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Shaun cried tears of joy.

His long-cherished dream had finally come true today!

For as long as he could remember, he hated his background and his strange “demonic techniques”.

He wanted to become a noble man with elite status.

He wanted to have sons and daughters with a high-born bloodline.

Now, he could achieve all of this!

Shaun looked at himself in the mirror for a long time.

He had never been so narcissistic before.

He was satisfied with every feature and organ on his body.

Even if Rong Bailun had been a slovenly person who didnt take good care of his appearance, Shaun would still feel that he was very handsome!

“Wheres Rong Bailun Is he still unconscious Wake him up quickly.

I have something to ask him!” Shaun commanded.

He knew that time was tight.

Swapping minds with Rong Bailun was only the first step.

He had to return to the base as soon as possible.

He couldnt let Rong Bailuns subordinates know that he had left.

Otherwise, if Rong Bailuns family found out about this, they might realize that something was wrong with him.

The doctor injected a powerful awakening agent into Shauns body.

The body soon started to move.

Rong Bailun slowly woke up.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a group of doctors in white coats.

He realized that he was on an operating table.

Rong Bailun asked weakly, “Where… Where am I”

Shaun laughed and said to his subordinate,

“Help him up!”


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Two doctors supported Rong Bailun to a seating position.

When Rong Bailun saw Shaun, his pupils immediately dilated!

He was looking at himself!

How could a person look at himself

And without a mirror!

“Am I in a dream now Damn it, I must still be in a dream.

Otherwise, how could I see myself”

Rong Bailun was very confused.

Shaun laughed out loud.

“Rong Bailun, youre not in a dream.

This is reality! Do you want to know what happened We had a mind-transplant procedure! We swapped minds! Now, Im Rong Bailun while you are me!

“Doctor, give him a mirror.

Let him see what he looks like now!”

A doctor took out a square mirror and placed it in front of Rong Bailun.

Rong Bailun saw Shauns wretched face in the mirror!

He couldnt believe that this was real.

Fortunately, he was a person who handled the most advanced technology regularly.

As a result, he didnt lose control of his emotions.

He knew that this was possible.

In his anger, Rong Bailun knocked the mirror to the ground and questioned Shaun.

“Mind-transplant technology Even my Rong family hasnt developed such technology.

How did you do it!”

Shaun smiled.

“Everyone has their own specialization! Ever since I learned that there are secret families and Deities in this world, I decided to focus on developing the mind-transplant procedure.

From the beginning, my target was you.

However, I knew that you were not easy to deal with, so I used other methods to control the Schmids first.

“Even while controlling the Schmid family, I still treat you as my final goal in life.

Originally, I still needed at least 20 years to complete the mind-transplant procedure.

But by then, youll be f*cking 70 years old.

You also know that people from the eight families cant live past 80 years old.

I was worried you wont be able to escape this curse.

“Even if I swap minds with you, I will only have 10 years left to live.

Its not worth it! Fortunately, the heavens dont disappoint those who work hard.

I met a new Deity.

It was him who helped me complete the mind-transplant procedure earlier!”

Rong Bailun was stupefied.

The shock he felt at this moment was far greater than the shock of knowing that his mind had been switched!

“What did you say A new Deity has appeared in this world Is what you said true!”

Rong Bailun became extremely serious.

Shaun smiled.

“Ive already switched minds with you.

Why would I still need to lie to you I dont mind telling you.

You know the new Deity too.

Hes Jordan from the Steele family!”


Rong Bailun frowned on hearing Jordans name.

“To think that hes actually the new Deity…”

Rong Bailuns mind raced with many thoughts.

It was as if he had many things he wanted to re-analyze.

Shaun continued.

“Rong Bailun, Ive already told you a huge secret.

Now, its your turn.

What is the most powerful secret research your family has done over the years Ive completely replaced you now.

Even if you dont tell me, Ill find out sooner or later.”

Rong Bailun seemed to be still immersed in the fact that Jordan was a Deity Jordan.

He paused for a moment before looking up at Shaun with disdain.

“Hmph, youll probably kill me no matter what, right”

Shaun laughed out loud.

“You are indeed Chairman Rong.

Your ability to predict is not inferior to that brat, Jordan! Thats right.

There can only be one Rong Bailun in this world, and that is me.

I cant allow you to continue living in this world.

You will be a threat to me!”

Shaun was a very cautious person.

He couldnt let the real Rong Bailun remain alive if he wanted to completely replace him.

Otherwise, with Rong Bailuns sharp wits and cunning methods, he would definitely find a way to tell the truth to the Rong family.

Rong Bailun had to die!

Rong Bailun shook his head.

“Shaun, I have to admit that youre a terrifying fellow.

Youve been plotting for so long just to take over my body.

Apart from you and Deity Jordan, I believe no one else in the world can do this.”

After learning that Jordan was the new Deity Jordan, Rong Bailun became extremely respectful to him, even though Jordan was not present.

Shaun smiled.

“You flatter me.

In order to become you, Ive put in a lot of effort, including imitating your accent, learning your hobbies like baking, golf and basketball, and well as watching all your favorite sci-fi movies.

Dont worry.

After I become you, Ill continue to do what you usually do.

It wont disrupt your style.”

Rong Bailun snorted.

“Shaun, dont be too smug.

Do you really think youre number one in the world just because youve become me Do you really think that by becoming me, you can control the entire Rong family and know the top secret of our family Let me tell you, you wont get what you want!”

Shaun laughed out loud.

“How funny! When I go back, no one will know that Im an impostor! I can enter any secret base of the Rong family! I will know all the secrets in time! Then let me ask you, why wont I be number one in the world! Why wont I be able to control the Rong family and the entire world!”

Rong Bailun replied calmly, “Because I am not number one in the world!”


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