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Worried, Jordan walked out and summoned Dragon.

“Dragon, take a car and follow Victoria.

Also, arrange for drones to follow Victorias car at all times!”


Jumping into action, Dragon drove a futuristic car made by one of the secret families.

With Jordan in the passenger seat, they followed Victoria.

In order not to let Victoria notice them, they didnt follow too closely.

There were also drones tracking her in the air, so they were not afraid of losing sight of her.

After Jordan left, Lota said dejectedly,

“Lauren, I… Ill head back now.”

Lauren was a little surprised.


Schmid, are you leaving the US”

Lota nodded.

She came to the US because she hoped to be Jordans wife.

Unexpectedly, Victoria objected.

Moreover, such a ridiculous scene had occurred.

Earlier on, Jordan had been so angry that he even shouted at her.

Lota was a sensitive and innocent girl.

She was worried that Jordan hated her now.

After all, if Lota hadnt come to the US and asked to be Jordans wife, Victorias matter wouldnt have been exposed today.

It would be bad if Jordan blamed all of this on Lota.

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Lota did not want Jordan to hate her.

Therefore, she decided to leave immediately.

She didnt want to linger around and further annoy Jordan.

Lota said, “Jordan is occupied with Victoria now.

If I stay here, Ill only make him angry.”

Lauren nodded.

She also felt that Jordan currently did not have the time to care about Lotas feelings.

Lauren said, “Ms.

Schmid, I know youre a good girl.

Since Jordan likes you too, Im happy to accept you.

As for Victoria, she didnt agree earlier.

But now that she knows about her previous situation, perhaps she will change her mind and accept you.”

Lota was delighted.

“Huh Really Is that possible”

Lauren smiled.

“Its okay.

If Victoria changes her mind, Ill let you know.

You can come to the US to find Jordan again then.”

Lota shook Laurens hand happily.

“Thank you, Lauren.

Youre the best.”

Lauren was a woman who could see the big picture.

She knew that as a member of the secret family, Lota would definitely be able to help Jordan in the future.

It was something that neither Lauren nor Victoria could do.

On the highway out of the capital.

Victoria sped out of the capital.

Meanwhile, Jordan had been following behind and taking care of the cars in front of Victoria.

Victoria was in a distraught mood.

It was very easy for something to happen if she drove fast.

Therefore, Jordan predicted the route she would take in advance and diverted all the cars in front of her.

At this moment, Dragon had already switched their car to automatic driving mode.

It kept a safe distance from Victorias car.

Dragon asked, “Master, should we…”

Dragon wanted to say that the 18-year-old boy had violated the woman of a Deity and he was guilty of a capital crime.

Just like Tyler and Cayden, he should suffer the consequences.

But Jordan roared angrily.

“Shut up! No one is allowed to mention this again!”

Jordan was a Deity now.

Killing an ordinary child was as easy as stepping on an ant.

However, at this moment, Jordan was not thinking about revenge.

He did not want to think about that incident anymore.

He was only worried about Victoria!

Finally, when it was almost dark, Victorias car was nearly out of gas.

Victoria parked at a small hotel in the suburbs and entered the building.

The wife of the richest man in the world chose to stay in such a lousy hotel.

Jordans heart ached for her.

However, it was not appropriate for him to do anything for Victoria now.

Dragon could tell what Jordan was thinking and said, “Ill give the hotel owner some money and get him to prepare the best food and daily necessities for Ms.


Jordan nodded.

Dragon asked again, “Master, do you want to stay in this hotel, or somewhere nearby”

Jordan shook his head.

“Ill just wait in the car for Victoria to come out.”

Looking at the hotel, Jordan thought to himself,Victoria, Ill give you time to calm down.

I hope that after you calm down, you can understand that I wont despise you because of such a thing.

I hope you can understand my love for you!

Late at night, Jordan sent Victoria a very long message.

He wrote many things to Victoria and told her his viewpoint.

He even used Hailey as an example.

When Hailey first cheated on Jordan, Victoria was in Orlando as Jordans deputy president.

She had witnessed the incident.

Back then, even after he saw Hailey and Tyler checking into a hotel, Jordan finally chose to forgive Hailey.

As for Victoria, her situation was completely different from Haileys.

Hailey had knowingly committed her mistake.

Victoria had no idea what happened as it was Clara who did it.

Jordan told her that he would never leave her because of this.

However, Victoria did not reply.

Moreover, she stayed in the hotel for three days.

Meanwhile, Jordan had been monitoring Victorias condition through high-tech methods to ensure her welfare.

For the past three days, Jordan stayed in the car and guarded the entrance of the hotel.

Finally, on this morning, he saw Victoria emerge from the hotel!

Victoria drove to the gas station first.

After refueling, she drove towards the capital.

Dragon followed her with Jordan.

Dragon said, “Master, looks like Ms.

Victoria is returning to the capital.”

Jordan had not slept for the past three days and was in a very bad state.

It wasnt that he didnt want to sleep.

Firstly, he was worried about Victoria.

Secondly, he would have nightmares the moment he fell asleep.

He dreamed of what Clara said to him before she died.

In his nightmare, Claras face would then morph into Victorias.

He had taken a lot of drugs these past few days to stop himself from thinking about this.

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, I hope Victoria has finally come to her senses.”

Jordan still did not disturb her, giving her space.

Soon after, Jordan realized that Victoria was really driving back to their villa in the capital!

“Victoria is going home! This is the way home! Victoria has finally come to her senses!”

Jordan was overjoyed.

Dragon also smiled.

“Congratulations, Master.

The incident had nothing to do with Ms.

Victoria in the first place.

She brooded for three whole days and should have figured things out by now.”

The two of them believed that Victoria was returning to the villa because she had finally resolved her internal conflict.

Victorias car stopped in the courtyard of the villa.

Jordans car quickly followed.

Getting out of the car, Jordan ran forward to hug Victoria.

“Honey, youre finally home! I miss you so much! You want children, right Lets have them now!”

However, Victoria pushed him away.

“Im here to pack my luggage.”


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