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Victoria was dressed very beautifully today.

She still had the flair of a CEO.

Dressed in a simple shirt, an ordinary-looking, short and fat woman would look vulgar in it.

But with Victorias tall figure, she looked especially elegant in it.

She was also wearing a flesh-colored short skirt, revealing her fair legs.

Although Victoria was already over 30 years old, her legs looked like those of a teenage girl.

She was too beautiful!

Jordan had experienced so much.

He felt very happy to be kissing Victoria again.

Even after knowing Victoria for so long, Jordan still found it very enjoyable to kiss her.

This was the charm of a woman like Victoria!

At this moment, Lauren stepped forward jealously.

“Hubby, it looks like you still like Victoria the most.

However, Victoria is indeed worthy of your love.

I wont be jealous, haha.”

Jordan walked toward Lauren and hugged her.

“Lauren, Im also worried about your safety.

I love you too.”

Everyone felt that Jordan loved Victoria more because he had sent Dragon to guard her 24/7.

But it was because Jordan had predicted that Victorias life would be in danger.

Of course, if Jordan had to choose the one he loved the most among his women, it would indeed be Victoria.

She was more important to him than Lauren.

Seeing Jordan being intimate with his two wives, Lota felt a little awkward.

She was already prepared to be the third wife and did not mind Jordans intimate relationship with the others.

Lota walked forward with two exquisite gifts.

“Lauren, Victoria, I brought some of our Schmid familys inventions for you.

Theyre all excellent skincare products and health supplements.

See if you like them.”

Lauren and Victoria both felt a little pressured when they saw Lota.

They knew that this sweet girl who looked like a Barbie doll was the head of the secret Schmid family!

Her status was much higher than theirs.

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Victoria and Lauren felt too embarrassed to accept the gifts.

Victoria said, “Ms.

Schmid, you are our esteemed guest in the US.

We cant accept your gifts.”

Lauren added.

“Thats right, Ms.


I heard from my husband that youve been helping him with the eight great families.

We should be the ones thanking you and giving you gifts.”

The two of them thought that Jordan still only treated Lota as his younger sister.

Lota pressed the gifts into their hands.

“Please dont stand on ceremony.

Well be interacting often in the future.

Just accept it.”

With that said, Lauren and Victoria did not refuse anymore.


Schmid, please come in,” Victoria invited Lota to come in.

Jordan and Lota entered.

At this moment, Jordan noticed that Hailey was also in the villa.

He asked curiously, “Why are you here”

Hailey was impeccably decked out today.

Of everyone at present, she was the one who cared the most about appearances.

But so what if she was the most beautiful among these beauties No matter how good-looking a woman was, she would not attract a man like Jordan without a good character.

Hailey replied, “Didnt you say that the Rong family would assassinate us Dragon and Salvatore gathered us in one place to protect us.

I heard that you were coming back to the US, so I came along.”

Jordan nodded.

“Oh, its alright now.

The Rong family wont attack us anymore.

You can leave now and go wherever you please.

No one will kill you and the child.

Dont worry.”

Hailey lowered her head and rubbed her hands.

She also knew that this villa in the capital was where Jordan, Lauren and Victoria lived.

She had no right to live here.

Hailey whispered.

“I havent eaten yet…”

Jordan was speechless.

It seemed like Hailey wanted to stay here a little longer.


Jordan had long learned to ignore this woman.

Ignoring her, Jordan walked straight into the living room of the villa.

The moment they entered, they smelled the delicious fragrance of food.

The greedy little Lota immediately swallowed her saliva and became excited.

“Wow, it smells so good.

Have you guys prepared a meal”

Victoria smiled.

“I prepared a few dishes myself.

I hope Ms.

Schmid likes my cooking.”

Lota grinned.

“Victoria, youre amazing.

You can even cook.

Im sure Ill love it!”

Jordan was very happy to see Lota and Victoria getting along very well.

He was going to officially announce the news regarding Lota to them today.

Inwardly, Jordan was a little uneasy.

He didnt know if they would agree.

Lota had almost died outside the fort because of him.

Jordan couldnt bear to abandon her again.

Soon enough, they all sat at the dining table and started eating.

Lota ate happily, while Hailey only drank water.

She only picked up a couple of spoonfuls and ate very little.

It seemed like she wasnt that hungry after all.

Hailey suddenly asked, “Jordan…, why did you bring Lota home this time Moreover, you two… seem to be very close.”

Victoria and Lauren both thought that Jordan and Lota were just ordinary “siblings”.

But Hailey had sharp eyes.

She could tell at a glance that the two of them looked especially intimate.

After all, Hailey and Jordan had been husband and wife for three years.

They had interacted with each other for a longer time, so she could detect more about Jordan.

Jordan stopped eating and officially introduced Lota to Victoria and Lauren.

Holding Lotas hand tightly, Jordan faced Victoria and Lauren.

“Victoria, Lauren, I want to tell you something.

Ive already promised Lota that Ill be with her.

Lota is a very innocent and kind girl, and she has always liked me.

Initially, I only treated her as my younger sister.

However, during this period of time, she almost died from poisonous gas because of me.

I have feelings for her and want to protect her, just like I want to protect you.

“Victoria, Lauren, can you accept her”

At this, Victoria and Lauren instantly stopped eating too.

They really did not expect their husband to bring a third wife home.

Lauren looked at Lota with jealousy in her eyes.

Before Lota appeared, Lauren was the noblest woman Jordan had ever met.

She was from the capital, and her father and grandfather were powerful men who could be of great help to Jordan in the US.

Lauren appreciated everything the Howard family could offer.

This gave her the confidence of playing the role of Jordans wife.

However, after knowing about the secret families, Lauren realized that the Howard family was nothing compared to the eight secret families.

With all this in mind, Lauren and the Howard family could not really help Jordan at all.

“Lota is young, beautiful and kind.

And like Hubby, shes a noble descendant from a secret family.

In the future, she will definitely be able to help you in many ways.

She can help you in things I cant do for you.

Im willing to accept Lota.”

Jordan and Lota were overjoyed.

Lauren had agreed!

She had accepted Lota!

Jordan and Lota turned toward Victoria, waiting for her answer!


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