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At Haileys provocative words, Victoria kept crying.

Her tears fell like sparkling raindrops.

She had always been a domineering CEO.

She was high and mighty and confident.

She had a clear conscience, so she felt very righteous.

However, now that she knew that something like that had happened to her, she no longer had the confidence to speak dominantly.

She had become a dirty woman like Hailey.

The kind of woman she had once despised the most.

Jordan was also feeling very distressed.

Victoria didnt remember what happened at all, but Jordan now knew!

Recalling Claras words, Jordan felt extremely upset!

Jordan loved Victoria the most.

She was beautiful and elegant, but she was ruined by Clara, that despicable woman! However, Jordan was not in the mood to be angry about this.

His heart ached on seeing Victoria cry!

Hurrying forward, he took Victorias hand.

“Victoria, dont cry.

I dont care about any of that.

Youre still my wife! Ill love you like before.

Nothing has changed between us!”

Jordan did not choose to complain or make a fuss.

He just wanted to comfort Victoria as soon as possible! He wanted to tell Victoria that he would never abandon her because of this!

Hailey was stunned.

She thought that Jordan would be very angry and despise Victoria because she knew that Jordan couldnt stand being cheated on.

Back then, when Jordan found out that Hailey had an affair, he had almost gone crazy.

Hearing Jordans words, Hailey shouted, “Jordan, arent you too unfair to me We both cheated on you.

But you hit and scolded me, saying that Im unclean and that Im a b*tch and a dirty woman.

That the thought of me with another man disgusted you, and that you didnt want to touch me or be intimate with me anymore!

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“Why is it different for Victoria! Why can you forgive her Why cant you forgive me!”

Hailey felt extremely aggrieved.

Why did Jordan treat her and Victoria so differently

Hailey had been with Jordan longer than Victoria.

She had even given birth to a son for him!

Lauren said, “Hailey, please dont confuse Victoria with yourself.

You knowingly cheated on Jordan.

Victoria didnt even know what happened at all.

It was Shauns wife who did that to take revenge on Jordan.

At that time, Brad found Victoria at the hotel and told me about this.

I feel that Victoria is completely innocent and so we shouldnt let her suffer for it.

So, I asked Brad to lie for me and say that he found Victoria in the cinema.

“Im sorry, Hubby, Victoria, I lied to you both.”

Actually, Lauren had good intentions.

She didnt want Jordan and Victorias relationship to break down because of this.

She had even especially given Victoria a birth control pill before she woke up, afraid that she would get pregnant with that boys child.

If Lauren was a selfish woman, she could have told the truth.

In that way, she might be able to have Jordan all to herself.

Victoria didnt blame Lauren.

She didnt even have the strength to blame Clara.

She only blamed herself.

She kept crying as she said to Jordan, “Im sorry, Hubby.

Im sorry… Im sorry…”

Over and over Victoria kept crying and apologizing, which made Jordans heart ache.

“Victoria, you dont have to apologize.

That incident has nothing to do with you.

Youre also a victim.

If anything, its all my fault.

I provoked Shaun and his wife, causing you to be implicated.

Its my fault.”

However, Victoria still blamed herself.

She felt that she was too ashamed to face Jordan.

“Hailey is right.

No matter what, Ive wronged you.

Im no longer a clean woman.

Im not worthy of being your wife anymore.

Im not worthy of being a member of the secret family.

Im not worthy of being the wife of a Deity.”

Jordan hugged Victoria tightly in his arms.

He wanted to use a warm and firm hug to convey his love for Victoria.

Jordan said, “Youre absolutely worthy.

No woman in the world is more qualified to be my wife than you.

Victoria, promise me not to let your imagination run wild, okay You dont remember the incident anyway.

Just pretend that it never happened, okay”

However, Victoria pushed Jordan away and cried.

“How can I pretend that nothing happened! I did something wrong to you! I no longer have the right to stay by your side!”

With that, Victoria rushed towards the door.

Worried, Jordan grabbed Victorias arm.

“Victoria, where are you going I wont let you leave!”

Jordan held onto Victoria tightly, not allowing her to escape.

Seeing this, Lota couldnt help persuading Victoria.

“Victoria, since Jordan has forgiven you, dont be so sad.

The one who did bad things is that demoness, Clara.

You dont have to blame yourself for what she did.”

Hailey thought for a moment.

If Victoria really left Jordan, then it would be impossible for her to reconcile with Jordan in the future.

On the contrary, if Jordan and Victoria could continue to live happily together, Hailey would have a chance to get back together with Jordan.

At the very least, Hailey would have another point in her favor.

They both made mistakes during their marriage.

Since Jordan forgave Victoria, he should forgive Hailey too.

Therefore, Hailey said, “Victoria, although youre older than me, I got married earlier than you.

I can still teach you about marriage! Marriage is a long journey.

Its inevitable that youll encounter some bumps or commit mistakes! However, as long as two people truly love each other, they will forgive each other.

Dont leave, either.

Be like me, repent and dont make any more mistakes!”

Lota didnt know what Hailey was thinking and thought that she was really trying to help Victoria.

So she agreed with Hailey.

“Yes, yes.”

“All of you, shut up!”

Jordan shouted at Hailey and Lota.

This was the first time Jordan had spoken to Lota in such a tone.

She was so frightened that she did not dare to speak.

Jordan was extremely frustrated.

He didnt want to hear what anyone else had to say and didnt need anyone to interfere!

Jordan held Victorias hand and said, “Victoria, this is your home.

If anyone has to leave, it should be someone else.

Youre the mistress of this home.

You cant leave.”

However, Victoria tried her best to break free from Jordan.

She cried and said, “I beg you, let me be alone.

I really cant face you now!”

Jordan could stop Victoria if he used brute force.

However, he couldnt bear to do so.

Victoria wanted to flee now as she needed to be alone for the time being.

And so Jordan let go of her.

Victoria ran to the courtyard with tears streaming down her face.

She quickly drove her Porsche Palmera away.


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