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“No, no! Not like the way we used to be! We have to be very affectionate with each other!”


Hailey burst into tears, knowing that she had said something wrong that reminded Jordan of how she had mistreated him in the past.


Jordan laughed and said, “I dont think theres a need for that.

We can just tell her that were not divorced.”


Jordan was definitely in approval of the suggestion that they pretend to still be married.

In fact, he might have suggested it even if she didnt.


The reason being Lily had always hoped for them to remain happily married for the rest of their lives.

Now that she was on her deathbed, she would definitely die miserably if she learned that they had divorced.


After all, Lily was Jordans life-saving benefactor, so he definitely couldnt bear to let her die in sadness.


Hailey explained, “Theres definitely a need for that! Grandma said that Grandaunt Lily had learned of your identity a long time ago and is also aware of the deal between the Steeles and the Camdens.”


“Now, the three-year period is up, and youve already told me about your identity.

If were still not divorced, I definitely wont treat you the same way I used to in the past.

We must be very affectionate with each other!”


Jordan was shocked.

“Grandaunt Lily is aware of my identity too”


After thinking about it, he believed that Dianas guess made sense.


As a live-in husband, he had to face the mockery of everyone, but Grandaunt Lily was particularly friendly to him.


‘Perhaps, Grandaunt Lily also knows about the truth like her brother does!


Jordan let out a long sigh.

No matter what, Grandaunt Lily was a kind person who was nice to everyone and not just Jordan.


Even if she was really nice to Jordan only because she knew his identity, he still had to repay her for his kindness.


Jordan paused for a moment and said, “Okay, I agree.

You can do whatever you want then.”


Since old Lily was about to die, Jordan had no choice but to put on an act.


“Yes, yes.” Hailey was overjoyed.

“Jor… Hubby, from now on, I will call you Hubby, lest Grandaunt Lily suspects something if she hears me call you by your name instead.”


Jordan answered coldly, “Do whatever you want.”


It was all just to pretend anyway.

Even if Hailey called himHubby he wouldnt treat Hailey as his wife again!


Hailey said softly, “Hubby, when will you be free Grandma said that itll be best if we set off in the morning to arrive early.

Otherwise, we wont make it in time to see Grandaunt Lily for the last time!”


Jordan didnt have anything important on his schedule either.

He wanted to thank her for the favor she had done him previously.

Hence, he said, “We can set off immediately.”


It was now 8:46 PM, and it would take more than an hour to get to South Daytona.

If they set off now, they would make it in time to sleep there for the night.


Hailey was overjoyed.

“Okay, well, since were not divorced, I have to ride in your Maybach to show off.

and to make sure that Grandaunt Lily doesnt suspect anything.”


Hailey was bent on riding in Jordans Maybach.


Jordan did not decline either.



Hailey continued, “Thank you, Hubby! Also, does Butler Frank have a Rolls Royce Grandma said she wants to travel in that one.”


Jordan thought to himself,The Camdens are really so vain and materialistic.

Now that theyre going to see a relative whos on her deathbed, they still have to put on such a pompous front.


However, those were just trivial matters, so Jordan agreed to it right away.


“Get ready and wait for me at your grandmothers villa.

Well head there now.”


After hanging up the phone, Jordan looked at Butler Frank and said, “Im gonna have to borrow your car for two days.”


Fearing that Jordan might get thirsty from talking over the phone, Butler Frank filled his glass with water and said respectfully, “Please dont say that, Mr.

Jordan, my car is yours too.

Do you need me to send someone to drive the car to the Camdens villa”


Jordan nodded, took a sip of water, and asked, “Butler Frank, do you know who Haileys grandfathers younger sister is Has she known about my identity all this while”


Butler Frank was the one accompanying Jordans grandfather to discuss the matter of Jordans marriage three years ago.

Hence, he was aware of all the details.


Butler Frank shook his head and said, “She shouldnt be aware of it.

If she does, it must be because Haileys grandfather told her about it.”


Jordan lit a cigarette and said with a puzzled look, “According to what I know, Haileys grandfather and grandmother are very close, and both treat each others children as their own.”


“Since Grandaunt Lily is aware of my identity, she definitely wont stand by and watch Hailey divorce me, a tycoon.”


“However, she not only watched Hailey and I get a divorce without intervening, but she also didnt stop Hailey from marrying Tyler Collins either.”


“That doesnt make sense at all! Isnt it a little too strange Unless Hailey isnt related to the Camdens by blood, why didnt Grandaunt Lily stop Hailey from digging her own grave”


Butler Frank found it strange too.

Greyson asked, “Could it be because Lily is very ill and doesnt know about your divorce”


Jordan said, “I hope so, but something tells me that things arent that simple.”


Jordan still did not know the specific condition of Lilys health.

Despite finding out about the divorce, her family members wouldnt have told her about it if she became seriously ill more than a month ago.


That meant that she still didnt know.


‘Even if she doesnt know, an intelligent person such as her should have already prepared everything in advance or given instructions to those near her about what to do in case she passes.


Jordan was getting a headache from thinking about the matter and thus stopped dwelling on it.

He stood up and drove to the villa.


He found the Camdens prepared and waiting at the villa gate when he arrived.

Hailey, who had brought only a backpack with her, opened the door of Jordans car and got inside.


Elle, who was far away, stomped her feet with indignation.

She obviously also wanted to ride in the Maybach.


However, both Elle and Diana got into the Rolls-Royce that belonged to Butler Frank.


Without further ado, both the Maybach and Rolls-Royce and Hermans Audi Q7 immediately set off for South Daytona.


Hailey was overjoyed to be inside the Maybach again.

Previously, she had only sat in it for two minutes and didnt get to experience the thrill of it!


She took a bottle of champagne out of her backpack and said, “Honey, let me pour you a glass!”


The last time she was in the Maybach, Hailey had already wanted to enjoy the feeling of sipping on some champagne in the spacious backseat.


Unfortunately, Jordan didnt pour her any champagne.


This time, Hailey brought a bottle of champagne herself.


Jordan looked at Hailey and asked, “Champagne To celebrate Grandaunt Lilys death”


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