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Jordan had already predicted what Rong Bailun would do next.

He couldnt help cursing at him.

Made impudent by alcohol, Geng Anli shouted drunkenly at Rong Bailun.

“Rong Bailun, weve known each other for so many years.

In my heart, youve always been a responsible person who values the lives of the people of the world.

Over the past few decades, you alone have decided the progress of this world.

You previously stopped so many terrifying events from happening and gave the world a lot of technological benefits.

Why are you choosing to do this today

“Bailun, this happened because of me.

I thought you killed my son, thats why I attacked you.

The Geng family is willing to bear all your losses and make any compensation you want! I want you to stop.

Please forgive my mistakes.

Is that okay”

Dieter also said, “Rong Bailun, Im sure youre very curious, right How did we know you were going to release a poisonous gas even before you did it Hehe, to tell you the truth, Jordan is the new Deity!”

At this moment, Jamie suddenly became vigilant.

“Shut up, Dieter! What are you doing!”

Jamie didnt want Dieter to expose Jordans identity because it might be dangerous to him.

If Rong Bailun knew that Jordan was a Deity, he would definitely try his best to capture him and make him work for him.

Dieter had been fawning all over Jordan, but it was obvious he didnt care about his welfare at all.

Jordan was also startled.

He wondered how Rong Bailun would react when he found out that he was a Deity.

But Shaun just laughed out loud.

“Jordan is a Deity Haha, you idiots, you must have fallen into Jordans trap.

Hes lying to you!”

Jordan heaved a sigh of relief.

It was better if Rong Bailun did not believe that he was a Deity.

This way, he would have a higher chance of winning.

However, Dieter insisted on convincing Rong Bailun.

“Bailun, Jor…”

Shaun didnt give him a chance to finish.

“Ive already released the poison gas bomb.

I believe youve already experienced the power of my poison gas bomb.”

Geng Anli slammed the table angrily.

“Rong Bailun! Must the grudge between our two families implicate so many innocent citizens! If you have any grievances, just target the Geng family! Im willing to have a proper battle with your Rong family!”

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Seeing Geng Anli so agitated, Shaun smiled.

“Madam Geng, youve misunderstood.

You and I have known each other for many years.

I know that you attacked me only because you wanted to avenge your son.

I can forgive you!”

Geng Anli was delighted.

“Really Thank you.

I knew it.

As long as we calm down and talk, there will be room for negotiation!”

“Im willing to pay 10 times the losses incurred by the Rong family!”

Dieter was also happy.

This war started only because Geng Anli attacked the Rong family.

Since Rong Bailun had decided to forgive Geng Anli, this conflict could be resolved.

Everyone would be fine.

Dieter was not here to fight a war.

He was here to be a peacemaker!

But Rong Bailun had refused to listen to him and insisted on fighting.

Moreover, he wanted to get rid of the Haus family as well.

As a result, Haus had no choice but to join Jordan and the rest.

Dieter exclaimed happily.

“Haha, thats how it should be! Why fight a war Isnt it better for everyone to get along peacefully Haha, Chairman Rong, you and Deity Jordan can lead us together in the future.

Our families will definitely improve by leaps and bounds!”

Geng Anli also looked forward to that harmonious scene.

It was as if they had returned to decades ago when the first Deity was still around.

Everyone lived in peace and with the help of the first Deity, they managed to develop very advanced technology over a short period of time.

That was how they achieved their current results.

However, Shaun said, “I can spare your two families, but I must kill Jordan!”


Geng Anli and Dieter were stunned.

Rong Bailun wanted to kill Jordan


It was Geng Anli who attacked Rong Bailun, not Jordan.

Earlier on, Jordan had also persuaded Geng Anli to leave.

He was also a peacemaker!

Jamie thought that Rong Bailun wanted to kill Jordan because Jamie had been bombarding him on the battlefield.

As Jamie was not part of the video call, he walked up to Jordan and called out to Rong Bailun.

“Rong Bailun! Ill take responsibility for my own actions! I was the one who kept blasting you earlier.

It has nothing to do with Jordan.

If you have the guts, come at me!”

Shaun chuckled.

“Youre just trash.

Youre not worthy of me personally targeting you!”

Jordan pushed Jamie away and looked at Rong Bailun calmly.

“Why do you want to kill me”

Shaun said, “Because your existence makes me very uneasy.

Your existence is a threat to me! I have to get rid of you!”

Jordan smiled.

“So you do believe Dieters words.

You believe that Im a Deity”

Shaun smiled.

“It doesnt matter if youre a Deity or not.

From the moment you killed the heads of the Park and Miyamoto families, you must die.

The eight families wont allow a lawless person like you to exist!”

Jordan clenched his fists.

He knew that Rong Bailun had always disliked him.

Previously, he had issued a Level One Pursuit Order to kill him.

Geng Anli and Dieter fell silent.

Rong Bailun had chosen to forgive them but remained determined to kill Jordan.

It was very unexpected.

Shaun said to Geng Anli and Dieter.

“Madam Geng, Mr.

Haus, weve always been good partners and have always shouldered the fate of the world together.

In the future, I hope we can continue to manage this world together.

As for Jordan, hes just an outsider.

His family has always been lagging behind.

I can choose to let you off as long as you help me kill Jordan!”

He was asking them to kill Jordan

Geng Anli and Dieter were shocked to their senses! They didnt even have to take any hangover medicine!

What a joke.

Jordan was a Deity.

He could predict the future.

How could they kill him!

Geng Anli said, “My relationship with Jordan is not something you can sow discord with just a few words! I will never hurt Jordan!”

Dieter remained silent.

If he could kill Jordan, he might really do so.

“Chairman Rong, you must be joking.

Jordan is a Deity.

How can the few of us kill him!” Dieter asked.

Jamie was very unhappy.

“What do you mean by that So you would kill my brother if you could!”


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