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Half an hour later.

The battlefield became increasingly intense.

In the dark and gloomy sky, thunder rumbled and acid rain kept falling.

Lit by constant lightning, the Rong, Steele and Schmid subordinates fought fiercely.

During this half an hour, Shaun personally led the Rong family men.

Plus the fact that they had an advantage in numbers and weaponry, the Rong side was unstoppable.

The subordinates under Jordan, Jamie, Lota and the others were defeated and killed one after another.

Currently, less than a hundred men were protecting Jordan.

Shaun had gotten tired of killing.

He immediately instructed Ban Luming, “Activate the tornado and sweep these people into the air!”


The tornado had been made into a conventional weapon by the Rong family.

It was like a pistol cannonball, ready to be used at any time.

A powerful tornado swept the last group of men protecting Jordan into the air.

They were all elites among elites.

Of course, because of the uncontrollable nature of the tornado, some of the Rong family subordinates were also swept in.

Nevertheless, Jordan, Lota and the others at the back, as well as Shaun and his core team, were not affected by the tornado.

This tornado had become a weapon.

It was no longer just a natural phenomenon.

In fact, now that the tornado had already been formed, the others could walk under it without being affected.

It was like a bullet which had already been fired and embedded in the wall.

It was no longer dangerous.

At this moment, Jordan and Shaun spotted each other from afar!


Shaun smiled smugly.

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At this moment, the Haus family had sent out countless drones to gather surveillance footage.

The drones that had been sent out previously, even the stealth ones, were all shot down on this merciless battlefield.

Looking at the latest images, Dieter and the others became excited.

“Hahaha, the Rong family is indeed powerful! They have already obtained a crushing victory! Jordan is doomed.

He cant escape.

Hes about to be executed by Chairman Rong!”

Dieter saw that hundreds of people had been swept into the air.

Jordan had lost all the men protecting him.

He only had Jamie, Lota and Geng Xiqing by his side.

These people could not protect Jordan.

At this moment, Geng Anli gradually woke up.

When she woke up and saw the battlefield on the big screen, she immediately became worried.

“Xiqing! Xiqing is on the battlefield!”

Dieter hurried over and said, “Madam Geng, Im sorry for knocking you out earlier.

Ill say it again.

The American woman on the battlefield now is not your daughter, Xiqing.”


Geng Anli punched Dieter in the face and said angrily, “I can recognize my own daughter.

I dont need you to tell me! Who do you think you are!”

Mia was very angry.

“Old woman, what right do you have to hit my father”

Dieter reached out and gestured for Mia to calm down.

He didnt mind being punched by Madam Geng, whom he had always admired.

Dieter said, “Madam Geng, it doesnt matter even if you think shes your daughter.

Chairman Rong only wants to kill Jordan.

He wont touch your daughter.

I guarantee it.”

In the current situation, it was already too late for Geng Anli to send anyone to rescue them.

With the Rong familys strength and Rong Bailuns decisiveness, he would definitely kill everyone in less than a minute!

“It better be as you said!”

Geng Anli shot Dieter a resentful look.

On the battlefield.

Shaun led Ban Luming and the others towards Jordan and his group.

It was still raining and thunder was still rumbling.

But at this moment, no one seemed to be able to hear anything.

Almost everyone on Jordans side appeared frozen in place.

“Damn it, am I going to die here today How sad! Ive played with so many women in my life, but I never had a single child.

I cant pass on my good genes now!”

Jamie had some regrets.

Geng Xiqing had died once before, so she wasnt too afraid.

As for Lota, she was more worried for Jordan.

“Jordan is a Deity.

He must not die!”

Ring ring ring.

Jordan received a call from Salvatore.

Jordan pressed the ring on his right finger and answered the call.

Salvatore reported.

“Master, I found a tombstone at the entrance of the remote town.

It is inscribed: Shaun Handley lies here!”

“Master, that b*stard Shaun is dead! Hahaha! I even specially dug out his coffin and opened it to take a look.

Its really Shauns body inside.

The corpse was preserved in some kind of high-tech freezer.

I kicked it twice, but there was no reaction.

He must be dead.”

Jordan suddenly grinned.

He knew that the person who died was not the real Shaun, but Rong Bailun!

The Rong Bailun in front of him was the real Shaun!

That meant Shaun had successfully switched minds with Rong Bailun!

“Terrifying, so terrifying, so powerful! Shaun really succeeded!”

Jordan did sincerely admire Shaun for accomplishing such an impossible feat.

Rong Bailun had the highest status in the world and was the most difficult to deal with.

To think that Shaun had actually successfully captured Rong Bailun and swapped minds with him without being discovered by the rest of the Rong family!

He was too powerful!

Even Jordan was not completely confident in being able to do such a thing.

Actually, Jordan already suspected that Shaun had succeeded.

In fact, Jordan hoped for it! This was because Jordan might not be able to deal with Rong Bailun, but he could deal with Shaun!

Jordan had done something to the stabilizing agent used in the mind-transplant procedure.

He had placed something that could control the patients mind, like the Monkey Kings golden headband curse.

He could make his life a living hell!

Jordan hadnt attacked yet as he didnt want to act rashly without 100% confirmation that Shaun had undergone the mind-transplant procedure.

If Geng Xiqing and Paris Gildon were in pain but nothing happened to Shaun, he might realize that Jordan had tampered with the mind-transplant procedure.

By then, Shaun would not undergo the procedure.

And Jordan would no longer be able to use Shaun to control the powerful Rong family!

Now, Jordan was sure that he would emerge the eventual victor!

Jordan gave a faint smile and immediately called Professor Liam.

“Master, what can I do for you” Professor Liam asked.

Jordan smiled.

“Its time to let them know what we have been plotting.

Listen to my instructions and prepare to activate ourgolden headband curse.”

“Got it!”

At this moment, Shaun and the others had already passed under the tornado with their weapons and arrived in front of Jordan.

Shaun was holding a blade that looked like a samurai sword.

But this was no ordinary samurai sword.

It was a laser weapon.

He could kill Jordan from afar.

However, he did not do so.

He walked towardJordan and said, “Jordan I will make the world change color today.

I will make blood flow like rivers.

I will unleash all the most advanced weapons in the world.

Just for one single goal: to kill you!”


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