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Jordan and Shaun flew straight to Fort Rong.

Arriving at this place again, Jordan no longer felt as nervous and awed as when he first came.

After knowing the Rongs heaven-defying secret, he had already started treating it as normal.

But he did not see Rong Huangde when he entered the secret room.

“Wheres Rong Huangde” Jordan asked.

Shaun said, “You know, this old man is already 71 years old.

Hes only a few years away from turning 80.

So he has been living in the past.

He went back in time a few days ago.

He wont be back until two days later.”

Shaun snapped his fingers and ordered.


T, bring out two bottles of red wine and a few snacks.

I want to have a drink with Jordan here.”

A system voice sounded.

“Yes, Master.”

A claw-shaped object emerged from a wall with red wine, glasses and some tasty-looking dishes.

Jordan knew that Dr.

T was the artificial intelligence system in this room.

Previously, when Rong Huangde had ordered Dr.

T to kill Shaun and Jordan, they had almost died.

It seemed that now that Rong Huangde was not around, Shaun was the master.

Shaun was also very arrogant and wanted to show off.

“Although Im controlled by you and Rong Huangde now, I am having a pretty glorious life when you two are not around.”

With that, he snapped her fingers again.


T, give us some fries and meatloaf.”


T replied, “What is meatloaf This item isnt on the system menu.”

Shaun said in disdain, “Trash, to think that youre the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world.

You dont even know how to make a simple meatloaf.

Serve us the fries first.”

Shaun raised his wine glass and clinked it with Jordans.

“This red wine was already opened and given time to breathe.

Come, lets drink.”


Jordan picked up his wine glass.

Ever since Victorias accident, he had not touched alcohol.

Now, he really wanted to drown in his sorrows.

Taking a sip of wine, Jordan asked, “Why did you order all these dishes”

Shaun took a sip of wine and sighed.

“Ever since you left me to my fate in this place, my heart has been cold.

Rong Huangde forced me to drink a poison specially developed by their family.

I have to take the antidote once a week, or my body will turn into a puddle of water and disappear.

Rong Huangde time-travels every day.

I really pray for him every day.

If something happens to him and he doesnt return, Ill be doomed!”

Jordan asked cautiously, “Where did he go again Did he go to Cocodrie 30 years ago to investigate your Handley family”

Shaun nodded.

“Yes, Rong Huangde is very familiar with my little town now.

He might be even more familiar with it than I am.

He knows all the streets and the location of each shop and household.

Jordan asked, “Why didnt he bring you along Youre from the Handley family after all.

Youll be of some help to his investigation while he is there.”

Shaun took another sip of wine.

“How can I help My father never met me as an adult and he kills people without hesitation.

Hell probably murder me in the blink of an eye.

Im no match for him.

Besides, I have to stay here and convince you to come over to help Rong Huangde.

You are a Deity and Im not as useful as you are.”

Jordan downed a glass of wine and poured another for himself.

He said, “Shaun, I have a feeling that in order to save Victoria, I might have to agree to enter the Time Gate and return to the past.”

Shaun was delighted.

“Did you predict this”

Jordan shook his head.

“No, but I dont need to predict it.

I know it will happen.

Shaun, no matter what, weve worked together many times in the past year.

You and I can be considered good partners.

If I really have to travel back to the past, I hope you can come with me.

Your abilities will be very useful to me.”

Jordan wanted Shaun to come along.

It was very dangerous to travel back in time.

His own abilities were not enough to ensure his safety.

Shaun said, “If I help you, will you get rid of my golden headband curse”

Jordan nodded.


I only did this back then because I was worried that you would do something to destroy the world order after you became the number one person in the world.

But now, this world is not being controlled by you.

Rong Huangde is the one controlling it.

I dont have to worry about that anymore.”

Shaun was delighted.

He raised his wine glass.

“Alright! From now on, Ill help you with anything you do! Of course, we are good brothers and must help each other.

Jordan, Im not as cold-blooded as you, not caring if the other party lives or dies.

Its better for this world to fall into our hands rather than the Rongs, right”

Jordan clinked glasses with Shaun.

To deal with an unfathomable fellow like Rong Huangde, Jordan had to cooperate with Shaun.

Two days later.

Jordan and Shaun were drunk and lying on the soft bed in the room.

Rumble! Rumble!

A rumbling sound could be heard as the white door opened.

Rong Huangde walked out of the Time Gate.

Rong Huangde was overjoyed to see Jordan.

“Hahahaha, Deity Jordan, I didnt expect to see you so soon.

This is much earlier than I expected!”

Jordan and Shaun also hurriedly woke up.

Shaun got up and brought a cup of hot water over.

“Dad, how did things go over there Did you gain anything My town is cold and there are no heaters.

You must be cold, right Have some hot water first.”

Rong Huangde took off his oxygen mask but pushed the cup aside, and did not drink the water.

“I went back to the month of August, 30 years ago.

It was not wintertime.”

Rong Huangde shook hands with Jordan.

“Its good to see you again.”

Jordan returned Rong Huangdes handshake respectfully.

He said sincerely, “Mr.

Rong, Im here for my wife, Victoria.”

Rong Huangde wiped his hands with a hot towel and nodded.

“Yes, I heard that Victoria committed suicide, right She also contracted a new illness called death depression.

Shaun, have you sent our familys medical team over”

Shaun replied, “Yes, Dad.

The top doctors in our family cant cure her either.

This is a mental illness.

Victoria is determined to die.

Unless we can change her mind, she wont wake up.”

At this moment, Rong Huangde let out a meaningful laugh.

Jordan could feel from his laugh that Rong Huangde seemed to have a way to save Victoria!


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