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Lota held Jordans hand, her palms sweating nervously.

One of Jordans two wives had agreed.

‘Since Lauren has agreed, Victoria would agree too, right

That was what Lota thought.

She had heard from Jordan that Lauren and Victoria were very good women.

Hailey was the only exception.

If Hailey was still Jordans wife, Lota guessed that she would definitely not agree.

Victoria looked very grim.

A second ago, she was still very happy.

However, Victorias expression immediately changed when she heard about Jordan and Lota.

Victoria was silent for a long time before she finally spoke.

“I cant accept this!”

Jordan and Lota felt as if they had been dealt a heavy blow.

Victoria continued, “Hubby, I cant accept you marrying another wife.

Since I was a young girl, Ive always dreamed of being together with a man for life.

We only have each other.

Thats the love I pursue and dream of.

Lauren gave birth to your daughter a long time ago, so I couldnt object to the fact that you married her.

“But this is the limit to my acceptance.

I cant accept more.

You have so many women.

I dont like sharing you with many women! Hubby, I know you come from a secret family.

Your status is higher than ours, and youre a Deity.

Logically speaking, it will be reasonable even if you have a harem of 3,000 beauties.

But I cant accept it.

I just cant accept the man I love having so many women!”

Jordan gradually let go of Lotas hand.

Before coming, Jordan had told Lota that he would only marry her and be with her if both Victoria and Lauren agreed.

If they didnt agree, Jordan wouldnt go against their wishes.

Lota lowered her head, feeling very sad.

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As a woman, how could she not understand Victorias feelings

If Jordan had met Lota first and married her first, she would not have agreed to let him marry another woman.

She might allow her man to have other women and mistresses outside.

However, she would not allow him to marry them.

This was a direct challenge to her status as a wife.

Silence descended.

Lota felt very embarrassed.

She felt as if she had been humiliated.

However, she was still a very gracious woman.

She did not use her noble status to belittle Victoria.

Lota said gently, “Im sorry, Victoria, Lauren.

Ive upset you.

I… Ill leave now.”

Lota got up and was about to leave.

Jordan did not move.

According to their agreement, if either Victoria or Lauren objected, Jordan would not keep Lota by his side.

He was also very helpless!

However, at this moment, Hailey suddenly stood up.

She got up and walked towards Lota.

She grabbed her arm and stopped her.

Hailey said, “Lota, dont leave.

Youre so beautiful and cute.

Youre also from a secret family.

In the past year, youve helped Jordan countless times.

The rest of us cant compare to you!”

“I agree to you being with Jordan!”

Jordan was rendered momentarily speechless, before saying angrily, “Hailey, are you crazy Whats the use of you agreeing Did I ask for your opinion”

Hailey felt very aggrieved and wanted to argue with Jordan like before.

However, given Jordans current status, Hailey could only swallow her words.

Victoria saw Hailey purposely stepping forward to go against her.

These two women, who had been enemies since Orlando, were like firecrackers.

Victoria also scolded Hailey.

“Hailey, what right do you have to accept Lota Youre not Jordans wife at all!”

Hailey replied proudly, “How am I not We even held a beach wedding in the Maldives! We exchanged kisses at the wedding! Lauren has also held a wedding with Jordan.

Youre the only one here who hasnt held a wedding with him, right Hmph, I wonder who is the one who isnt qualified.”

Almost immediately, Jordan stood up for Victoria.

“Hailey, did you not hear me clearly I was forced to attend that beach wedding.

It doesnt count.

You and I were completely finished the moment you cheated with Cayden!”

Victoria couldnt help chiding Hailey.

“Hailey, youre really the most shameless and narcissistic woman Ive ever seen in this world! Whats in your brain Are you that arrogant You believe that you can disregard anything just because youre beautiful You betrayed Jordan twice! Oh, no, including Laurens brother, it was three times!

“You cheated on him three times during your marriage.

You slept with other men while married to Jordan.

How can you have the cheek to appear in front of Jordan after doing such shameless things This is my home.

Please get lost immediately! I dont want to see a b*tch who hurt my husband!”

Being scolded and humiliated by Victoria, Haileys face turned red with anger.

Hailey said angrily, “Victoria, what right do you have to scold me! Youre no better than me!”

Victoria stood up angrily.

“I dont dare to boast about how outstanding I am as a wife and how much I can help Jordan.

But at the very least, Im not like you, who cheated on your husband!”

Unexpectedly, Hailey didnt feel chastised.

Instead, she laughed loudly.

Hailey smiled smugly.

“Haha, you believe that youve never betrayed Jordan”

Victoria grew even angrier.

“Of course not! I am not as despicable as you!”

Hailey said, “Victoria, dont make yourself sound so innocent! You slept with an 18-year-old boy!”

Victoria was furious.

“You… youre spouting nonsense! How dare you slander me”

Jordan was also furious.

He slammed the table angrily.

“Hailey, if you continue to spout nonsense here, Ill slap you until your face is disfigured!”

Jordan was very angry.

Hailey was too detestable.

Over the past few weeks, Jordan felt that Haileys personality had improved.

But she had returned to her former self today.

In fact, she was even worse than before, slandering Victoria!

She knew that Jordan would never stand for this.

Hailey was not afraid at all.

“Jordan, Im not spouting nonsense! Im not slandering your good wife! If you dont believe me, you can ask Lauren.”

At those words, Jordan and Victoria looked at Lauren.

To their surprise, Lauren lowered her head and avoided eye contact, not daring to respond!


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