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Shaun was stunned.

Rong Bailun said that he wasnt the number one in the world

Who didnt know that Rong Bailun was the head of the eight secret families If he wasnt the number one in the world, who was!

Shaun thought for a moment.

Rong Bailun didnt have any brothers.

He only had an older sister and a younger sister.

The two sisters had never appeared at the great meeting.

Shaun heard that they had gentle characters and were not ambitious at all.

They couldnt possibly be controlling things from behind the scenes.

As for Rong Bailuns son, he had always been very obedient.

He was not as arrogant as the second-generation heirs of the Park and Miyamoto families.

Therefore, they were not threats for the top position in the Rong family.

Shaun analyzed carefully and believed that there was probably no one else in the Rong family.

“Hmph, if youre not the number one in the world, who is! All these years, any changes in the world were decided by you alone!”

Rong Bailun explained.


Handley, its not as simple as you think.

Let me go and Ill tell you all the secrets about our family.

When the time comes, the two of us and Deity Jordan will work together to do something unprecedented!”

Rong Bailun was inviting Shaun and Jordan to work with him

Shaun smiled.

“Rong Bailun, you said so much just to make me let you go Hehe, dream on.

Im such a cautious person.

How can I fall for your trick!”

Rong Bailun looked anxious.

“Im not lying to you.

I dont care what my body looks like.

It doesnt matter to me.

My family really wants to understand your dark methods.

Deity Jordan will also be a great help to us.

This world is very big.

We can explore it together!”

Rong Bailun was sincere, but Shaun laughed loudly.

“Do you think Ill believe your nonsense! Now that Ive already replaced you, why should I still cooperate with you!”

Shaun snatched a gun from his subordinate and pointed it at Rong Bailun.

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“Ill give you one more chance.

What is your familys secret If you dont tell me, Ill kill you immediately!”

Rong Bailun shook his head in disappointment.

“Shaun, you wont succeed.”


Shaun didnt say anything else and shot his original self.

He killed Rong Bailun.

Everyone at present looked at each other in fear.

The one who just died was Shauns original body!

Even when faced with his original body, Shaun didnt care at all.

He could kill just him like that.

Silence descended for a full 10 seconds.

Then, a doctor asked.

“Master Shaun, what should we do with your body”

In the eyes of these subordinates, Shauns corpse was incomparably noble and could not be casually disposed of.

However, Shaun slapped the doctor!


Shaun said coldly, “Open your eyes wide and see clearly.

Im Rong Bailun now! As for that corpse, you can do whatever you want with it.

Shaun Handley has nothing to do with me!”

Shaun had already transformed into Rong Bailun.

He no longer cared about his past self.

“Yes, Master Rong!”

The doctors addressed Shaun as “Master Rong”.

“Hahaha, prepare the plane.

Its time for me to return.”

“Yes, Master Rong!”

Shaun boarded a plane and quickly returned to the secret base in western China.

Upon arrival, he quietly climbed to the second floor.

When Paris Gildon saw Rong Bailun appear alone, she instinctively took a step back in fear.

“Are… are you Master Shaun, or…”

Paris Gildon didnt know if Shaun had succeeded.

Shaun revealed his signature evil smile.

From that smile, Paris Gildon instantly knew that this was Shaun!

“Master Shaun, you succeeded!”

Paris Gildon threw herself into Shauns arms excitedly.

Shaun patted her shoulder and said, “Remember, from this moment on, call me Master Rong.

Youre also no longer Paris Gildon, but Geng Xiqing.


Paris Gildon nodded happily.

“Yes, yes!”

Shaun hugged her happily.

“From now on, this world belongs to us! By the way, did anything happen during the few hours I was gone Did anyone come in”

Paris Gildon shook her head.

“Its all thanks to the microphone you gave me.

I reprimanded Rong Bailuns subordinates and they didnt dare to come in.”

Shaun was very pleased.

“Very good.

This way, no one will know that I left, and no one will suspect me.”

Holding her hand, Shaun pushed the door open and walked out.

The moment they came out, the Rong familys personal soldiers surrounded them.

“Master Rong!”

Shaun nodded at them.

“Xiqing and I were sleeping in the room earlier, so we were delayed.

Listen carefully.

Xiqing is my woman now.

She will be your madam from now on, understand”

The soldiers immediately knelt on the ground.

“Greetings, Madam Rong!”

Paris Gildon played with her short hair, enjoying this feeling very much.

Shaun asked, “Did anything important happen when I was resting just now”

A subordinate reported, “Sir, we fought fiercely with the four families for a few hours, but unfortunately, they still managed to board their planes.

Now, theyve all flown to a secret base camp belonging to the Geng family on Hainan Island.

Our men have all rushed over and are preparing for the next attack.”

Shaun was very angry.

“What Jordan, Geng Anli and the rest are still alive You bunch of trash.

We are the great Rong family with so many advanced technological weapons.

How could you let them escape What is that fellow, Ban Luming, doing Did he use any weather weapons Did he use any biochemical weapons Did I develop so many powerful weapons just for show!”

Shaun knew that the Rong familys weapons were terrifying.

If put into use, even with Jordans ability to predict the future, he would not be able to resist the might of such powerful weapons.

But if it was just an ordinary land battle, they would not be able to defeat Jordans Deity ability.

His subordinate was confused.

“Master Rong, didnt you say earlier that we are not allowed to use any biochemical weapons”

Paris Gildon covered her mouth, her heart pounding in fear.

‘Oh no, I forgot to tell Master Shaun!


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