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Shaun had just turned around and was about to introduce Jordan to Rong Huangde when Jordan noticed that Rong Huangde had thrown something that looked like a chip at Shauns back.

Jordan already sensed that Rong Huangde was unfathomable and extremely dangerous.

He immediately became vigilant.

Pulling Shaun over, he kicked the chip away before it could land on him.


The chip exploded with a loud bang!

The walls of this room were clearly bulletproof, so there was no damage.

However, from the loud bang, it could be heard that this small chip was a powerful explosive.

An ordinary person like Shaun would definitely be blasted into pieces!

Shaun was shocked.

Fortunately, Jordan was here and saved his life.

Otherwise, he would have died.

“Damn it, he saw through me!”

Shaun realized that Rong Huangde had seen through his ruse.

He could only blame himself for being too vigilant just now.

Shaun immediately pointed a gun at Rong Huangde the moment he appeared and said those strange words.

Rong Huangde naturally suspected Shauns identity.

Jordan did not dare to underestimate this old man.

Although he was already 81 years old, he had been the number one person in the world for decades.

Even Rong Bailun had probably been following his orders all these years.

Jordan said to Shaun, “Deal with it quickly!”

This was the Rong familys secret base.

The people here were all under the Rong family.

The moment Rong Huangde contacted the people outside, his subordinates would definitely attack Jordan and Shaun.

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No matter how capable they were, they would not be able to escape.

Jordan charged toward Rong Huangde like lightning, preparing to subdue this old man as soon as possible.

Rong Huangde was shocked when he saw Jordan move.

“Genetic modification What incredible speed!”

Although Rong Huangde was old, his movements were also very agile.

He quickly took a step back.

He then took out a chip and threw it at Jordan.


All Jordan had thought about was attacking and subduing Rong Huangde as soon as possible.

He did not bother about defense.

As a result, he was sent flying into the air by the chip.


Jordan fell to the ground and spat out blood.

Rong Huangde was shocked.

“What an astonishing body! You were only slightly injured after being blown up by my chip bomb.”

Shaun also made his move.

He took out his trump card intending to kill Rong Huangde!


A black cat suddenly jumped into the air and flew towards Rong Huangde.

Rong Huangdes expression changed as his shock deepened.

“Demonic technique! Youre indeed not my son!”

Shaun chuckled.

“So what if you know now Youll soon die at my hands!”

Shaun had killed countless people with this move.

He was very confident of killing an 80-year-old man.

However, he had underestimated the number one person in the world.

Rong Huangde calmly took out a rectangular mirror from his pocket.

The mirror looked ordinary, but it had definitely been processed with special materials.

It also contained the most advanced technology.

Placing the mirror over his eye, Rong Huangde directed it at the black cat.

The black cat met its own eyes in the mirror.

The mirror immediately shot a pink ray of light at the black cat.

The black cat died instantly and fell to the ground!

“What Thats impossible!”

Shaun and Jordan were both stunned!

Someone managed to hack Shauns mysterious spell!

Even Jordan did not know how to deal with this move.

At most, whenever a cat flew over, he would just close his eyes and not look at it.

This was because once a person looked into the cats eyes, he would have a strange connection with it.

By then, Shaun could kill the connected person by killing the cat.

However, Rong Huangde seemed to have known about this technique long ago.

He even developed a magic mirror that could deal with such methods!

Rong Huangde took the mirror off his eye and looked at Shaun.

“Youre from the Handley family and youre Shaun Handley What did you do to my son!”

Shaun was shocked.

“How… how did you guess my identity Also, how did you know how to deal with my familys spells”

Rong Huangde said, “Youre indeed Shaun Handley.

You must have killed my son.

Since youve barged in here today, Ill send you to hell to avenge my son!”

With that, Rong Huangde suddenly shouted, “Dr.


The systems voice sounded in the room.

“Yes, Master What can I do for you”

Rong Huangde ordered.

“Kill the two people in front of me immediately!”


T: “Got it!”

“Sh*t! We have to get out!”

Jordan realized that the situation was bad and immediately prepared to escape with Shaun.

However, the door had already been closed.

The two of them were electrocuted and became immobile.

“Damn it…”

Jordan wanted to predict if there was a solution.

But under the intense electric shock, he couldnt think of anything.

Shauns body was even weaker and he couldnt withstand the intense electricity.

Seeing that he would not be able to hold on for much longer, Shaun hurriedly said, “Dad, Dad, Im your son.

Dont kill me… And thats the new… Deity.

We cant kill him.”

Hearing the words “the new Deity”.

Rong Huangde hesitated before commanding.


T, cancel kill mode!”

The electric shock was instantly dispelled.

Shaun and Jordan fell to the ground.

The two of them had lost all their strength from the electric shock.

Smoke was coming out of Shauns head.

Jordan had been injected with the Mirakuru serum but even he could not withstand this intense electric shock.

Rong Huangde walked toward Jordan and asked, “Youre… the new Deity Is that true”

Jordan sat motionless for a while before he had the strength to speak.

“Its true.

Im the Deity.


Rong, it was Shaun who killed your son and switched minds with him.

I had nothing to do with it.

My grandfather has always been on good terms with you, and Ive never hurt anyone from your family.”

Rong Huangde asked curiously, “Who is your grandfather”

Jordan answered, “Charleston Steele.”

Realization dawned upon Rong Huangde.

“So youre from the third generation of the Steele family.

Yes, I believe youre a Deity.

Otherwise, your body wouldnt be so strong, and Shaun wouldnt join forces with you.

I really didnt expect the new Deity to be a descendant of the Steele family.

Your grandfather must have passed away by now, right If he knew, he would feel very happy.”

Rong Huangde was friendly toward Jordan after learning that he was the Deity.

He even took out a pill from his pocket and handed it to Jordan.

“Take this.

You will feel much better after eating it.

Otherwise, the electric shock just now will cause irreparable damage to your body.”

“Thank you.”

Jordan accepted the pill.

Shaun, who had been hurt more severely by the electric shock, also stretched out his arm.

“Dad, I also want…”


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