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Geng Anli looked at Dieter curiously.

“Did you have another one-on-one conversation with Chairman Rong”

Dieter nodded.

“From Chairman Rongs tone, he seems to have completely forgiven you and has no grudge against me.

He only wants to kill Jordan.

Anli, we dont have to implicate ourselves because of Jordan.

“Kill Jordan or expel him!”

Dieters eyes were fierce.

Geng Anli was silent for a moment before shaking her head.

“Jordan is a Deity.

If you have the ability to chase him out, do it.

I wont stop you.

But I dont have the ability to provoke him! Alright, dont stay in my room anymore.

You reek of alcohol.

I have to spray some perfume.”

With that, Geng Anli pulled Dieter off the sofa and pushed him out.



Geng Anli did not give him a chance to speak again.

Afraid that Jordan would see this scene in a vision, she decisively closed the door.

Dieter looked at the closed door, feeling very unhappy.

‘Damn it.

Geng Anli clearly hopes to see Jordan leave so that he would not implicate us, but she doesnt dare to do it.

She doesnt dare to offend him, so she instigated me to do it!

Dieter fully understood the meaning behind Geng Anlis words.

‘If you have the ability to chase him out, do it.

I wont stop you.

But Geng Anli would never take the risk to do it herself.

After all, Geng Anli had already offended the Rong family earlier on.

If she offended Jordan now…

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She would have offended the two most powerful men in this world.

Would the Geng family still be able to survive in this world

But if Geng Anli didnt dare to, all the more Dieter wouldnt dare to either!

Helpless, Dieter went to the bar alone to drink.

Soon after, Mia walked over in her pajamas.

She had gone to bed but she couldnt fall asleep no matter what.

She walked out again with a resentful expression.

“Daddy, I dont want to stay here anymore.

When can we leave”

Mia sat on a stool at the bar and tugged at Dieters arm.

Dieter said helplessly, “Mia, if Jordan doesnt go out and fight with Rong Bailun, we have no choice but to stay here.

Rong Bailun said that if Jordan doesnt come out, we will die with him.”

Hearing this, Mia panicked.

“Damn Jordan! Our family didnt do anything and didnt offend anyone.

Why should we die here because of him! To think that hes a Deity.

But he doesnt dare to go out and fight the Rong family head-on.

I think we shouldnt call him Deity Jordan anymore.

Lets call him a good-for-nothing!”

Recalling how she had thrown herself into Jordans arms and been rejected, Mia felt even angrier.

She poured herself a glass of brandy and downed it before continuing, “Fortunately, that coward Jordan rejected me.

Daddy, you offered me to him two days ago.

If he really wanted me, I would be disgusted to death now! A piece of trash who only knows how to hide under the protection of the Geng family.

Heh, Im starting to understand why his first wife Hailey betrayed him.

If it were me, I would do the same!”

Dieter looked around and said, “My daughter, keep your voice down.

It wont be good if Jordan hears you.

Although he doesnt have the ability to deal with the Rong family, he is more than capable of dealing with us.”

Mia crossed her arms.

“Im not afraid of him! Since we can only be safe after we chase Jordan out, I must find a way to kick him out!”

Dieter said worriedly, “Dont act rashly.

Youre not his match.

Dont be rash.”

Mia smiled wickedly.

“Dont worry, Dad.

I know hes very powerful, so I dont plan to attack him directly.

Dad, I heard that Lota and Jordan are very close”

Dieter nodded.

“Thats right.

Lota has always liked Jordan and wants to marry him.

Although Jordan rejected her love, he treats her like a sister.

Why are you suddenly asking this”

Mia smiled evilly.

“I dont have the ability to get Jordan to go out, but I have the ability to trick that innocent girl, Lota, to leave this place.

Do you think Jordan will go out and save her if she leaves the fort and is exposed to danger”

Dieters eyes lit up.

“Yes! Of course! Jordan values relationships the most! Mia, this method is feasible, but you have to be careful and quick.

Dont give Jordan any time to predict!”

Mia nodded.

“Dont worry, Dad.

I understand.

However, there are a lot of Geng family guards at the exits.

Im afraid that they will ruin our plans.”

Dieter took a sip of wine and smiled.

“Dont worry, child.

Geng Anli will turn a blind eye.”

At half-past five the following morning.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Mia rushed to Lotas room and kept knocking.

“Lota, Lota, are you in there”

Mia shouted anxiously from outside.

Lota was still sleeping soundly when she was woken up by the banging on the door.

She rubbed her eyes, and couldnt tell who was shouting.

“Who is it Could it be Xiqing Ah, could she have finished the painting of Jordan and I”

Lota was instantly excited and quickly got up.

For the past two days, Geng Xiqing had been hiding in the art studio.

Even though the flames of war were raging outside, she did not come out.

This was because she knew that her familys fort was very safe and she did not have to worry about being attacked.

Lota wanted to watch Geng Xiqing draw, but the latter refused to let her watch.

On one hand, Geng Xiqing needed an extremely quiet environment to draw.

She could not have anyone disturbing her.

On the other hand, Geng Xiqing was creating an erotic painting this time.

It was not suitable for childrens eyes.

How would she be able to draw freely with someone beside her It would be too awkward.

As for Lota, she had been enduring her excitement for two days.

She longed to see what their magical story would look like in a painting.

“Haha, Xiqing, Im coming!”

Lota hurriedly changed her clothes and ran to open the door.

But the moment she opened the door, she realized that it was not Geng Xiqing, but Mia from the Haus family.

“Mia Why are you here”

Lota did not have a close friendship with Mia.

Mia looked panicked.

“Lota, bad news.

I just saw Jordan leaving with his bag.

Hes leaving the fort!”

Mia knew that Lota was very worried about Jordan and did not want him to leave the fort.

Therefore, she deliberately lied to her.

Indeed, the innocent Lota fell for it.

“What Jordan went out Hes leaving”

Lota immediately grew very worried.

Mia pointed in the direction of the exit and said, “If we chase after him now, we might be able to stop him in time!”


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