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Shaun smiled.

“Thats right.

Rong Huangde did ask me to advise you to return to the fort and have a good chat with him about returning to the past and exploring the secrets and origins of the secret techniques of the Deity and the Handley family.

Regardless, I stand by what I said earlier.

Rong Huangde is indeed the only one who can save your wife now.

You have to go find him.”

Jordan thought of the old man who had almost killed him and still felt a lingering fear.

If he wasnt a Deity and Rong Huangde wasnt in awe of him… If Jordan didnt have the abilities of a Deity and of use to Rong Huangde…

Jordan would have died then and there.

“Rong Huangde is not a simple person.

I dont want to come into contact with him.

As the number one person in the world, he pretended to be dead for 10 years.

Over the past 10 years, not only did he control our world, but he was also exploring it.

He knows everything about me and you.

Even if we join forces, we wont be his match.

“Do you know why I rejected him so decisively and refused to help him”

Shaun thought for a moment and suddenly frowned.

With his understanding of Jordan, he should be very interested in something as magical as a space-time revolving door!

Jordan liked Nolans movies so much because he was obsessed with time, science fiction and dreams.

It was impossible for him not to want to try going back in time.

Moreover, Jordan would definitely want to know the secret of Deities.

How did he become a Deity What was the origin of Deities

Jordan was also very interested in Shauns mystical techniques.

However, Jordan rejected Rong Huangde resolutely.

Shaun said, “Are you worried that Rong Huangde will kill you after using you Just like what I did to you previously”

Jordan said, “Its not that simple.

Youve underestimated Rong Huangde.

My gut tells me that Rong Huangde is even more terrifying and ambitious than you!”

Shaun was shocked.

His ambition was to become the number one person in the world!


This ambition was already the greatest.

Rong Huangde was a half-dead old man.

Even if he was given a beautiful girl, he might not be able to get it up.

How could he have greater ambitions than Shaun

Jordan said, “Once he discovers the origins of Deities and your Handley familys secret techniques, perhaps he might understand how to recreate them.

By then, Rong Huangde can become a creator and modifier.

He can travel to the past at any time.

He might change the parameters of my Deity ability or your techniques.”

Shaun was shocked.

“Oh my god, can this be done Its like the author of a novel.

He can modify the settings and ability parameters of a character.”

Jordan sighed.

“Its possible.

There are so many major secrets in this world.

No one knows what they are.

I only know that the closer you are to the truth, the more dangerous it will be.

The more powerful and terrifying existences you will come into contact with.”

Shaun cursed angrily.

“F*ck, every time I see that old thing, I tremble! I feel like even a strand of his beard can blow me up.

Youre right.

This damn old man isnt willing to die at 80 like your grandfather.

Thats why he created such a heaven-defying thing.

Only a lunatic would dare to play with such a thing.

“But Jordan, although Rong Huangde must have some terrifying plan in mind, you really have to beg him if you want to save your wife.”

Jordan gave a big sigh.

“Youre right.

Although I dont want to see him and become his chess piece, I have no choice for Victorias sake.

Shaun, Ill come with you.”

Shaun was delighted.

If he could bring Jordan back to Fort Rong with him, he would complete the mission Rong Huangde had given him.

He could finally receive the antidote on time.

Before Jordan left, he walked to Victorias bed again and held her hand.

He kissed her forehead and looked at her sleeping face.

“Victoria, wait for me to come back.

No matter what it takes, Ill definitely wake you up.”

Shaun smiled meaningfully.

“Maybe the next time you come back, she will already be awake.”

Jordan did not say anything else and walked out with Shaun.

At this moment, Lauren had just sent Geng Anli and the rest off.

Seeing Jordan and Shaun walking out together, Lauren was a little surprised.

“Is Chairman Rong leaving too”

Shaun smiled at her.

Actually, she could be considered his disciple.

After all, Shaun had taught Lauren all about remotely controlling another person.

However, Shaun did not expose his identity.

Since Jordan chose not to tell Lauren, why go asking for trouble

Although he had taught Lauren some spells, he also imprisoned her for more than half a year.

Shaun smiled.


Lauren, Im not the only one leaving.

Your husband will also be leaving with me.”

Lauren looked at Jordan in surprise.

“Hubby, really Youre leaving too”

For more than a month, Jordan had been watching over Victoria day and night.

Lauren didnt expect him to leave.

Jordan nodded.

Under the dazzling sunlight, this was the first time over the past month that he noticed Laurens haggard and thin face.

He knew that Lauren had suffered this month.

Reaching out, Jordan gently touched her face.

“Lauren, Im going to China.

You should go home and rest for a few days.

You dont have to stay here all the time.

Victoria wont wake up anytime soon.

Theres nothing you can do here.

Just let Salvatore and Emily watch over her.”

Lauren asked, “Hubby, have you forgiven Salvatore Ever since Victoria shot herself, Salvatore has been so anxious that he cant sleep at night.

He was afraid that you would come and punish him one day.

He also said that if you want to execute him, he would accept it without any complaints.”

Victoria had killed herself after snatching Salvatores gun.

As Salvatore didnt react in time, he blamed himself.

He was indeed somewhat responsible.

However, Jordan had previously already dreamed of Victoria being shot.

Even if Salvatore managed to stop her in time, Victoria would find other opportunities in the future to commit suicide with a gun.

It was inevitable.

Jordan nodded and caressed Laurens face.

“Hurry up and go home.”

Lauren could feel Jordans love and instantly felt a wave of happiness.

All the hardship she had suffered the past month melted away.

“Hubby, when will you be back” Lauren asked with concern.

Jordan shook his head.

“Im not sure.

It might be very soon or it might be much longer.”

Jordan knew that he might end up like the Ghost Rider.

The Ghost Rider had sold his soul to the devil.

If he wanted Rong Huangdes help, Jordan would have to satisfy his desires first!


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