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In the fort.

Dieter and Geng Anli were completely stunned when they saw this.

Dieter said in surprise, “Oh my god, am I seeing things Chairman Rong is kneeling to Jordan Whats going on”

Geng Anli was also astonished.

“I vaguely saw Jordans hands moving.

Does he know spells like Shaun”

Shaun and Jordan were both American.

Shaun had previously proven that he knew some ancient spells that science could not explain.

In addition, Jordan was a Deity.

It was possible that he had methods like Shauns or even more powerful!

On the battlefield.

Shaun was in so much pain that he grabbed his head with his hands.

He had already thrown his laser sword onto the ground.

Strangely, Shaun wasnt the only one in pain.

Geng Xiqing was also in pain.

Actually, at this moment, Shaun and Geng Xiqing were not the only ones in pain.

Paris Gildon and everyone else who had undergone the mind-transplant procedure before were in agony.

This was because the stabilizer Jordan had modified was used for everyone who had undergone the procedure.

As a result, everyone who underwent the mind-transplant procedure was automatically affected by the “golden headband curse”.

Everyone would feel pain when Professor Liam activated it.

“Xiqing, whats wrong Are you feeling unwell” Lota asked in concern.

But Geng Xiqing just shook her head.

“I dont know whats wrong.

My head hurts for no reason.”

On this battlefield, no one cared if Geng Xiqing had a headache or not.

Everyones attention was focused on Shaun.

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Jordan looked down at Shaun, who was kneeling in front of him.

“I already said that only one of us has to kneel.”

Jordan bent over and asked Shaun in a soft voice.

“Shaun, do you know the saying:the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it”

Shauns headache had finally subsided, but when he heard Jordans words, he felt like his mind had just exploded!

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

Wasnt this what he had wanted to say to Rong Bailun previously

Shaun was good at scheming.

He had always been the one who secretly benefited from a situation! However, after hearing Jordans words, Shaun suddenly understood that Jordan had been stalking him all along, just waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on him!

“What… What did you do to me” Shaun asked in horror.

Jordan leaned close to Shauns ear and told him the truth.

“I added something to the stabilizer used for the mind-transplant procedure.

Your life and death are completely under my control.”


Shaun was stunned.

He was such a cautious person.

He waited for so many other people to undergo the procedure first, to confirm that they were fine before doing it himself.

He had never expected Jordan to be so good at setting things up and being so patient.

Jordan had been able to control Paris Gildon and the others, but he did not do anything.

He waited until Shaun and Rong Bailun completed the procedure.

At this moment, Shaun knew that his life was over.

He was destined to be Jordans puppet.

Even if Shaun killed Jordan now, it was useless.

The person handling the actual controls was clearly not present.

Jordan said to Shaun, “Ill give you two choices now.

The first is to die with me.

I can tell you clearly that you will definitely die before me.

Moreover, you will have a splitting headache and die very painfully.

Also, after you die, I might not die.

I have the ability of a Deity and can dodge your attacks.

“The second is to be my puppet from now on.

You, the number one person in the world, Chairman Rong, will completely obey my orders! Its your choice!”

With that, Jordan straightened his spine.

As for Shaun, he was still kneeling on the ground, his expression filled with pain, helplessness and regret.

Ban Luming had never seen his master in such a wretched state before.

Exasperated, he pointed the gun at Jordan and said angrily, “B*stard, you despicable punk.

Are you using a dirty, dark spell like that demon, Shaun! How dare you use such methods on Master Rong I will shoot you!”

Ban Luming was not a man who liked to joke.

He was really going to shoot Jordan.

However, Jordan did not panic.

It was not because he was not afraid of guns, but because he saw that Shaun was already moving.

Shaun got up from the ground, picked up the sword, and slashed Ban Luming to death!

The battlefield was in an uproar!

Everyone was shocked!

Rong Bailun had killed his most trusted aide, Ban Luming!

Dieter and the others in the castle were also puzzled.

They did not understand why Rong Bailun would do this.

Little did they know that from this moment on, the number one person in the world, Rong Bailun, would be Jordans puppet!

Jordan looked at Ban Lumings corpse and smiled.

He knew that Shaun had chosen the second option.

Shaun was a smart person.

He would never choose to die.

He would definitely choose the second option.

“Master Rong, why… Why did you kill Mr.


Rong Bailuns subordinates were very confused.

Shaun said angrily, “That b*stard Ban Luming dared to be disrespectful to the Deity.

He deserved to die!”

Actually, Shaun already planned to kill Ban Luming because he was Rong Bailuns trusted aide.

He was the most likely person to realize that the current Rong Bailun was really Shaun.

Therefore, it was very dangerous to keep Ban Luming by his side.

And now was a good opportunity to kill him.

Shaun ordered.

“Stop the tornado.”

His subordinate pressed the controller.

Hundreds of people suspended in the sky fell to the ground.

They returned to their respective camps.

Shaun knelt before Jordan again, right in front of everyone!

“Everyone from the Rong family, kneel down with me!” Shaun shouted.

Hundreds of people behind Shaun were stunned.

The person they had spent so much effort to try and destroy was finally in front of them, but they had to kneel down to him However, seeing that their master was kneeling, how could they dare to refuse

“Kneel before Deity Jordan!”

Everyone knelt on the ground and faced Jordan.

Lota, Jamie, Geng Xiqing and the others were dumbstruck.

“How can that be Jordan… how did he do it”

A second ago, Lota thought that Jordan would definitely die.

Now, everyone had submitted to him.

And Jordan didnt appear to have done anything.

When Jamie saw this, he laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha, Jordan is indeed invincible.

I wasnt wrong!”

Meanwhile, in the fort.

The Haus father-daughter duo went limp when they saw this scene!


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