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Ten minutes later, Shaun launched an all-out war.

Be it the airforce or the ground units, everyone was mobilized to kill Jordan!

Gunfire filled the sky outside the fort as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Jamie, who had been sleeping soundly, received a message from his subordinate.


Jamie heard his phone beeping and immediately opened it.

He saw that it was a message from Phoenix.

He reported that the Rong family had just launched an all-out war.

“Damn it!”

Jamie knew that the situation outside must be very intense.

He hurriedly put on his clothes and walked to the command hall.

“The war has started again! It looks like Rong Bailun is serious this time.

Hes going to attack us with full force!”

Jamie walked in excitedly.

When he saw Geng Anli sprawled on the table, he asked,

“Why is Madam Geng sleeping here”

Dieter walked over and said, “Oh, Madam Geng is a little sleepy.

Shes just taking a break.”

Jamie was speechless.

“Sleepy Shes sleepy at a time like this Are you kidding me! By the way, wheres Jordan He should have predicted this.

He should be here.”

At this moment, Mia smiled wickedly.

“The famous Deity Jordan He went out.”

“He went out Where”

Jamie was confused.

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Mia pointed at the intense battle on the screen.

“He went to the battlefield.

If you want to see him clearly, we can zoom in on him.”

Jamie immediately panicked.

“What Why did he go to the battlefield Hes a Deity! How can he go to the front line! If something happens to him on the battlefield, no one can advise us anymore.

We will all die! Why didnt you stop him!”

Dieter snorted.

“Youre thinking too much.

Chairman Rong only wants to kill Jordan now.

Well be safer now that he is outside.”

“Thats right,” Mia echoed with a wicked smile.

Looking at their dark smiles, Jamie immediately understood that they must have forced or tricked Jordan to go out!

Jamie was furious.

He asked Dieter, “Did you trick Jordan to go out!”

Dieter disdained Jamie and couldnt be bothered to deny it.

“So what if I did”

“You have a death wish!”

Jamie wanted to rush over and punch Dieter again.

However, before Jamie could get near Dieter, two of the Haus family subordinates pointed their guns at his head.

“One more step and Ill kill you!” The Haus subordinate threatened.

Jamie clenched his fists and glared at Dieter.

He was not stupid.

He knew that if he acted rashly, he would really die.

As for Dieter, he walked smugly to Jamie.

He then raised his right hand and punched Jamie!


Dieter said, “This punch is for when you hit me two days ago.

If you werent in control of the Addington family now, I would have thrown you out long ago! From now on, you will obediently be the slave of Madam Geng and me!”


Jamie spat angrily.

“You ungrateful fellows.

If not for Jordan, you would have been killed by the Rong family in the Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest! Now that your crisis has been resolved, youre leaving him to die Alright, Ill save him if you dont!”

Dieter stopped him.

“Stop! Where are you going! Im warning you, once you leave the fort, you wont be allowed back in! Dont even think about bringing Jordan back to the fort.

Once you leave, you can forget about coming in again!”

The situation outside was very serious.

The Geng and Haus family soldiers had all retreated.

Only the subordinates from the Schmid family, as well as Jordan and Jamies men were fighting the Rong family.

Even if the Geng and Haus family soldiers were out fighting with everyone, their side was still no match for the Rong family.

Now that those two families had retreated, the difference in strength was even greater.

Therefore, going out now was equivalent to courting death.

Dieter wanted to intimidate Jamie and make him submit obediently.

Unexpectedly, Jamie didnt hesitate at all.

“Fine, I wont come back in! I definitely wont just sit by and watch Jordan fight alone outside!”

With that, Jamie walked out.

“Stupid idiot!”

Dieter was furious.

Beside him, Mia crossed her slender legs and said, “Dad, if that b*start wants to go out and die, let him.

Why stop him”

Previously, a drunk Jamie had harassed Mia and even forcefully kissed her.

As a result, she was furious with him.

Dieter said, “Although Jamie deserves to die, he still controls the Addington family.

If we can make him submit to us, there will be many benefits.

Forget it.

The Geng family also has laser weapons.

Let him go out and die with Jordan!”

Jamie gathered his protective equipment and weapons.

As he walked towards the exit, he sent a voice message to Phoenix.

“Send me your location.

Ill find you now!”

Phoenix sent him the location.

Jamie opened the map.

“Its quite close.

Its just a few minutes away!”

He opened the door and walked out.

Suddenly, a tornado swept over.

“Oh my god.”

Jamie was swept into the air.

Unlike Jordan, he did not fall.

Instead, he remained suspended in the air.

Jamie had no choice but to quickly send another message to Phoenix.

“Phoenix, come and get me.

I cant f*cking come down from the sky!”

Half an hour later.

Jordan, Jamie, Lota, Geng Xiqing, Phoenix, Pablo and the others had all gathered.

They were currently at the back of the battlefield.

The soldiers in front were engaged in a very intense battle.

Weather weapons, biochemical weapons, laser weapons, cannons, bullets…

Their impact was not as widespread and dangerous as an atomic bomb.

However, this was the first time so many high-tech weapons had appeared in one single place on Earth.

Of course, although the battle here was intense, people elsewhere in the world did not know about it.

When Jordan saw the bruised and swollen Jamie, he said, “Jamie, you shouldnt have come out.

There should be at least one of us in the fort.”

Jordan was not worried about himself, but he was afraid that if the situation got out of control, Lota and Geng Xiqing would have no way out.

Jamie said, “Dieter and his daughter tricked you into coming out to fight Rong Bailun.

How can I just sit inside to watch, knowing that you are outside When we get back, I must teach that father-daughter duo a lesson!”

Jordan thought about how Dieter and his daughter were behind everything.

He was furious and spat out with a cold expression, “I will kill them!”


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