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“Dont kill Jordan!”

Lota stood in front of Jordan, protecting him with her small frame.

Jamie also had the intention to fight to the death.

He held a laser sword and said, “My younger brother, Jordan, is invincible! If you take another step forward, youll be the one who dies!”

Shaun didnt take them seriously at all.

He ignored their words.

Instead, Shaun said to Jordan, “Jordan, come over and kneel in front of me.

Let me cut off your head myself.

I can promise you that after you die, I will spare Lota and your second brother.”


Jamie spat out a mouthful of saliva and cursed.

“Are you deaf Didnt you hear what I said I said that Jordan is a Deity.

Hes invincible! Do you know how powerful a Deity is”

“Whether or not you wet the bed tonight, Jordan can predict it the moment he closes his eyes!”

Shaun laughed out loud.

“Jordan, I believe youre a Deity.

I also know that you can predict what will happen next.

I look forward to it because if you get a vision now, you will see yourself kneeling in front of me and being killed by me.”

“You can try if you dont believe me.”

Armed with powerful weapons and mighty physical forces, a mere Deity was no longer enough to make Shaun afraid.

At this moment, Jordan finally made his move.

He gently pushed Lota aside.

Lota hurriedly said, “Jordan, dont go!”

Jordan smiled and kissed her forehead.

He then took another step forward.

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But Jamie grabbed him.

Jamie shook his head with tears in his eyes.

“Dont go.

The descendants of the Steele family will never lower their heads! At most, Ill die with you today!”

At this moment, Jamie felt very aggrieved.

He and Jordan would die bravely here today.

But what was their eldest brother, Jesse, doing!

Jesse hadnt fulfilled his duty to them as their big brother!

Jordan took Jamies hand off his arm and said,

“Dont worry, your third brother is invincible.”

With that, Jordan ignored their objections and walked toward Shaun.

Dieter, Geng Anli and the others in the fort were also closely watching this scene.

“Hahahaha, Jordan is going to surrender himself to Chairman Rong.

He accepted his fate! The battle is over! We are free again!” Dieter shouted joyfully.

Mia snorted disdainfully.

“Hmph, is this the so-called Deity What trash! Its a waste for such heavenly talent to fall into the hands of a good-for-nothing man!”

Geng Anli couldnt help crying as she watched the scene unfold.


At this moment, she no longer viewed Jordan as the high and mighty Deity.

Instead, she saw him as the handsome little boy she liked and teased.

Geng Anli suddenly grew furious.

“Why must the new Deity be executed! His ability can improve our families greatly! I really dont agree with Chairman Rongs actions! Im going to call him and stop him from doing that!”

Dieter hurried over and grabbed Geng Anlis hand.

“Madam Geng, dont.

Chairman Rongs decision cant be questioned.

If you anger him now, not only will you not be able to help Jordan, but you will also attract trouble!”

Geng Anli hated herself for being helpless.

She raised her hand and slapped Dieter again.


Mia was furious.

“Dont hit my father again, you old hag!”

Geng Anli hated herself for not being able to help Jordan.

When she heard Mias words, she walked over and slapped her too.



Mia didnt expect Geng Anli to slap her after hitting her father.

“How dare you bully us”

Geng Anli said, “This is my fort.

I can kill you if I want!”

Mia held her cheek, feeling very indignant.

Dieter hurried over to comfort his proud daughter.

“Forget it, Mia.

Madam Geng is your elder.

Its within her right to discipline you.”

Mia sat back in her chair unhappily and mocked in a cold voice.

“Hmph, no matter how angry you are, your old lover is dead meat.”

With a heavy heart, Geng Anli looked at the video on the big screen again.

On the battlefield, Shaun laughed in satisfaction when he saw Jordan walking over without any weapons.

“Very good.


I have to see you die with my own eyes before I can be at ease.”

Jordan stared into Shauns eyes.

The other parts of Rong Bailun would not reveal anything.

He looked exactly like the real Rong Bailun.

But the look in his eyes was different.

The eyes revealed a persons soul and thoughts.

The eyes of Rong Bailun definitely reflected Shauns soul.

Jordan looked at Shaun.

“Your imitation of Rong Bailun is not bad.

Youve been practicing for a long time, right”

Shauns face turned pale.

Jordan already knew his true identity!

Although Jordan did not name Shaun, the implication of his words were obvious.

Jordan already knew that Shaun had switched minds with Rong Bailun!

Shaun was stunned for a moment before laughing out loud.

“Hahaha, sometimes, its useless even if you know a lot.

Youre destined to die today!”

Shaun picked up his sword and said to Jordan,

“Youre not kneeling It looks like you plan to die standing.”

Jordan responded.

“Between the two of us, only one needs to kneel.”

Shaun snorted.

“As expected of a Deity.

Even when faced with imminent death, youre still so arrogant.

Alright, Ill send you on your way!”

Shaun trembled with excitement.

He had killed many people in his life.

But this was the first time he would be killing a Deity! After killing Deity Jordan, Shaun would be firmly ranked as the top man in the world.

There would be no more threats to his power!

Shaun raised his sword and swung it at Jordan!


Lota tried to rush over, but Geng Xiqing held her back.

Jordan did not do anything.

He just tapped on the ring on his right hand.

It was a message to Professor Liam.

He could now activate the “golden headband curse”.

Just as everyone thought that Jordan would be killed, Shauns sword suddenly slipped from his hand and fell to the ground.

Shaun felt a sharp pain in his head!

“Whats wrong What happened! Chairman Rong, why did you put the sword down”

“He looks very uncomfortable.

What did Jordan do to him But he clearly doesnt have a weapon.”

Dieter and the others were very surprised to see this development.

“Master Rong, is something wrong!” Ban Luming hurried forward and asked with concern.

Shaun paused for a moment and realized that the pain in his head was gradually disappearing.

He thought that it was just a minor side effect as his mind had not fully merged with this new body.

“Im fine.”

Shaun picked up the sword again and slashed at Jordan.

Jordan remained standing there, motionless.


Just as Shaun was about to slash down at Jordan again, his brain suddenly ached violently.

He wasnt the only one.

Behind Jordan, Geng Xiqing was in so much pain that she tossed aside her paintings and gasped.


Shaun knelt in front of Jordan in pain!


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