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When talking to Jordan, Victorias eyes and words were extremely cold.

She looked at Jordan as if he was a stranger.

Jordan was reminded of the time when Victoria found out that it was Jordans father who had killed her father.

She deliberately distanced herself from Jordan and went to Houston and got married to Russell.

Jordan asked, “Pack your luggage Youre leaving”

He didnt expect Victoria to return to the villa just to pack her stuff and leave him!

Victoria said coldly, “Jordan, Ive thought through everything for the past three days.

Ive also tried to persuade myself countless times to forget about that matter and pretend that it never happened.

If you were just the CEO of a small company like Ace Corporation, if you only had me as your wife, perhaps I would kneel down and beg you to forgive me.

Then, we would live happily together like before.”

Jordan hurriedly grabbed Victorias hand.

“Thats how it should be! Ive already forgiven a b*tch like Hailey once.

Youre even more worthy of forgiveness! You didnt even do anything wrong!”

However, Victoria pushed his hand away and said, “But youre not.

Youre not an ordinary CEO.

Youre from a secret family.

Youre the one and only Deity in the world with the most noble status! If I stay by your side, I will only become a stain on your reputation.

I will only make the people of the eight great families laugh at you!

“Im no longer worthy to be the wife of a Deity.

Only pure women like Lauren and Lota are worthy.

We met at the best time.

Im already very happy and satisfied to have you for the past two years.

Im sorry that I cant accompany you for the rest of my life.”

Victorias words became increasingly resolute.

She was about to break up with Jordan again.

This was the second time Victoria was breaking up with Jordan.

The previous time, Victoria inexplicably said that she wanted to marry Russell.

This made Jordan very upset.

He had finally snatched Victoria back from that old dog Russell.

How could he let her leave again!

Jordan didnt know what to say.

He knew that Victoria had thought about it for the past three days and was determined.

It was useless no matter what he said.

Therefore, Jordan hugged Victorias slender waist and forcefully kissed her!

He wanted to use this intense kiss to show Victoria that he loved her!

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No matter what happened in the past or what will happen in the future, Jordan would always be with her!

But Victoria still pushed Jordan away resolutely.

“Dont be like this.

Ive already thought it through.

Dont try to persuade me anymore.

Let me leave with dignity.”

With that, Victoria went upstairs to her room.

Jordan chased her to her room.

When he saw her packing her luggage, he couldnt help feeling extremely angry.

He kicked her luggage into pieces, and the clothes inside were all torn!


Jordan was furious.

“Victoria! I wont let you leave! Im a Deity.

I cant change that.

But for you, Im willing to be an ordinary person in the future! What bullsh*t eight families What ultimate secret of the Rong family I dont care about any of that! Ill kill whoever dares to laugh at me! No matter what, I definitely cant let you suffer because of a crime committed by Clara!”

Jordan then shouted downstairs, “Salvatore!”

Salvatore was outside and he immediately ran in.

“Master, what can I do for you”

Salvatore waited for his orders.

Jordan said to Salvatore, “Keep an eye on Victoria.

Other than eating and going to the toilet, shes not allowed to go anywhere else, much less leave this house! Also, get Emily to accompany her.”

After giving his instructions, Jordan turned to look at Victoria.

“Victoria, Ill hold a wedding with you in the capital in a week.

I want everyone in the world to come and congratulate us.

I want you to become a bride that all the women in the world will envy!”

With that, Jordan walked downstairs and immediately called his former colleagues, subordinates and friends, telling them that he was going to marry Victoria.

Soon, Ashley Rose, Stella Weston and the rest sent messages to Victoria.

Ashley said, “Ms.

Clarke, youre getting married.


Youre finally getting married to Mr.

Jordan! I watched you two from the day you two fell in love until today.

Leave the wedding arrangements to me.

I wish Mr.

Jordan and Ms.

Clarke a happy marriage and to have children soon!”

Stella said, “Victoria, your husband personally called me! When I first saw you two in New York, I knew you would definitely end up together! At that time, your husband was pretending to be poor.

He was clearly a billionaire, but he dressed so simply.

When I made things difficult for him and saw how your heart ached for him, I knew that you would definitely end up being Mrs.



“Thank you for inviting me.

I will definitely be there to give my blessings.

Love you! Be happy!”

Even Victorias father, Norman, sent her a message.

“Victoria, Jordan called me just now.

He said that he wants to hold the most amazing wedding for you! Seeing you marry a man who loves you so much, your late mother and I are very happy.”

Even Russell received the news and sent Victoria a message:

‘Victoria, youre finally getting married to Jordan! I will never forget the scene of you and Jordan kissing passionately on our wedding day.

At that time, all I felt was anger.

I believed that you just wanted to humiliate me.

But now that I think about it, I could sense the undeniable love between the two of you.

You were willing to do anything for each other.

You should be together!

‘Although Jordan invited me, I wont be attending the wedding.

However, I want to tell you that I wish you and Jordan eternal happiness!

Seeing the well-wishes of so many family and friends, Victorias determined heart softened again.


Victoria squatted on the ground and cried again.

“Why Why are you so good to me Im clearly not worthy.

Im not worthy of you being so good to me, Jordan.”

Victoria cried as she muttered to herself.

When Salvatore saw this, he walked over and handed Victoria a stack of tissues.


Victoria, dont go against Mr.


He loves you so much.

Why do you want to leave him There are so many women who want to be his wife but he doesnt even look at them.”

Victoria cried.

She was powerless to change the truth, nor could she convince herself to pretend that this had never happened.

She suddenly saw the gun in Salvatores pocket.

Overwhelmed by her emotions, Victoria snatched the gun away.


Victoria, what are you doing!”

Salvatore was shocked.

Victoria was skilled and even Salvatore couldnt react in time.

Victoria pointed the gun at herself.



Victoria fired two shots at herself!


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