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It was another white door.

They were still not able to see what was inside.

However, on this extremely luxurious door made of an unknown material were two words.

Time Travel!

Shaun was excited.

“I remember now.

Rong Bailuns western China secret base was also called the TT Experimental Base! TT is an abbreviation for time travel! Is there a time-travel machine behind this door Oh my god, its not an alien or a fatal weapon.

Its time travel!”

Jordan kept nodding.

He believed it without a doubt because time travel was in line with the style of Nolan movies.

Shaun saw a device beside the door for fingerprint verification.

“Are we going to open the door Will we be sucked in”

Shaun was always very cautious about the unknown.

Jordan took some time to calm down his excitement.

“Lets watch the movie first.”

They turned on Shauns video-streaming program and paid for the movie.

The two of them watched Director Nolans “Creed” in this secret room.

It was a very difficult movie to understand.

Many people were confused after watching it.

But Jordan and Shaun did not care much for the plot of this movie.

They only paid attention to one thing, which was the revolving door that could allow one to return to the past.

In the movie, this revolving door was invented by people in the future.

The protagonist and the antagonist passed through this revolving door many times to return to the past and promote the development of the plot.

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After watching the movie, Shaun asked fearfully, “Could this door in front of us be the Time Gate mentioned in the movie It… really exists”

Jordan sighed.

If it was true, the Rong family secret could really be considered heaven-defying.

One could actually travel back in time!

All Jordan could do was predict the future, he could not change it.

But if a person could travel back in time, many things could be rewritten!

Jordan said to Shaun, “Open it and take a look.”

Shaun walked over nervously.

After hesitating for a while, he reached out and verified his fingerprints.

Beep beep beep…

After his fingerprints were verified, the thick door was immediately opened.

A huge revolving door came into view!

The revolving door was different from the one in the movie.

However, it was obvious that this was a space-time revolving door!

One could return to the past if he walked through this door!

Of course, someone could also come from this door.

Shaun kept swallowing.

He took a few steps back.

“Deity Jordan, what should we do now Do you want to try and see if you can travel to the past”

Jordan glared at Shaun.

Shaun hurriedly said, “I will never go in.

I dont want to return to the past.

My most glorious moment is now.”

Jordan smiled.

“Dont you want to go back to a month ago before you underwent the mind-transplant procedure You can take out what I added into the stabilizer.

This way, you wont be under my control.”

Shaun paused for a moment as if he did have such thoughts.

“No, I dont believe in this.

The future has already happened and going back to the past wont change things.

Even if something changes, it will be a parallel world, right Meanwhile, Ill still be in the same world.”

Jordan shook his head.

“It looks like you havent understood Nolans movie.

Theres no such thing as a parallel world.

Even if you travel back in time and change something, itll still be the same world.”

Shaun raised the classic paradox: if you traveled back in time and killed your grandfather, how would you be born

Jordan and Shaun were not scientists.

They did not need to figure this out.

They only needed to confirm if this thing in front of them was a space-time revolving door.

“I dont believe that the Rong family can develop such a heaven-defying thing.

They might be lying to us,” said Jordan.

Shaun looked around cautiously.

“If this was a trap, a group of people would have already appeared and surrounded us.

In this sealed room, we will definitely die if the two of us are attacked.”

Jordan was also very puzzled.

What was going on!

He closed his eyes and predicted what would happen next.

In Jordans vision, he and Shaun were still in this room.

Suddenly someone rushed out from the revolving door!

Jordan immediately opened his eyes and said, “Someone is going to come out from that door!”

Shaun immediately got into a fighting stance.

“Who is it How many Are they armed”

Jordan said, “He was alone.

I couldnt see his face clearly.

He was all wrapped up.”

Before they could get ready, a man wearing a helmet and a thick protective suit suddenly walked out of the revolving door.

Jordan and Shaun were so frightened that they took a few steps back.

From their angle, all they could only see was darkness inside the door.

There was nothing.

However, someone emerged from it.

Shaun immediately took out a gun and aimed it at the stranger.

“Who is it! Dont move! Hands on your head!”

However, this stranger was not frightened and did not do as Shaun instructed.

Instead, he took off his helmet and the oxygen mask over his mouth.

The person responded in a relaxed tone.

“Hey, what are you doing, my stupid son Why are you pointing a gun at me Today isnt April Fools Day.

This isnt funny, child.”

Jordan and Shaun were shocked to realize that the old man in front of them was actually Rong Bailuns father, Rong Huangde!

“Rong Huangde!”

Jordan and Shaun were dumbfounded.

Rong Huangde was still alive!

“Thats impossible!”

Jordan was shocked.

Even if Rong Huangde had faked his death 10 years ago, he must be over 80 years old by now.

According to the curse of the eight great families, no one could live past 80 years old.

How did he survive Had he lied about his age and was not even 80 yet

Rong Bailun wasnt that old.

That was a possibility.

When he saw that it was his “father”, Shaun immediately put his gun down and looked very guilty.

“Dad… haha, I was just joking with you.

I didnt expect to scare you.

Haha,” Shaun hurriedly explained.

Jordan kept cursing Shaun in his heart:Shaun, that idiot.

He should shut up.

The more he says, the more Rong Huangde might notice that something is wrong!

Rong Huangde had raised Rong Bailun.

How could he not know what his son was like!

However, Rong Huangde didnt seem to suspect Shaun.

He smiled and said, “Haha, son, youre still so naughty.”

Rong Huangde glanced at Jordan.

The moment their eyes met, Jordan felt like he was staring into deep eyes which contained an endless abyss.

Rong Huangde pointed at Jordan.

“You brought a friend”

Shaun hurriedly said, “Yes, Father.

Let me introduce you.

This is…”

“Be careful!!” Jordan suddenly shouted.


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