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Hearing this, Jordan and Shaun were both excited!

This was exactly what they wanted to hear.

A secret lair where Rong Bailun did not allow anyone to enter, not even his immediate family.

It would be meaningless if anyone could enter the basement.

The more Rong Bailun restricted an area, the more it meant that there was something special there.

This was exactly what Jordan and Shaun were looking for!

Jordan and Shaun looked at each other in anticipation.

Shaun naturally did not immediately agree to let Jordan tour the place.

If he did, he would be behaving off-character.

‘You usually dont allow your immediate family to enter, but youre suddenly so generous as to let an outsider in today

As Rong Bailuns wife, how could she not suspect him

Shaun also came over and patted Jordans shoulder.

“Deity Jordan, my wife is right.

The basement is my private space.

Actually, theres nothing there.

Its just some of my personal belongings.

Theres nothing to see, haha.”

Jordan joked.

“Could it be that Chairman Rong is hiding a mistress in the basement”


Shaun and Ming La laughed.

Ming La smiled.

“If thats the case, Ill have to ask Deity Jordan to uphold justice for me.

By the way, dinner is ready.


Jordan, please take a seat.”

In the distance, Lota, who had already taken a seat at the dining table, waved at Jordan.

“Jordan, come and sit down.


Rong has prepared a lot of delicious food!”

Lota was already eating heartily.

This girl really didnt hold back when it came to food.

Compared to the first time Jordan saw her, she was much more voluptuous now.

However, while she liked to eat, she was also very careful about her figure.

Her waist remained relatively slender.

The few of them had a pleasant dinner and drank some wine.

Thereafter, they went to their respective rooms for the night.

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Lota wanted to stay in the same room as Jordan, but he rejected her.

Although he had agreed to accept Lota, Lauren and Victoria had yet to agree to it.

Jordan wouldnt be able to be with Lota if the two of them didnt give their approval.

In addition, Jordan and Shaun had something important to do tonight.

It was not suitable for Jordan to stay in the same room as Lota.

At midnight, Jordan kept staring at the time anxiously.

‘Why hasnt Shaun come to find me yet

Jordan and Shaun did not make a fixed appointment, but with their tacit understanding and Shauns intelligence, he could definitely guess Jordans thoughts.

Ming La had already revealed that there was something secretive in the basement.

Shaun would definitely think of bringing Jordan to investigate the basement after everyone fell asleep.

Knock knock!

Suddenly, there were two very soft knocks on Jordans door.

Before Jordan could answer, Shaun pushed the door open and entered.

Shaun walked in.

“Deity Jordan, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Jordan stood up and asked, “What took you so long You drank a lot just now.

You could have told Ming La that you are too drunk and want to sleep in separate rooms.

This way, you can avoid having too much close contact with her.

Shes the person who knows Rong Bailun the best and can easily expose your identity.”

Shaun smiled.

“Hehe, I could tell at a glance that Ming La is a very innocent woman.

Its very easy to deceive her.

I slept with her just now and tried to get some information from her.

But she doesnt seem to know anything about whats at Fort Rong.”

Jordan was very angry.

“Youre really a beast.

Didnt you complain earlier that she wasnt good-looking But you turned around and slept with her Also, weve already analyzed their bedroom upstairs.

There are no personal belongings of Rong Bailun in the bedroom.

This means that his wife doesnt know about any of his secrets.

“His wife is a very kind person and wouldnt agree with Rong Bailun doing too many risky and dangerous things.

Therefore, Rong Bailun must have kept his core secrets from his wife and two children.”

Shaun said, “I know that too.

However, although Ming La isnt too beautiful, shes still the wife of the number one person in the world.

With her status, she is still very noble.

I have to conquer such a noble woman.”

Jordan looked at Shaun in disdain.

Shaun came from a humble background, and his greatest sense of accomplishment was conquering those noble women.

Jordan said coldly, “Lets go to the basement.”

The two of them left the room and walked toward the basement.

Reaching the basement door, it required “Rong Bailun” for facial recognition and fingerprint verification to enter.

After entering, they turned on the lights in the basement and were surprised.

The basement here didnt seem to be a place for wine or storage.

Of course, there was wine as well, but it felt more like a place for living.

Shaun walked forward and stroked an antique motorcycle.

“Hey, look.

A 1950s BMW motorcycle, an R50.

This is so cool.

Its great to be rich.

In the remote town where I grew up, there wasnt even a bicycle around.”

Jordan was slightly surprised.

Rong Bailun was about 40 years old.

Why would he collect a motorcycle from the 1950s

Did this fellow like to collect antiques

Jordan and Shaun also found some other things from the 50s and 60s.

Shaun said, “I didnt expect Rong Bailun to be so nostalgic.

I have spied on him for so long but never noticed this.

What a miscalculation.”

Jordan walked to a desk.

There was a pile of books on the desk but Jordan was in no hurry to open them.

He had spotted something even more interesting.

There was a photo frame on the table.

The person in the photo was not Rong Bailun, but a white-haired old man.

Jordan held the rectangular photo frame in his hand and was a little puzzled.

“This old man is…”

Shaun walked over.

“This is Rong Bailuns late father.

His name is Rong Huangde.

It looks like Rong Bailun loves his father very much.

His father has been dead for so long, but he still keeps his photo here.

Look, everything here is spotless.

He must come over often to clean up.”

However, Jordan felt that something was amiss.

He asked, “How long has Rong Bailuns father been dead”

Shaun thought for a moment and said, “I believe Rong Huangde has been dead for almost 10 years So he probably died when he was about 70 years old.

Sigh, people from your eight great families wont live past 80 years old.”

Jordan thought for a moment.

“I remember hearing from Grandpa that Rong Huangde is the same age as him, or even older.

In other words, Rong Huangde would be over 80 now if he was still alive, right”

Shaun nodded.

“Yes, he would be 81 years old.

Whats wrong”

Jordan placed the photo frame back on the table and said, “In that case, I suspect that he might have faked his death 10 years ago!”


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