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The next day, Jordan arrived at the office only at ten in the morning.


He spent all night listening to Rosie sing.


Jordan sipped on some whiskey while enjoying Rosies singing that put Jordan in a trance, making him feel as if he had been transported back to olden day New York.


Rosie was amazingly talented in singing, and her vocals could be compared to that of a diva.


If it wasnt for the fact that she was from a wealthy family and didnt have to sing for a living, she would have definitely risen to fame and stardom.


Jordan also took out his cell phone and recorded a few videos of Rosie singing, which he sent to his grandfather and Paul Dubrule.


His grandfather complimented Rosie for being a classic beauty, and he really adored her.


Paul Dubrule was envious of Jordan because he had long harbored designs on Rosie.


However, although Jordan had a lot to drink, he didnt do anything to Rosie.


He just asked her to change into every single dress that she had brought.




“Come in.”


Victoria pushed open the door of Jordans office and walked in.


She deliberately walked close to him, and when she saw his dark eye circles, she said, “Mr.

Steele, there are rumors circulating that you slept with Leonards wife.”


Jordan continued keeping his head lowered as he read the document he was holding.

He said calmly, “Oh, Rosie Huxley did spend the night at my place last night.”


That was precisely what he wanted—for rumors to spread in the company.


Otherwise, his prestige as the president of the company would be significantly reduced.


Even if those employees were respectful to him when they were around him, they would secretly mock him for being made a cuckold.


Victoria was not a fool either, and she knew that it might just be a means of revenge for Jordan.


Victoria nevertheless continued to ask, “Did you and her…”


Jordan put down his pen and raised his head with a smile.

“No, I just made her sing all night.

I dont like older women.”


Victoria was happy to hear the first half of the sentence, but her smile gradually faded when she listened to the latter half.


When Jordan saw the changes in Victorias attitude, he finally realized that she was also older than him.


Jordan hurriedly explained, “Victoria, I wasnt referring to you, youre only 30 years old, and were about the same age.

30-year-old women are my favorite.”


“Really” Victoria was overjoyed.

She was confident in her beauty and capabilities.

The only thing she was worried about was that Jordan might think that she was too old for him.


“Can we have dinner together tonight Youre divorced, and Hailey Camden regrets her decision too.

Youve also insulted Tyler and taken your revenge.

Lets have some drinks to celebrate.”


Victoria asked Jordan.


Jordan declined, “I cant make it tonight.

I have an appointment with Hailey.”


Victoria was puzzled.

“Are you still in love with her Is it because you know that nothing happened between her and Tyler, so you dont mind anymore”


Victoria was aware of all the rumors that had been going around lately.


It was also rumored that Hailey did not actually sleep with Tyler.


“No, what bothers me the most isnt Haileys relationship with Tyler, but the drastic change in her attitude after she found out about my true identity!” Jordan said.


“However, I did hide the truth from her for three years, so I want to do something to make up for it.

Ill be introducing her to someone today.”


Victoria laughed after hearing his words.

“Hahaha, are you going to set her up with someone”


After Victoria learned the truth, she knew that Hailey would definitely hit the roof after finding out.


‘Seems like Mr.

Steeles revenge on Hailey Camden hasnt come to an end yet.



At The Times restaurant at eight oclock in the evening.


It was an elegant restaurant that had been famous for a long time.

Jordan and Hailey used to patronize it frequently.


They were famous for their duck confit and truffle pasta.


Jordan had already booked a private room in the restaurant.

Only Butler Frank and his grandson, Greyson Reyes, were present in the private room when he arrived.

Hailey hadnt arrived yet.








When Butler Frank saw Jordan entering, he stood up to greet him.


His grandson, Greyson, was also highly respectful to Jordan.

However, he couldnt stand up because he was a wheelchair user.


At this moment, Hailey was seated in Rachels car that was parked in the parking lot.

She had actually arrived a long time ago.


Hailey was very anxious.

“Its eight oclock.

Its time for me to go meet Jordan.

Why arent you letting me go inside”


Rachel said, “Whats the hurry You used to make Jordan wait for half an hour whenever you went on dates with him.”


Hailey was speechless.

“Times have changed! Honey! Hes now the president of Ace Corporation, and you expect him to wait for me for half an hour!!”


Rachel was even more speechless.

“If I had let you arrive half an hour earlier to wait for him, itd be worse because hed find your behavior in the past to be outrageous.

You used to bully him because he was your live-in husband.

Are you going to treat him differently now that hes the president of a corporation”


“Its only right for men to wait for women.

Youll only be holding yourself cheap if you turn up earlier than the agreed time.

Its fine to be late for a few minutes.”


Hailey had no choice but to look into the mirror again.


She had dolled herself up today and was confident that Jordan would like her outfit.


Five minutes later, Rachel said to Hailey, “Its time to go in.

Come on, girl, you must conquer Jordan! Im waiting to attend your wedding.”


“Okay, dont worry!”


Hailey confidently walked towards the private room that Jordan was in.


As soon as she pushed open the door, her green floral dress attracted the attention of the three men in the private room.


Her dress made her look pure and unstained.


Coupled with Haileys innocent beauty, she looked adorable.




Hailey called out meekly.


The discovery that other people were in the room made her look even shier, like a young girl who was afraid of meeting strangers.


Jordan smiled and said, “Here you are.

Let me introduce you.

This is Butler Frank Reyes.

He may be a butler, but he watched me grow up, and I have always treated him like family.”


Hailey was flattered, and she thought,Jordan is really going to forgive me! Hes even introducing me to the butler of the Steeles! Is he ready to marry me and make me the mistress of the family Wow, thats splendid!”


Hailey was extremely agitated, but she remained calm and well-mannered on the surface.


Butler Fang took the initiative to introduce himself to Hailey.

“Miss Camden, nice to meet you.

Youre really stunning.

I have never met anyone more beautiful than you in the seventy years of my life so far.”


When Hailey heard Butler Franks compliment, she was even more confident that Jordan would take her back!


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