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Shaun was about to cry.

Lota wanted to whip his original body and blow him to pieces In the end, Shaun had raised Lota.

Although he had restricted her personal freedom, he did treat her well.

Moreover, he had taught her so many things.

He was as good as a mentor to her.

But Lota wanted to do such a cruel thing to his corpse.

When Jordan heard how angry Lota was at Shaun, he immediately knew that Shaun must have done something really bad to hurt her.

Jordan glared at Shaun.

“Shut up! Wait for me in my room.

Ill deal with you later!”

Not daring to refute, Shaun obediently agreed and went to Jordans room.

Jamie, Geng Anli and the others were dumbfounded when they saw this.

Jordan was too fierce.

He dared to reprimand Rong Bailun like this.

It was like an adult lecturing a child.

They did not know that the current Rong Bailun was actually Shaun, and his fate was all in Jordans hands.

Jordan helped Lota back to her room.

After carrying her to the bed, Jordan asked, “Lota, what unforgivable thing did Shaun do to you to make you so angry at him That you cant let him off even though hes already dead.

Tell me, Ill avenge you!”

There was no point in venting on Shauns corpse.

But since the real Shaun was by his side, Jordan could take revenge for Lota.

Lota cried.

“Shaun is a pervert.

He lied to me.”

“What did he lie to you about” Jordan asked.

However, Lota refused to say it.

She only looked at Jordan meaningfully and asked,

“Jordan, can we be together Previously, I felt that it was enough that I got to be your woman for those 24 hours in that room.

But now, I realized that I didnt really have you.

Jordan, I want to be with you, okay”

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Jordan stroked her hair and said, “Lota, when you fell for Mias trick, I fell in love with you too.

You almost died outside for me, and you had no regrets.

How could I bear to abandon you and leave you alone”

Lota smiled happily.

“Really Jordan, are you really willing to accept me”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, Im very willing.

But, as you know, I already have two wives.

I have to get their permission before I can marry you.”

Lota knew that even if Jordan accepted her, she could never compare to Lauren and Victoria.

However, Lota was not as domineering as the other women from the eight great families.

She was willing to be the third wife, the most neglected one, the one with the lowest status.

It didnt matter.

As long as she could become Jordans wife!

Lota said, “Ill go back to the US with you.

I believe Lauren and Victoria will definitely accept me!”

Jordan pinched Lotas cute little face.

He also felt that since Lota was so cute and innocent, Lauren and Victoria would probably agree.

Jordan said, “Lota, rest first.

Ill look for you later.”

However, Lota was reluctant to part with Jordan.

She wanted him to stay here with her.

After all, Jordan had already agreed to be with her.

They could sleep together!

Lota begged.

“Jordan, where are you going Is there anything more important than accompanying me”

Jordan smiled.

“I am going to help you whip a corpse.”

Lota was confused.

Jordan did not explain further but just returned to his room.

He kicked Shaun the moment he saw him.


Shaun knelt on the ground, not daring to resist at all.

Jordan was furious.

“Shaun, you b*stard.

What lies did you tell Lota in the past that made her so angry that she wanted to whip your corpse”

Shaun was afraid that Jordan would activate the “golden headband curse” again.

He had had enough of that splitting headache.

He hurriedly explained, “Im innocent, Deity Jordan.

Ive never lied to Lota.

Why would I lie to her What… are you talking about”

Shaun defended himself confidently.

He believed that he had treated Lota very well for the past 10 years.

Whatever he taught her was tainted by his own biased viewpoints, but he never told her lies.

But Shaun suddenly thought of something and felt rather abashed.

He seemed to recall that he did lie to her about something.

Jordan said, “I dont know either.

If I knew, I might kill you!”

Shaun swallowed nervously.

He crawled to Jordan and grabbed his leg.

“Deity Jordan, were the most compatible partners-in-crime.

Have you forgotten We killed the Park and Miyamoto family masters together.

Weve also destroyed Rong Bailuns overlord status together and successfully developed the mind-transplant procedure.

The future will be ours! Ill take over Rong Bailun and dominate the world.

Meanwhile, you will control everything from behind the scenes!

“We cant be separated!”

Jordan hated Shaun very much, especially because of the earlier intense battle when he had released biochemical weapons and killed many civilians.

However, he had to admit that the two of them were indeed fated.

Moreover, Jordan really could not do without Shaun now.

Jordan said, “Im not interested in being a world overlord, nor do I want to control the world.

The only thing I want to know now is the secret of the Rong family.

Even Geng Anli said that the secret of the Rong family must be heaven-defying.

I really want to know how heaven-defying it is!”

Shaun stood up.

“You are not the only one.

Im going crazy thinking about it! Once we know this heaven-defying secret, it will belong to us, haha.

By the way, Deity Jordan, according to my own investigation and speculation, when the Geng family detonated their paper, Rong Bailun immediately fled to his western China secret base.

This means that his biggest secret and core invention is there!

“Now, everything from that place has been transported to Fort Rong! In other words, as long as we go to Fort Rong, we will know what the Rong familys heaven-defying secret is! Deity Jordan, since you cant wait, lets go over now!”

It was true that Jordan was very eager to know and didnt want to waste a single second.

He couldnt wait to know the secret of the Rong family!

However, his cautious nature prevailed and he declined the suggestion.

“Dont be overly anxious.

The core researchers, subordinates and inventions of the Rong family are all there.

We know nothing about the things there.

Well be easily exposed if we just rush over now.

Moreover, if the Rong family invented some kind of terrifying weapon which we know nothing about, we might die there! Its too risky!”


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