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In order to create an opportunity for Hailey and Jordan to reconcile their marriage, Diana took advantage of the fact that Lily was dying.


The only uncertainty was whether Jordan would agree or not.


After all, Jordan had already divorced Hailey and was no longer part of the family.


He no longer had anything to do with the Camdens, let alone a distant relative like Grandaunt Lily.


In this regard, Herman and his children didnt carry much hope.


Hailey said, “Mom, I know you have good intentions.

But Hailey, dont rejoice too soon.

Jordan is so ruthless, he had the heart to leave you out in the rain for two hours without feeling anything, and he even tried to set you up with a disabled man.

Hah, I doubt hed put up an act and pretend that you two are still married, just for your sake.”


Hailey bit her lip, thinking to herself that Jordan might indeed be as heartless as before.


However, she mustered up the courage to call Jordan and said with an eager and sad expression.


Jordan was still having a meal with Butler Frank and Greyson at The Times when Hailey suddenly called.


Seeing that Hailey was calling, Jordan wondered,Did she go home to think about it and regret her decision after realizing that Greyson is a good catch


In fact, Jordan still somewhat admired Hailey when she opposed Jordans decision to matchmake her with Greyson and even splashed water onto his face in exasperation.


That proved that she still had some pride and self-respect and that money wasnt the only thing she was after.


Hailey was quite an outstanding woman herself, and Jordan would hate to see Hailey degrading herself for the sake of money.


“Hello,” Jordan answered the phone.




Hailey said sobbingly, sounding exceedingly sorrowful.


Jordana said, “Stop crying.

I didnt take what happened just now to heart.”


Hailey said, “Im sorry for splashing water onto your face just now.”


“However, Im not calling you because of this matter.

Grandaunt Lily is about to pass away soon.”


“What Your aunt…”


Jordan immediately panicked.


Hailey said, “Just now, Grandaunt Lilys son called us to say that she doesnt have much longer to live.

She might pass tonight or tomorrow.”


In the midst of his meal, Jordan put down his fork and knife and placed a hand on his forehead while letting out a long sigh.


Haileys grandfather had died before Jordan finished his three-year trial.


Everyone was disdainful of Jordan.


Grandaunt Lily had never looked down on Jordan and treated him as well as she treated Drew.


Lily was one of the most kind-hearted old ladies Jordan had ever met.


Most importantly, she was also Jordans life-saving benefactor!


Just over half a year ago, Jordan hadnt started working as a deliveryman yet and would be in charge of doing household chores for the Camdens every day.


One day, one of Jordans former war comrades came to Orlando to look for him.

Jordan then had a meal with him.


That night, Jordan felt very uncomfortable.


They went to the hospital for a body checkup.

It was discovered that he had developed a rare illness that the doctor had never seen before.

In the end, he had to undergo surgery which cost tens of thousands of dollars.


At that time, the Camdens had all gone on a trip to Switzerland.

Jordan tried to call Hailey, but he couldnt reach her, so he tried to call Sylvie and Benedict to borrow money.


When they heard that he needed tens of thousands of dollars, they turned him down immediately.

They even accused Jordan of pretending to be sick.


At that time, Jordan couldnt bear the pain any longer and desperately needed money for the surgery.


However, the Camdens refused to give him any money, and he couldnt call the Steeles either because that would mean that he had failed the test.


He was already two-and-a-half years into his test, and he didnt want all his efforts to go down the drain.


Six family members were of the same generation as Jordan, and the competition was very stiff, so he didnt want to fail either.


Hence, Jordan decided to try his luck and called Grandaunt Lily.


He remembered Lily to be a caring and kind person who often looked after him.


When he just got married to Hailey as a live-in husband, he had just returned from the battlefield.

At that time, he would get nightmares every night and feel ill at ease throughout the day.


Seeing how unwell Jordan seemed to be, Lily asked him about his condition and gave him a home remedy that immensely helped his situation.


Jordan felt much better afterward.


Thus, Jordan called Lily, who then transferred $50,000 to his bank account without any hesitation.


She also told Jordan that he didnt have to inform the Camdens about it nor return the money to her.


Jordan thus managed to pay for the surgery that saved his life.


After that incident, Jordan decided to become a takeout deliveryman to be financially independent of the Camdens!


On the morning of the day that Hailey and Tyler got a room at the hotel, Jordan was told that Lily had fallen seriously ill.

He then suggested to Hailey that they travel to South Daytona in the afternoon to visit Lily together.


However, Hailey turned him down with the excuse that she is meeting a client in the afternoon.


Later on, he found out that the client Hailey was meeting was Tyler, with whom she checked into a hotel.


“Its been more than a month.

If Grandaunt Lily had fallen seriously ill more than a month ago, she should really be on her deathbed now.”


Jordan didnt feel that Hailey was lying, and she couldnt possibly lie about her grandaunts life anyway.


Hailey continued, “Jordan, I know we havent been nice to you, but Grandaunt Lily is the kindest person in the world.

She has never mocked you before, and she always cooked for you and gave you presents.

Can you come with us to South Daytona and see her for the last time on the account that we had been married for three years”




Disappointed to hear Jordans answer, Hailey said, “Okay, just take it that I never asked.”


To her surprise, Jordan continued, “I wont go for your sake, but I will go on the account that she has always been kind to me.”


Hailey asked with joy and surprise, “Are you really willing to go”


Jordan said, “I still owe her $50,000, and she saved my life when you and your entire family were enjoying your vacation in Switzerland.”


Only then did Hailey remember that incident and realize why Jordan decided to be a takeout deliveryman.


She couldnt help but blame her mother again.

If her mother had lent Jordan money at that time, he wouldnt have become a takeout deliveryman.


Jordan wouldnt have run into her and Tyler in the hotel room, and, thus, wouldnt have known about their affair.


She would now still be the wife of the president of Ace Corporation!


‘Mom has ruined my future for the sake of saving a mere $50,000!


Despite resenting her mother, she didnt dare to say it out loud.


Hailey continued, “Jordan, you know that Grandaunt Lily has always supported our marriage.

If she finds out that weve gotten a divorce, she definitely wont be able to die in peace! She might even pass as soon as we tell her about it!”


Jordan asked, “What are you trying to say”


Hailey said, “I mean, can we pretend to still be married and act the same way we used to in front of Grandaunt Lily”


Jordan laughed and said, “The same as we used to Never hold hands regardless of the occasion Berate me for an entire day if I touch your thigh Sleep in separate rooms Sure! I can totally do that!”


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