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When Jordan saw Laurens fearful expression, he instantly panicked.

Whether it was the psychology books he had read or his intuition as a Deity, Jordan could sense from Laurens expression that she was hiding something!

Laurens guilty conscience and Haileys certainty…

Could it be that Hailey was right

Had Victoria betrayed Jordan

Victoria was very angry at Haileys slander.

She had a clear conscience ever since she had gotten together with Jordan.

She knew that she never had any ambiguous relationship with a man other than Jordan.

Not only that, she didnt know any 18-year-old boys!

Victoria asked Lauren, “Lauren, do you think I slept with an 18-year-old boy Am I that kind of promiscuous and shameless woman!”

However, as Victorias good friend, Lauren lowered her head and did not respond.

The response left Victoria shocked.

“Lauren, do you really think Im the kind of woman who would betray our husband So you think of me that way too!”

Seeing how agitated Victoria was, Lauren hurriedly stood up and explained, “Victoria, of course I know youre a good woman and a good wife.

Ive always treated you as a role model.

Why would I view you as the same kind of woman as Hailey”

Victoria said aggrievedly, “Then why arent you willing to stand up for me How can you let that vicious woman slander me and say I slept with a young boy!”

Lauren lowered her head guiltily again, not knowing how to respond.

Hailey said smugly, “Hmph, Lauren, are you still unwilling to tell the truth How long are you going to lie to Jordan! Youre such a good wife.

Victoria cheated on Jordan, and as Jordans most trusted wife, you helped her hide it.

Are you still worthy to be his wife!”

Hailey insisted that Victoria had betrayed Jordan.

It seemed like she had concrete evidence.

Otherwise, she would never dare slander Victoria like this in front of Jordan.

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Jordan was now a Deity.

Insulting and spreading rumors about the wife of a Deity… even if Hailey had borne Jordan a son, he would never let her off!

Lauren was also filled with self-hatred.

She realized that Jordan had already sensed something amiss, but he was just keeping quiet about it.

Lauren asked Hailey, “How did you know!”

Hailey smiled.

“Your good brother told me.”

Victorias expression immediately changed.

“Lauren, what do you mean Why is Hailey so determined to say that I cheated on Jordan I never cheated on him! Do you know something that even I dont know Tell me what happened!”

Victoria was originally very confident because she knew that her love for Jordan was absolute.

She had a clear conscience and had never done anything with another man.

However, Victoria gradually realized that something was wrong.

Hailey, Lauren and even Laurens younger brother seemed to know something about her that Victoria herself did not know.

With a furtive glance at Victoria, Lauren then shot a look at Jordan.

She knew that it was useless to hide it any longer.

Lauren took a deep breath and said, “Im sorry for hiding this from you guys for so long.

Hailey is speaking the truth.”


Jordan and Victoria felt an explosion go off in their heads!

Hailey spoke the truth

Did Victoria really sleep with an 18-year-old boy

Did Victoria betray Jordan

Victoria was completely stunned.

Her face turned pale and her body stiffened.

She kept shaking her head.

“No… no… I didnt.

I didnt.

I dont know any 18-year-old boys at all.

Lauren, why would you say something like this What happened Why dont I… I know anything about it”

Victoria knew that Lauren would never collude with Hailey to slander her.

She was not that kind of woman.

On the contrary, Lauren was a good woman who would rather sacrifice herself to make Victoria happy.

Therefore, she believed Laurens words without a doubt.

However, Victoria really didnt remember anything.

Lauren asked, “Victoria, do you still remember how Shauns wife controlled your body more than half a year ago”

Realization dawned upon Victoria.

“I remember, I remember… I was controlled by that woman.

That woman knocked me out.

I dont remember anything after that… Dont tell me…”

Lauren nodded.

“Shauns wife controlled your body.

Not only did she use your body to kill people, but she also… Slept with an 18-year-old boy in a hotel.”


Victoria and Jordan nearly fell over when they heard this.

To this loving couple, it was like a lightning bolt from nowhere! In an instant, Jordan suddenly recalled the scene of him killing Shauns wife, Clara.

At that time, Jordan had sneaked into Claras room while wearing the invisibility cloak.

He then stabbed Clara in the heart!

However, before Clara died, she revealed a strange expression when she saw Jordans face.

This strange expression had always puzzled Jordan.

All along, he did not understand why she had that expression.

When Clara saw Jordan, she smiled and said, “Darling, did you not eat today Go harder.”

At that time, Jordan was furious and stabbed her a few more times.

However, Clara was still not afraid and allowed Jordan to stab her with increasing force.

Now, Jordan finally understood that Claras words were not directed at him!

Clara had been controlling Victorias body to be with the 18-year-old boy at the hotel!

She was saying those words to that boy!

Jordan clenched his fists.

Thinking of Victorias situation back then, he felt like he was about to go crazy!

“Damn that Clara!!”

Meanwhile, Victoria looked like she had lost her soul.

She had been so confident that she would never betray Jordan.

She had felt so righteous!

But now, she was like a deflated balloon.

At that time, she had been controlled by Clara then so she really didnt know what happened.

Clara had even dared to commit murder, what would this be to her Lauren was not lying!

Victoria started crying.

“I… I actually… betrayed my husband”

Hailey was very smug.

“Hmph, Victoria, you finally know what you did, right Weve both cheated on our husband.

You have no right to look down on me anymore! Didnt you say previously that I am not qualified to be Jordans wife because I cheated So now, youre not qualified to be his wife either!”


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