body still needs time to adapt.

You cant walk for the time being.

Let me help you with whatever you want to do.”

Shaun instructed.

“Mirror, I want a mirror!”

The doctor put Shaun in a wheelchair and pushed him in front of a large mirror.

Seeing the face of Rong Bailun in the mirror, Shaun couldnt help crying.

“I succeeded! I finally succeeded! I have endured for 20 years and have finally become the number one person in the world.

Hahahaha! From now on, everyone in the world will submit to me!”


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