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Shaun also felt awkward.

He had switched minds with Rong Bailun and finally gained permanent possession of his body.

But there was one flaw.

He did not inherit Rong Bailuns memories.

As a result, he had no idea what Rong Bailun did or said before.

But luckily this was just a lowly underling, not even a core subordinate like Ban Luming.

Therefore, Shaun did not panic.

If this underling suspected something, he could just kill him.

Shaun said steadily, “Dont you know how to move with the times I didnt want to bring out the big guns just now because I didnt want to attract too much attention.

But things are different now! The consequences of letting a tiger escape back into the mountains are very serious.

We have to kill them all in one go!

“Prepare the plane immediately.

I want to go to Hainan Island myself and kill them!”

Be it Shaun or Rong Bailun, they viewed the four families with the same hatred.

They both wanted to kill them.

As for Shaun, he didnt care if the Geng and Haus families, Lota or the rest lived or died.

But Jordan had to die!

This was because Jordan knew all of Shauns secrets, and he had the ability to predict the future.

If Jordan saw in a vision that he had already switched minds with Rong Bailun, he might inform the Rong Bailun family and ruin Shauns plans! In addition, Shaun was now the number one person in the world.

As the Deity, Jordan was the only threat to him.

As long as he killed Jordan, Shaun would definitely dominate this world!


The subordinate hurriedly brought him onto the plane.

But after boarding the plane, Shaun asked this subordinate to stay behind.

Soon after, this subordinate was secretly assassinated by Shauns men.

As Shaun had misspoken earlier and this subordinate might suspect him.

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Shaun was so cautious that he would never leave him alive.

Shaun flew over to Hainan Island to meet with Ban Luming.

When Ban Luming saw Shaun, he knelt on the ground.

“Im sorry, Master Rong! The people from the four families are too difficult to deal with.

We couldnt wipe them out in the Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest and let them escape.”

Shaun glared at Ban Luming.

“Ban Luming, Ive already suffered your incompetence many times.

Dont think that I wont toss you aside just because youve been with me for so many years! If this continues, youd better retire early!”

Ban Luming was Rong Bailuns most trusted subordinate.

He had been with him for many years and was an absolutely loyal subject.

Moreover, he was very familiar with him.

Now that Shaun had replaced Rong Bailun, he would definitely kick Ban Luming out.

It was similar to when a new president took position, he would definitely replace all the important ministers with his own people.

It was the same for leaders in the private sector.

The new CEOs would slowly turn the core management into their own people.

The original management team would be slowly forced out.

In addition, Ban Luming was very familiar with Rong Bailun.

Shaun was afraid that he would realize sooner or later that he was not the real Rong Bailun.

For safety reasons, Shaun would find an excuse to get rid of him sooner or later.

Of course, Ban Luming was not just any ordinary subordinate.

He was Rong Bailuns most trusted aide.

He could not be kicked out just like that.

Shaun had to take things slowly.

Otherwise, it would definitely arouse the suspicion of the entire Rong family.

As expected, Ban Luming became very nervous.

“Please give me another chance! I wont disappoint you again!”

Shaun snorted.

“Where are Jordan and the rest now”

Picking up a tablet, Ban Luming opened a map.

He projected it in front of Shaun and zoomed in on the capital of Hainan Island, Haikou.

“Sir, theyre currently in this underground fort in Haikou.

This fort seems to be the Geng familys secret base.

The defense system is very powerful.

It can intercept all our weapons and is comparable to our family.

“Sir, I request to use weapons of mass destruction.

With the Geng familys defense strength, if we attack at our current level, we wont be able to kill them even if we carry on for 10 years.”

Shaun nodded.

Unlike Rong Bailun, he did not care about the lives of ordinary people.

As long as Jordan died, he didnt mind killing millions of innocent people.

After all, there were so many people in the world.

Shaun said, “We should have done this earlier! Immediately use our biochemical weapons.

Release the poisonous gas!”

Ban Luming got very excited.

“Yes, Sir! What kind of poisonous gas bomb do you want to use on them”

Shaun paused for a moment.

He didnt know much about the specific types of poisonous gas bombs.

He only knew that they were the most difficult to defend against, and their lethality was terrifying.

“What types are there”

Ban Luming explained.

“There are sneezing gas bombs, tear gas bombs, corrosive gas bombs, and asphyxiating gas bombs.”

Shaun thought for a moment and replied, “Release tear gas bombs on them.

I want to smile as I watch them cry!”


Meanwhile, in the Geng familys secret underground fort in Haikou.

Jordan, Jamie, Geng Anli, Dieter and the rest sat at a long table and enjoyed food and wine together.

Although it was a temporary shelter, Geng had furnished this underground fort beautifully and luxuriously.

Moreover, there were all kinds of amenities and supplies, including food, clothes and entertainment.

This was the Geng familys territory.

Logically speaking, Geng Anli should be sitting at the head of the table.

However, ever since she found out that Jordan was a Deity Jordan, how could she still dare to sit at the head

She made Jordan take the seat of honor.

Holding a glass of red wine glass, Jamie was already a little tipsy.

Over the past few hours, he had fought fiercely and killed many people.

He felt very satisfied.

Jamie looked at Jordan.

“Jordan, youre really something.

Youre really a Deity.

You lied to me just now.

Haha, I didnt expect the new Deity to be from our family.

Do you think Jesse will still dare to fight with you for the position of family head after he finds out”

Jordan smiled.

“Let him be the head of the Steele family.”

Beside him, Dieter hurriedly said, “Thats right.

Deity Jordan is the master of the world.

Why would he care about a small position in the Steele family Deity Jordan, you have the genes of a Deity.

Your descendants might have the same ability! Please forgive my rudeness, but I have a presumptuous request.

I hope you can grant it!”

Jordan asked, “What request”

Dieter pulled over a girl with a noble aura.

“This is my youngest daughter, Mia.

Shes only 21 years old this year, and I want to offer Mia to you.

Please accept her!”


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