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Dieters face was pale as he looked at the surveillance footage in disbelief.

“Why is this happening Why are all the members of the Rong family kneeling to Jordan Have they all submitted to him”

Dieter wasnt at the scene, so he could only see a blurry image.

He couldnt hear what had happened.

How was this possible He just couldnt understand.

Just seconds ago, Rong Bailun wanted to kill Jordan.

But in the next second, he led the entire Rong family to bow down to Jordan.

His beautiful daughter, Mia, also became very anxious, and she tugged at Dieters arm.

“Daddy, what should we do It looks like Jordan and Chairman Rong have joined forces.

Since we tricked Jordan into leaving, when he comes back, he will definitely not let us off!”

The father-daughter pair knew that since Jordan and Rong Bailun had stopped fighting each other, they would definitely target the Haus family next.


Dieter slapped himself.

“Im so muddle-headed! I actually did such a thing to a Deity!”

Almost immediately, Dieter knelt in front of Geng Anli and hugged her calf.

He begged for help.

“Madam Geng, please save me and Mia!”

Geng Anli couldnt resist kicking Dieter in the face.

She was furious.

“Save you two I dont even know how to save myself! This fort is mine.

You tricked Jordan to leave and refused to let him back in.

He might think that Im in cahoots with you.

He might even kill me when he comes back!”

Geng Anli regretted it.

She didnt really want to hurt Jordan, but she also did not try her best to protect him.

When Dieter said that he had to find a way to get Jordan to leave, Geng Anli didnt try her best to stop him.

Although she had feelings for Jordan, humans were selfish by nature.

She didnt want to stay trapped in the fort with him for decades or die here with him.

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Dieter said, “They will definitely return to the castle later.

Madam Geng, you must not open the door!”

Geng Anli couldnt help slapping Dieter again.

“You want me to repeat the same mistake! Later, I will take the initiative to open the fort door to welcome Deity Jordan and Chairman Rong.

I will also let them deal with me as they please!”

Mia panicked.

“No, Madam Geng, you didnt trick Deity Jordan, but I did.

When Deity Jordan returns, he will definitely kill me.”

As Mia spoke, she couldnt help crying.

Geng Anli looked at Mia in disdain.

“Youre so beautiful, but your heart is so vicious! You kept saying that Jordan doesnt deserve the ability of a Deity and that hes trash.

Mia, you should pay the price for your ignorance!”


Mia started crying.

Dieter patted Mias head.

“Darling, dont be afraid.

Youre beautiful, so Deity Jordan wont kill you.

Now, listen to me.

Go to your room and take off your clothes.”

Mia had always been narcissistic, but she had now lost confidence in her looks.

“Will it work Im afraid that Deity Jordan wont even look at me.

Daddy, lets leave this place quickly before he comes back.”

Dieter shook his head.

“Leave If its just Jordan or Chairman Rong, we still have a chance of escaping.

But now, Chairman Rong has completely submitted to Jordan.

The two of them are on the same side.

The world is big but theres no place left for us to hide!”

Geng Anli agreed.

“No matter where you escape to, Jordan will definitely find you.

And the more you run, the more he wont let you off!”

Dieter said, “Madam Geng is right.

Our only solution is to meet this problem head-on and beg him for mercy.”

Mia continued to cry.

“Jordan wont listen.

Hell kill me.

I dont want to die.

I want to escape…”

Dieter grabbed Mias slender arm.

“Mia! Daddy wont joke about your life! Although the Haus family hasnt developed any earth-shattering weapons, I dare say that no one is better than us at eavesdropping! Sometimes, information is more useful than weapons, money, status and technology.”

Geng Anli was shocked.

She had indeed underestimated Dieter.

Dieter was still the head of a secret family.

Although he behaved in a very low and petty manner, he still had unfathomable depths.

Geng Anli asked, “Dieter, do you have any useful information that can help Mia win Jordans forgiveness”

Dieter smiled.

“I cant guarantee that we can win his forgiveness, but Mia will definitely become his woman!”

Geng Anli believed that Dieter was just dreaming.

“Even before Mia offended Jordan, he already didnt like her.

Now, Mia used Lota as bait to lure Jordan out.

She nearly had him killed.

Do you honestly think Jordan still sleep with her Dieter, do you think Jordan is that kind of person”

Dieter just smiled mysteriously.

“I have a way.

I promise that Jordan will definitely have sex with Mia in the room, and he will call her his wife.

Mia, you even have a chance to attack him while he is in the throes of pleasure.

We can turn the tables!”

Mia was excited.

“Really Daddy, youre amazing!”

Dieter stroked Mias hair.

“Mia, dont worry.

I have let you practice various accents over the years.

Youll be fine.”

On the battlefield, Jordan looked at the hundreds of people kneeling down to him.

He was enjoying this moment very much.

This was also why he had been waiting for Shaun to swap minds with Rong Bailun before revealing himself.

With Jordans current strength, it would be difficult and dangerous for him to deal with Rong Bailun directly to learn the secrets of the Rong Bailun family.

However, Shaun was extremely sinister and had studied Rong Bailun for decades.

Jordan could indirectly control the Rong family by making use of Shaun!

Now, the Rong family, the most powerful in the world, was under Jordans sole control! Jordan could finally know what kind of heaven-defying secrets the Rong family had!

“Rong Bailun, get up.”

Jordan did not expose Shauns identity.

Instead, he addressed him as Rong Bailun.

He would put on a good show with Shaun and dig out all the valuable secrets of the Rong family.

“Thank you, Deity!”

Everyone started to stand up after stating their gratitude to Jordan.

At this moment, seeing that the entire Rong family had submitted to Jordan, Jamie walked over and punched Shaun on the nose.

“You arrogant b*stard!”


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