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Mia, that heartless woman, had tricked Lota into leaving the fort.

Outside the fort, Lota was almost poisoned to death by the tear gas.

Just this point alone made it impossible for Jordan to let her off.

He believed that Mia knew very well how Jordan felt about Lota.

Therefore, Jordan guessed that Mia might have committed suicide.

Otherwise, what awaited her would be the judgment of the Deity!

The scythe of the Deity had already been raised.

All those who sinned against the Deity would be punished!

Jordan asked Lota, “Lota, do you want to go into Mias room to take a look Perhaps shes already dead.

If shes not dead, you can kill her yourself to vent your anger.”

However, Lota felt very uncomfortable at the mention of Mia.

“Jordan, I dont want to see that woman again.”

Lota was filled with hatred for Mia, but she was a kind girl.

She was not the kind of person who would take revenge with violence.

She knew that Jordan would seek justice for her, so she didnt want to personally participate in this matter.

Whether Mia lived or died was up to Jordan.


Jordan also did not want Lota to perform violent acts.

An innocent and cute girl would no longer be happy after witnessing too much blood and death.

Therefore, Jordan entered Mias room alone.

After pushing the door open, Jordan looked up at the ceiling to see if Mia had hanged herself.

However, there was no rope hanging from it.

Mia was not dead.

Instead, she was wearing sexy red lingerie with black lace.

Her posture was charming and her eyes were seductive.

Jordan couldnt help chuckling.

“This stupid woman.”

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Mia was too stupid.

She actually thought that she could make up for her sins with her beauty.

To men with money and status, beautiful women were a dime a dozen.

It was not as if he had never seen a woman before.

It was too easy for him to get any beauty.

As for Mia, Jordan had even rejected her before.

Although Mia was very beautiful, after all that had happened, it was impossible for Jordan to be attracted to her!

All Jordan wanted to do was to kill her!

However, Mia jumped off the bed and walked toward Jordan barefooted.


Jordan was taken aback.

Why did Mia call him Hubby

And in an American accent

While Jordan was still in shock, Mia had already thrown herself into his arms.

Jordan felt that something was wrong.

Logically speaking, Mia should be kneeling and begging him.

Why wasnt she panicking at all She even pounced on him intimately and called him Hubby

Jordan pushed Mia away and said angrily, “You b*tch, you tricked me and Lota, and you still have the cheek to call me Hubby Today, Ill let you know the consequences of offending a Deity!”

Mia replied, “Hubby, dont do it.

Im Lauren!”

Jordan was about to move his right hand when he was shocked into a daze.


Only then did Jordan notice the ancient necklace on Mias neck.

Did Lauren once again control someone to meet him

This had happened more than once.

Previously, Lauren had controlled Park Anya and Hailey to meet him and even had sex with him using their bodies!

As this had happened before, Jordans gaze instantly softened.

He no longer had the intention to kill Mia.

Jordan was feeling rather emotional.

He held Mias hand and asked, “Lauren, is it really you”

Mia replied, “Of course its me.

Silly Hubby.

Mia is German but I am speaking to you with an American accent now.

Would that happen if I am not your wife, Lauren Do you want to verify my identity Im not afraid of you testing me.

Ill start by telling you some things first.

“The first time we met was on the battlefield in Syria.

You raped me, you bad man.

The second time, we were at Café Nostalgia in New York, right Also, I used this method to meet you previously.

I possessed Park Anya and Hailey before.

Have you forgotten”

Seeing that Mia knew so much about what had happened between Lauren and himself, Jordan no longer doubted her identity.

Jordan smiled.

“I remember, of course I remember.

But how did you know how to control people Also, why did you possess Mia”

Mia replied, “Shaun taught me how to control people remotely.

Im well protected by your subordinates in the US now, but Im very worried about you.

I heard that Mia is a bad woman.

I was afraid that she would harm you, so I possessed her to see if I could help you.”

Mias words were reasonable.

In addition, Lauren had done this before.

Jordan did not think too much about it, nor did he use his abilities as a Deity to predict anything.

Seeing that Jordan believed her, Mia suddenly kissed him.

“Hubby, I miss you so much…”

Jordan rejected her politely.

He felt a little awkward.

“Lauren, if you want to be intimate, wait for me to return.

I especially hate that b*tch, Mia.

She almost killed Lota.

Im not interested in her.”

Mia cursed Jordan in her heart, but she did not show it.

Instead, she continued.

“Hubby, please dont reject me, okay”

With that, Mia kissed Jordan again.

This time, Jordan did not refuse.

He had no choice.

Lauren was his wife, one of the two women he loved the most.

Jordan would definitely satisfy her requests.

Mia became even more smug.

Actually, Mia was not possessed by Lauren at all.

This was Dieters plan.

Dieter had been eavesdropping on the entire world.

Wherever there were green plants, he would eavesdrop on peoples conversations and collect information.

Ever since Jordan started getting more well-known, Dieter ordered his men to pay special attention to him.

Therefore, Dieter and his daughter knew about Jordan and Laurens relationship experience and what had happened in the past.

In order to understand the conversations carried out across the world, everyone in the Haus family knew more than 10 languages, in addition to their native German.

Among them, English, Chinese and French were listed as key languages to study.

Mia felt very smug as she made out with Jordan.

‘Hehe, Jordan, so what if youre a Deity Jordan So what if I deceived you and Lota Arent you listening to me obediently now

However, five minutes later.


Jordan stabbed Mia in the heart!


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