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Hailey was so excited that she had already treated herself as Jordans wife.


‘Since Butler Frank is Jordans servant, that makes him my servant too.


Hence, Hailey said, “Butler Frank…”


Jordan frowned.

He thought that Hailey would address him respectfully asMr.

Reyes but he didnt expect her to call him Butler Frank too.


Jordan could do so because Butler Frank was his subordinate.


However, Hailey had no right to do so!


Not taking herself as an outsider at all, Hailey said, “Butler Frank, Im flattered.

Since Jordan treats you like his family, I will do the same from now on, dont worry.”


Jordan couldnt help but be amused by Haileys words because she was acting like she was granting Butler Frank a boon.


It was as if she was saying that she wouldnt treat him like a servant after becoming the households mistress.


“Thank you, thank you.”


Butler Frank had always behaved humbly.

Although he knew that Hailey was no longer Jordans wife, he would never dare to be rude unless Jordan gave him permission.


Jordan continued, “Thats Butler Franks grandson, Greyson Reyes.

Hes about the same age as us, but he has become a wheelchair user due to a leg injury.”


Hailey took the initiative to walk over and shook Greysons hand.

“Hello, how did you get injured Oh dear, youre so pitiful.

Youve lost your mobility at such a young age.”


Greyson said, “I got into an accident two years ago.”


Hailey looked at him with a compassionate gaze.

She said,”Im sorry that happened to you, but be assured that Jordan and I will take care of you just as your grandfather has taken care of Jordan for so many years.”.


After saying that, she turned to Jordan and said, “Lets give Greyson some money or take him to a good hospital.

Maybe, theres a chance for him to recover completely.”


For the first time, Jordan felt that Hailey was utterly senseless and ignorant.


In the past, Hailey often called Jordan a hillbilly.


Now, Jordan felt that Hailey was the hillbilly.


Jordan explained to Hailey, “Butler Frank may be our butler, but he has a net worth of several billion.

He doesnt need our money.

He can easily afford to find Greyson the best doctor in the world.”


Hailey was stunned for a moment.


“Bill… billions”


Hailey began to stammer.


She really didnt think that a butler would be able to become a billionaire!


After running a business empire for so many years, the Camdens had only amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in assets.


At their peak, even the Collins, whose company had been listed before, did not have billions in assets!


When Hailey looked at Butler Frank again, she no longer dared to be condescending and see him as a servant.


“Are you… also the president of a company” Hailey asked respectfully.


Still as humble as ever, Butler Frank answered politely, “No, no, Im just a servant.


Jordans grandfather taught me how to invest, and I would invest in all the stocks he invested in.”


“Later on, when he started investing in real estate, I bought some too, and over time, I accumulated my wealth.”


“Its all thanks to the Steeles that I have the money I own now.


Jordans brothers, himself, and even his wife can take them away as they please.”


Hailey was thrilled when she heard “his wife” because she thought he was referring to her.


Hailey looked at Jordan in surprise.

“If Butler Frank is already a billionaire, could your grandfather have tens of billions”


Before Jordan answered, Butler Frank burst into laughter and said, “Haha, Miss Camden, Mr.

Steele has more than just tens of billions.”


“More than tens of billions of dollars!!”


Hailey got extremely worked up, and she patted Jordan coquettishly.

“Youre so mean.

You didnt even tell me how wealthy your grandfather is.”


Butler Frank explained on Jordans behalf, “Miss Camden, dont hold it against Mr.


The test that he had been put through is stringent.

If he had told you about it, he would have failed his test, and Mr.

Steele would despise him for it.”


Hailey suddenly became understanding.

“Yes, Grandpa was doing it for Jordans good.

The majority of rich scions have been spoiled rotten and act lawlessly.

They cant take any hardship at all.

Grandpas test for Jordan is a good thing.”


After saying that, Hailey suddenly gave Jordan a kiss on the cheek and said smilingly, “I dont blame you anymore, Darling.”


Jordan was helpless.

If he had been prepared, he might have shunned so that Hailey wouldnt get her way.


However, Jordan did not say anything in response and merely said, “Lets sit down and dig in.”


Soon, the dishes were served one after another.


Hailey was overjoyed.

“These are my favorite dishes.

Thank you, Jordan.”


Jordan said with a smile, “I told you Id be making it up to you today.”


Hailey reached her hand out to hold Jordans hand again.

“Dont say that.

Actually, I was at fault too.

Lets not try to make it up to each other anymore.

Well just get along well with each other from now on.”


Jordan shrugged Haileys hand away.

He initially planned to talk about the matter after the meal.

Still, he had no choice but to do it now because Hailey was seriously oblivious to what was really going on.


Jordan said, “Hailey Camden, I think youve gotten the wrong idea.

I asked you out tonight because Ive set you up for a blind date.”


“A blind date What blind date” Hailey was puzzled.


Jordan pointed to Greyson and said, “Greyson is about the same age as you, and since hes the only heir, he will inherit all of the familys assets.”


“I set you up with Greyson because I know youve always dreamed of marrying a billionaire who can make your family a top-tier one in Orlando.”


Hailey flew into a rage.

“What did you say Youre introducing me to a servant!! Thats a humiliation to me!”


Jordan humphed coldly and barked, “Miss Camden, please watch your words.

They are my subordinates, not yours!”


Butler Frank not only had billions of dollars worth in assets but had also financially supported many people like the big boss, Pablo, who worked for him.


The Camdens ought to be subservient to Butler Frank!


Hailey knocked over a glass of water when she was throwing a fit.

Pointing at Greyson, she hollered at Jordan, “You want me to marry an invalid like him Youre just humiliating me!”


Jordan replied calmly, “Its true that Greyson may not be able to satisfy certain needs of yours, but weve been sleeping in separate rooms for the past three years, so you should be used to a marriage without a sex life.”


“Also, Hailey, you are indeed a ravishing beauty, but youre twice divorced now after all.

Most scions would despise you, so I hope youll consider this carefully and settle for Greyson!”


Hailey was so exasperated that she picked up another glass of water and splashed it onto Jordans face.


“I refuse to settle for him! I wont even think about it! Jordan Steele, youve gone too far! I love you so much, yet youre pushing me to another man!”


After saying that, she left the private room in tears.


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