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Greyson and Butler Frank panicked when they saw Hailey splash water on Jordans face.


As subordinates, they were to blame for failing to protect their master


Butler Frank apologized, “Its all my fault.

Im too old and powerless.

Greyson cant get up either.”


Jordan took a piece of tissue paper and wiped his face with it.

“Im fine.

The water was lukewarm.

I already expected her to do that.”


The reason Jordan intentionally provoked Hailey was to make it clear she wouldnt be able to get together with him again!


After leaving The Times restaurant, Hailey called Rachel.


Rachel had just driven away a short while ago, but she returned to the restaurant again to pick Hailey up and send her to Dianas place.


When Hailey returned to Dianas villa, everyone asked her about how the date turned out.


Hailey was still hopping mad, and she told them what had just happened.


Feeling unjust for her daughter, Sylvie said, “Jordan has really gone too far.

How can he set Hailey up with a cripple”


Herman said with a derisive smile, “I think Mr.

Steeles arrangement is quite good.

Butler Frank has only one grandson, so he will be inheriting billions of dollars worth of assets.

Hailey, you might regret turning Mr.

Steele down like this.”


Drew guffawed and chimed in, “Yeah, youre twice divorced, and youre still so choosy.

I think Jordan made a reasonable arrangement.”


Elle also seized this opportunity to mock Hailey.

“Hailey, youd better give up on Jordan.

He shouldnt have been married to you in the first place.

I should be his wife!”


“Thats enough! Stop it!”


Diana frowned.


In the past, the distribution of the familys assets and their roles in the business used to be a point of contention between Benedict and Herman.


Now, their daughters were arguing and vying over Jordan.


Diana looked at Elle and said, “Elle, you know I have always doted on you.

Its not that I dont want to let you get into a relationship with Jordan, but as you can see, Jordan has been giving you the cold shoulder both times he met you recently.

He still sees you as a kid, and you definitely stand a smaller chance than Hailey.”


Hailey was glad that Diana was speaking up for her.


“But Grandma, since Jordan has tried to set me up with another man, does that mean he doesnt love me anymore” Hailey asked aggrievedly.


Diana humphed coldly.

“Hes been in love with you for three years.

How can he stop loving you just like that Even if he doesnt love you anymore, he may lust over your body!”


“Being deprived of the chance to consummate a marriage of three years is a huge insult and regret for any man!”


“The last time you passed out while kneeling on the ground at his place, he secretly took liberties with you, and thats enough to show that hes still attracted to you!”


Sylvie could catch what Diana meant.

She asked, “Do you mean we should create a chance for Hailey and Jordan to do the deed Thats a tall order.

If it werent for Luckys injury, he wouldnt have been willing to come to our place the other day.

If Hailey goes to see him again, hell probably choose to turn her away.”


Diana nodded and said, “Jordan is indeed very ruthless, but its not like we dont stand a chance at all.”


“Hailey, you still remember your grandaunt, dont you”


Hailey nodded, “Of course I remember.

Grandaunt Lily is so nice to me and Jordan.

On the day that I went to the hotel with Tyler…”


At this point, Hailey paused for a moment as she felt extremely awkward.

Still, she soon continued, “In the morning of that day, Jordan heard that Grandaunt Lily was severely ill and wanted to drive me to her place to see her.”


Haileys grandaunt was Lily, the younger sister of Haileys grandfather.

She had moved to a nearby city, South Daytona, after getting married.


Diana said, “I just received a call from Lilys son.

He said that shes not going to make it past three days.”




Everyone was shocked and sad.


After all, they were relatives, and Lily had always been kind to them.


Sylvie said, “Oh, I know what Diana intends to do.

She wants to invite Jordan to go to the funeral with us after Aunt Lily passes! Aunt Lily has always been nice to Jordan.

He definitely wouldnt refuse!”


Diana glared at Sylvie and barked furiously, “You stupid woman! No wonder you guys couldnt make such a splendid son-in-law stay!”


“Whats the point of asking him to attend her funeral together with us!! Jordan has his own car and chauffeur.

He knows where Lily lives too.

Hell at most meet us once more during the funeral.

What help is that going to do for Haileys relationship with him!!”


Sylvie didnt dare to speak because she couldnt guess what Diana had in mind.


Diana said, “Hailey, Lily is the only one of all our relatives who doesnt despise Jordan and has always treated him well.”


“In the past, I always thought it was because she was nice and treated everyone equally.”


“However, in the past two days, I repeatedly recalled the things she had said to me during our previous meetings.”


“I concluded that the reason she was so nice to Jordan was that your grandfather had told her the truth about Jordans identity.

She had long known that Jordan is a multi-billionaire!”




All the Camdens were flabbergasted!


“Grandaunt Lily knew about it all along Why didnt she tell me”


Hailey was about to burst into tears.


Elle was also on the verge of crying.

She exclaimed agitatedly, “Grandaunt Lily was aware of the truth Why didnt she let Jordan marry me then Grandaunt Lily is so biased!”


Diana was making wild guesses because Lily was too sick to speak to them over the phone, so there was no way to confirm it.


However, everyone unanimously agreed with her conjecture!


Drew said, “Ive always been puzzled as to why Grandaunt Lily was always so nice to Jordan even though he was just a live-in husband of Haileys.

It turns out she was already aware of the truth a long time ago.

Wait, that doesnt seem right.

Didnt Jordan say that Grandpa wasnt allowed to inform the Camdens of the truth”


Diana smiled and said, “Your Grandaunt Lily had been married to her husband for decades and is no longer a Camden.

So, it wasnt considered a violation of the rules by letting her know.”


Hailey thought it made sense too.

She asked, “Grandma, what do you plan to do next”


Diana said, “Since Lily knows the truth, the last thing she would want to see before her death is Hailey and Jordan getting divorced.”


“Lily has been very nice to Jordan in the past three years, and Im sure he understands that.”


“So, we just have to tell Jordan to pretend that he and Hailey are still married in front of Lily.”


“After all, Lily is on her deathbed.

Jordan wont disagree.”


Hailey also felt that Jordan would not refuse.

Sometimes, she felt that Jordan was more attached to Lily as an elder than she was!


“But, after were done pretending to be married, hell still abandon me all the same,” Hailey said with some despondence.


Diana said, “All of us will be going to South Daytona together this time, and well be staying there for a while.

Since you two have to pretend to be married, you will definitely have to stay in the same room.

When the time comes, youll have to count on yourself to conquer Jordan!”


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