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Just as Jordan was about to walk through the door, an alarm suddenly sounded.

The ear-piercing alarm made Jordan and Shaun extremely nervous.

After all, Shaun was not the real Rong Bailun so he was constantly afraid that others would see through him.

The Rong familys most elite troops were all gathered here.

If exposed, even with Shauns demonic techniques and Jordans predictive abilities, they would definitely die if they were attacked by the Rong familys sophisticated weaponry!

Jordan was also nervous.

His heart was in his throat.

He had a vague feeling that there was a major danger hidden here.

The sixth sense of a Deity could not be ignored.

Before he came, he had tried to make a prediction, but he could not see anything! The unknown increased Jordans fear of what would happen next!

More people ran out with weapons in their hands when they heard the alarm.

One of them even carried a rocket launcher!

When he saw the new rocket launcher that was at least 20 years ahead of its time, Shauns legs went limp.

No matter how many cats Shaun had, it was useless!

With the press of a button, Shaun would instantly turn into dust.

Jordan had been injected with Mirakuru serum and his physical body was stronger.

Even so, he would be half-dead or crippled!

At this moment, a woman with black hair tied into a ponytail walked up to Shaun and called out respectfully.

“Master Rong, so youre here.

I thought there was an enemy ambush.”

The woman reached out and gestured for the armed men to put their weapons down.

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Shaun heaved a sigh of relief.

His subordinates had provided him with information on some of the high-ranking personnel around Rong Bailun.

As a result, Shaun knew who this woman was.

She was Lee Su-ji, who was one rank lower than Ban Luming and was in charge of the safety of the Rong familys various bases.

Lee Su-ji was from Korea.

She came to China to study when she was in high school.

Rong Bailun took a liking to her and kept her by his side.

Shaun looked at Lee Su-ji.

“Yes, I brought Deity Jordan here to take a look.”

Lee Su-ji looked at Jordan and bowed respectfully.

“Greetings, new Deity.”

Jordan nodded back and sized her up.

One could hear her Korean accent from her speech.

For some reason, when Jordan was reminded of “Madam” Park Anya.

‘If Madam isnt dead, she might be the one accompanying me here to explore the secrets of the Rong family.

Jordan couldnt help feeling emotional.

Park Anya was the woman Jordan had liked before.

She was also the woman who was most compatible with him in terms of career.

Ultimately, Lauren and Victorias backgrounds were too ordinary.

They couldnt interfere with the matters of the secret families.

Although Lota came from a secret family, she had been raised in an enclosed environment by Shaun for the past 18 years.

She was an innocent and cute little girl.

Park Anya was different.

She was ambitious and very capable.

She would definitely be of great help to Jordan in his career.

The two of them could charge into a tigers den together.

She was not the kind of woman who would stay at home obediently.

However, Jordan had killed her with his own hands.

If he could go back in time, Jordan might not have done it…

Lee Su-ji suddenly said, “Master Rong, this fort doesnt have a record of Deity Jordans face, so the alarm was triggered.

Why dont I put him on the approved list first before you bring him in”

Only then did Shaun realize why the alarm had suddenly sounded.

Shaun slapped his forehead.

“Oh, its all my fault for being so excited that I forgot about this.

Su-ji, quickly add Deity Jordan into the approved list.”

Jordan rolled his eyes at Shaun.

‘You still have the cheek to say that You spied on Rong Bailun for 20 years, but you dont even know this!

Lee Su-ji quickly registered Jordans facial profile and the two of them entered.

Just as they entered the fort and arrived on the first floor, Jordan and Shaun were shocked by a huge object.

There was a huge white object spinning in front of them.

There were multiple clocks on the walls, but they did not display the various time zones across the world.

Instead, they displayed different years.

Such as 1920, 1940, 1970, and so on.

Jordan glanced at Shaun before looking at the huge object.

He wanted to ask: “Is that thing the core secret of the Rong family

But Shaun gave a subtle shake of his head.

When Rong Bailun transferred the core invention from the western China secret base to this place, Shaun had seen the process very clearly.

They used a truck and then a plane to transport it.

The huge object could not possibly fit into a truck or plane at all.

It was too big.

The items that were transported would at most be the size of a small car.

Having arrived at the core base of the Rong family, the two of them grew increasingly nervous.

They didnt know anything.

They had no idea what anything here was for!

At that moment, a man suddenly walked toward Jordan and got down on one knee.

“Greetings, Deity Jordan!”

Jordan found this voice very familiar.

Looking down, Jordan was shocked.

“Director Nolan”

This was Jordans favorite director.

He was also a frequent guest at the Steele family residence.

He was the Hollywood director who had filmed the movie “Inception”!

Nolan was clearly joking around with Jordan.

He stood up and shook Jordans hand with a smile.

“Haha, Jordan, I didnt expect you to become a Deity! I believe your grandfather will be very happy to know this.

Even when you were just a young boy, I could already tell that you were different.


Jordan was very surprised.

“Director Nolan, why are you here”

To Jordan, Nolan was just a normal director.

He did interact with the Steeles, who was a secret family.

But that was also because his movies were good and Jordan was a great fan of his work.

However, this was the core secret base of the Rong family.

How could a normal movie director like him appear here!

Unless he was also a member of the Rong family!

Nolan smiled.

“Haha, looks like Master Rong didnt tell you that Ive been working for the Rong family.”

Shaun was momentarily taken aback.

He had never seen the movie “Inception” and he didnt know who this man was.

But now, he had to pretend.

“Haha, thats right.

Director Nolan is one of my men.

Deity Jordan, you didnt expect this, right”

Nolan asked Jordan, “Yes, you must have seen my new movie,Creed, right”

This was at least the fifth time Nolan had asked Jordan to watch this movie.

“Dont tell me…”


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