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Shaun had switched minds with Rong Bailun and even killed him.

How could he still dare to stay by Rong Huangdes side

Even if Rong Huangde did kill Shaun, he would torture him to the end of time!

Not only that, Shauns demonic techniques were completely useless against Rong Huangde.

Although Shaun was younger than Rong Huangde, the old man was covered in high-tech weapons.

He could blast Shaun to pieces with a single chip bomb.

Moreover, the AI system Dr.

T, and the subordinates outside would probably only listen to Rong Huangdes commands.

Although Shaun had transformed into Rong Bailun, he had no chance of winning against his father.

As a result, Shaun pleaded with Jordan for help.

“Deity Jordan, dont leave.

Save me.

We came together.

We have to leave together! Jordan, you cant be so heartless! You were the one who insisted on coming over in the middle of the night.

If it was up to me, I would come at another time and be fine! Jordan, you b*stard, dont leave me here!”

Shaun kept pleading with Jordan for help.

He even chided him.

Jordan ignored him and walked out.

Rong Huangde smiled as he looked at Jordans back view.

“Jordan, you will definitely come looking for me again.”

After leaving the fort, Jordan took a plane back to Chaoyang Park.

Jordan had just suffered the effects of the explosive chip and electric shock.

His entire body was extremely weak and he kept vomiting blood.

However, compared to the damage to his body, the mental shock he suffered was even greater.

Jordan sat on the soft seat of the plane and looked out the window at the starry night sky.

He sighed.

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“The Rong family is indeed the head of the eight great families.

I thought that after dealing with Rong Bailun, I would be able to control the Rong family.

I didnt expect the real master to be Rong Huangde.

To think that the technology level of the Rong family has already reached an unfathomable level.

They can actually create a space-time revolving door that can travel to the past!

“If I am only 20 years old and had no wife or children, perhaps I wouldnt be able to resist giving it a try.

But now, I have three women I love, as well as a daughter and son.

I cant take this risk.

I want to stay in this world and live a happy life.”

Jordan had already decided that after returning to Chaoyang Park, he would bring Lota back to the US and live a happy life with Lauren and Victoria.

“Rong Huangde, you can continue being the number one person in the world.

I just want to live a simple and happy life!”

Soon, the plane arrived at Chaoyang Park.

Before Lota and the others woke up, Jordan and the researchers developed a drug that could treat electric shocks.

Jordan felt much better after taking the drug.

When it was time for breakfast, everyone gathered again.

Ming La asked Jordan, “Mr.

Jordan, why isnt my husband here Did he go out with you”

Jordan replied, “Mr.

Rong went to Fort Rong.

You can call him.”

Now that Shaun was in Rong Huangdes hands, he wondered if the old man would let him live.

If Rong Huangde killed Shaun, then Ming La and her children would lose a husband and father.

If it were Jordan, he would have kept Shaun alive.

At the very least, Ming La and her children would not suffer the loss of a husband and father.

Ming La smiled.

“No need.

He always does this.”

Jordan said, “Mrs.

Rong, weve already taken up so much of your time and hospitality.

We should leave.”

Lota said coquettishly, “Jordan, lets not leave so early.

Lets enjoy ourselves in Beijing for two days.

Besides, the food at Mrs.

Rongs place is quite delicious.

It suits my taste.”

Jordan smiled.

“Why You dont want to return to the US with me and be my wife”

Lotas mouth opened in surprise, then she jumped up in excitement.

“Ahhh, really Youre bringing me back to the US”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, I want to bring you to the US so that you can meet Lauren and Victoria.”

A sense of happiness surged in Lotas heart.

“Yes, yes.

I have to prepare two big gifts.

I must make Lauren and Victoria accept me!”

Geng Anli smiled and congratulated the couple.


You must invite me to your wedding.

I must be there to congratulate you.”

Ming La also said, “Congratulations, Mr.

Jordan, Ms.


You two are really a match made in heaven.

This is a joyous occasion for the eight great families.

Bailun and I will also attend your wedding with our children, to offer you our blessings.”

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Rong Bingshao came down the stairs and glared at Jordan.

“I wont go! This person killed Uncle Ban.

He doesnt deserve happiness!”

“Shut up!”

Ming La hurriedly reprimanded him before turning to Jordan.

“Deity Jordan, my son had a good relationship with Ban Luming and is overly upset at his death.

Please dont hold it against him.”

Jordan stared into Rong Bingshaos eyes.

As a child from the worlds top family, Rong Bingshao had a lot of pride.

However, his mother usually disciplined him well.

In addition, he was still young and did not cause too much trouble like the second-generation heirs of other families.

Rong Bingshaos eyes were filled with hatred as he glared at Jordan.

Jordan knew that this little fellow must hate him very much.

However, Jordan could not discipline him.

His grandfather was too powerful!

“Hes just a child.

I wont hold it against him,” said Jordan with a smile.

Jordan and the others did not linger on.

They boarded their plane and left.

From there, Jordan and Lota took the same plane to the US capital.

Lauren and Victoria were staying in a villa in the capital.

He had called them in advance and told them that he was coming back.

Jordans plane landed at the villa in the afternoon.

Lauren, Victoria, Dragon, Salvatore and even Hailey were waiting at the door to welcome them.


Victoria was the first to run over and hug Jordan.

Victorias eyes were red from crying.

“Hubby, I saw the news and the photos sent over from China.

They said that you guys fought very hard.

I was so afraid that something would happen to you.”

Jordan wiped Victorias tears and said gently, “Silly wife, Im a Deity.

How could anything happen to me”

Victoria said, “Its not as if Deities cant die.

They can die if they are hit by a cannonball.

Why didnt you let Dragon help you Instead, you let him stay with me.

I would have felt better if Dragon was by your side to protect you.”

Jordan said, “Victoria, I was more worried about you.

Only by ensuring that youre fine can I kill enemies on the battlefield in peace.

Otherwise, no matter how well protected I am, I would still be worried.”

Hearing this, Victoria was extremely touched.

She stood on tiptoes and kissed Jordan…


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