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Jamie had already sobered up and was fully armed.

He walked over and said to Lota.

“Where did you go just now Rong Bailun called and said that he wanted to kill Jordans wives.

He is now working with the research team to develop a new gas mask.

This fool wants to rush out to rescue his wives! Hurry up and persuade him not to fall into Rong Bailuns trap.”

When Lota heard this, she immediately became nervous.

Without hesitation, she followed Jamie to find Jordan.

At this moment, Jordan had just successfully developed the first special gas mask.

This gas mask could block any poisonous gas and had a healing function.

After creating the gas mask, Jordan took it with him and was about to leave.


Lota walked over and stopped Jordan.

“Where are you going”

Jordan said seriously, “I have something very important to do.

I cant stay here with you anymore.

Stay in the fort and dont go anywhere until you can leave safely, understand”

“No, I wont allow you to leave!”

Lota grabbed Jordans arm tightly and refused to let him go.

Lota had just seen the video of many of her subordinates being poisoned to death by the gas.

She was already very upset.

Now that Jordan was going to risk his own life to go outside, tears immediately started to flow down her cheeks.

“Jordan, youll be killed by Rong Bailun if you go out! Hes waiting for you to come out.

Youre a Deity.

You must have predicted this.”

Lota knew that at this moment, Rong Bailun was definitely watching over the area outside the fort.

He was lying in wait, just waiting for Jordan to emerge.

Without the defense system, Jordan would be killed by Rong Bailuns weapons.

When faced with powerful artillery, it was useless no matter how good Jordan was at predicting.

Jordan could not leave now.

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In reality, Jordan did not try to predict what would happen next because he knew that the situation would be terrible.

However, Jordan could not give up on protecting Lauren and Victoria just because of this.

Jordan looked at the crying Lota, whose heart was aching for him.

He reached out to wipe the tears off her face.

“Lota, Im worried about Lauren and Victoria, just like how youre worried about me.

I cant leave them in danger.”

Lotas heart ached.

The man she loved so much loved other women.

He loved them the way she loved him.

Although Jordans analogy hurt Lotas heart, it made her understand why Jordan had to go.

If Lota knew that something had happened to Jordan outside, she would not stand by and do nothing.

However, Lota still didnt want Jordan to take the risk.

She suddenly said, “Jordan, Ill get someone to send my invisibility cloaks to Lauren and Victoria, okay As long as they have the invisibility cloaks, the Rong family wont be able to find them!”

Invisibility cloak

Jordan was momentarily taken aback.

Although the invention of the Schmid family was not an offensive tool, it was top-notch for self-defense.

If Lauren and Victoria were both wearing the invisibility cloaks, it would be difficult to find them in the US.

The Rong family wouldnt be able to get to them then.

Jamie also spoke up.

“Thats right.

The Schmid familys invisibility cloak is so powerful that no one can see them after they put it on.

It wont be a problem for them to hide for half a month.”

Lota promised Jordan.

“Yes, yes.

I promise Ill get someone to send the invisibility cloaks to them.

I can give them a lot of cloaks so that Dragon and his team can wear them as well.”

Lota looked at Jordan with a pleading expression.

He was very touched.


Jordan hugged her and said, “Thank you.”

A smile appeared on Lotas face.

She was relieved that Jordan was no longer planning to leave.

Just like that, another two days passed.

Jordan and the others had been hiding in the underground fort.

No one had gone out.

Outside the castle, the soldiers of the four major families survived the poisonous gas with the new gas masks.

Although the Rong family had used many weapons and sent many people, they could not break in.

But at the same time, the people from the four families could not leave either.

This was because once they went out, they would be killed by the Rong family without the protection of the defense system.

This made Dieter feel very aggrieved.

He had been drinking alone for the past two days.

He had drunk a lot of wine that day.

After drinking, he ran to knock on Geng Anlis door.

Knock knock!

“Who is it” Geng Anli asked.

“Its me, Dieter.”

Dieter answered.

Putting on a robe, Geng Anli went to open the door.

The moment she opened it, she could smell the alcohol on Dieters breath.

Geng Anli pinched her nose in disdain.

“Dieter, can you drink less Youre drunk all day.

Do you still look like the head of a secret family”

Dieter snorted indifferently and walked in.

He sat on a soft red sofa in Geng Anlis room.

“Anli, Ive had enough.

I dont want to stay here anymore!” Dieter complained the moment he sat down.

Geng Anli smiled and pulled her robe closer around her.

She walked over.

“If you dont want to stay here, go out.

Let me see what kind of missile Chairman Rong will welcome you with.”

Dieter looked dejected.

“Anli, this is a personal grudge between Rong Bailun and Jordan.

Our families are completely innocent! Jordan has truly failed to live up to the name of a Deity.

He actually hid in your fort like a coward, not daring to fight the Rong family head-on!”

Geng Anli sat on a wooden chair and lit a slim ladys cigarette.

“You cant say that.

Although Jordan is a Deity, he only developed his abilities over the past two years.

The Rong family has been researching advanced technological weapons for decades.

Whether its the number of men or the level of the weapons, Jordan is no match for them.

Jordan knows this very well, thats why he chose to endure this situation.

“I think he did the right thing.

Although the Rong family is arrogant now, I believe that in 20 years, the scales of victory will tilt towards Jordan.”

Dieter was furious.

“Are we going to stay in this place for 20 years Do we have to wait for Jordan to develop the ability to fight the Rong family before we can leave! Anli, we should get Jordan to leave immediately.

Youre the master here.

I hope you can expel him now! Chairman Rong promised that as long as we get Jordan out, he will spare us after he kills Jordan.

He also wants to work with us in the future!”


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