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Mia was a typical German girl.

She was tall and had an exquisite face.

She looked a little like the popular German model Chloe.

She was on the slender side and looked very obedient.

She looked very alluring in a white off-shoulder sweater.

Mia lowered her head respectfully.

“I will definitely serve Deity Jordan with all my heart and be a good wife.”

Previously, the Haus family had been disdainful of Jordan.

Now, Dieter was offering up his precious daughter

It was rumored that Mia was originally set to marry Rong Bailuns son.

Jordan glanced at her and shook his head.

He already had two wives, but even if he was single now…

‘So what if your daughter is as beautiful as a fairy Must I take her just because you offered her to me

Seeing that Jordan did not seem to be interested in Mia, Dieter hurriedly said, “I have two other daughters.

Although theyre married, as long as Deity Jordan likes them, I can immediately get them to be with you!”

Jordan continued to drink indifferently.

Jamie laughed loudly and joked, “Dieter, dont you know that my brother likes mature women Young and beautiful ones are not that attractive to him.

I heard that Mrs.

Haus was a great beauty 20 years ago.

She was the number one beauty in Germany, right”

Dieter didnt hesitate at all.

“Ill call my wife now!”


Jordan put down his wine glass and rolled his eyes at Jamie.

“Dont ruin my reputation.

Im a Deity now.

My reputation is important, okay”

Jordan said to Dieter, “You dont have to be so eager to suck up to me.

Youve always been a pacifist and leaned more toward Rong Bailuns side.

I dont trust you at all.

You have to follow me and prove your loyalty first before thinking of offering your wife or daughters.”

Dieter had been fawning all over Jordan, but the latter did not appreciate it.

If Dieter hadnt shamelessly followed them like a dog, Jordan wouldnt have cared about his life and death.

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“Yes, yes, yes.

Deity Jordan, my loyalty to you is absolute.

You will feel it soon! Mia, hurry up and pour some wine for him!”

Mia walked over and poured wine for Jordan, who did not refuse.

Picking up on her fragrance, Jamie, who was sitting beside Jordan, couldnt help giving Mia a few more glances.

“Tsk, tsk.

Mia is really beautiful.

Jordan, if you dont want this woman, Ill take her.”

Jamie was drunk and wanted to have a good time with Mia.

However, Dieter quickly objected.

“Jamie, Mia is dedicated to Deity Jordan.

Although youre his biological brother, youre a common man like us.

Youre just a mortal.

Youre not worthy of my daughter!”

Jamie was very angry.

“F*ck you.

My younger brother is a Deity.

I have my younger brother to protect me.

I can have any woman I want.”

With that, Jamie pulled Mia into his arms.

“Ah, no.”

Mia clearly didnt like Jamie and kept struggling, but he didnt intend to let go of her.

Previously, Jordan already found the matter between Jamie and Park Sora ridiculous.

Jordan had always wanted to berate Jamie for his despicable behavior toward beautiful women.

Therefore, Jordan immediately chided Jamie.

“Jamie, let Mia go.

Dont be rude to her!”

Jamie didnt go against Jordans wishes.

He smiled and said, “Jordan, you seem to be very worried about her.

Alright, I wont snatch her from you then.”

With that, he pushed Mia onto Jordan.


Mia was a delicate woman.

Pushed around like this, she fell into Jordans arms in a daze.

Jordan didnt mind.

He could easily catch her with one hand.

Unexpectedly, after Mia fell into his arms, she took the opportunity to kiss Jordan.

“Wow, Jordan, it looks like Mia is really interested in you.

You should just have her tonight.

Hahaha, dont waste her good intentions!”

Jamie took the opportunity to tease Jordan.

Dieter smiled.

“If Deity Jordan can make Mia pregnant with your child, it will be the glory of our family!”

Jordan was speechless.

‘Wow, to think that the Haus family is one of the eight secret families.

But youre actually so shameless.

Jordan looked at Mia and said indifferently, “Mia, I advise you to give up.

Even Lota cant conceive my child, let alone you.”

Picking up a tissue, Jordan wiped the lipstick off his face.

He sighed inwardly.

Fortunately, Lota left right after finishing her dinner and did not see Mia kissing Jordan.

Otherwise, she would probably lose her temper.

At this moment, Lota had arrived at a library in the underground fort to look for Geng Xiqing.

Geng Xiqing wasnt reading.

She was sitting quietly on the floor in a daze.

Lota walked over and asked, “Xiqing, why are you here alone Why didnt you stay at the dining table for a while longer and chat with the others”

Geng Xiqing shook her head.

“Ive tried to be close with Mom as before, but I sense a distance between us.

Its as if shes unwilling to talk to me.”

Lota sighed.

“You cant blame her.

You have a completely different face now.

Although your mother knows that this is you, she must feel strange looking at this unfamiliar face.

Dont worry, itll be fine after some time.”

Geng Xiqing was grateful for Lotas comfort.

“Thank you, Lota.

Why did you come looking for me Shouldnt you have stayed with your Jordan a little longer Ever since Dieters beautiful daughter Mia found out that Jordan is a deity, her eyes have never left him.

You have to be careful that Mia might snatch your Jordan away.”

Lota knew Jordan very well.

“No, Jordan only has Lauren and Victoria in his heart now.

He wont fancy other women.

I came looking for you because I wanted you to continue helping me draw.”

“Draw the story between you and Jordan” Geng Xiqing asked.

Before this, Geng Xiqing had drawn many paintings about Lota and Jordan.

Lota liked those paintings very much.

Every time she saw them, it was as if she was reminiscing about the past.

Lota nodded.


Geng Xiqing thought for a moment and suddenly smiled wickedly.

“Alright, but this time, I want to draw you two while you were in that special room! Tell me how you raped Deity Jordan during those 24 hours.

I want to draw all the details!”

Lotas face instantly turned red.

“Xiqing, youre the disciple of the worlds most distinguished painter.

How can you draw such erotic paintings!”

But right after that, Lota whispered, “Xiqing, after you finish the painting, can you give it to me to keep”


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