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Jordan hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Mr.

Rong, your familys technology and medical standards have long reached perfection.

Please save my poor wife.

If you can save my wife, Im willing to help you in any field and help you improve your strength in every aspect!”

Rong Huangde was very polite to Jordan.

He smiled.

“Thank you for your generosity, Deity Jordan.

However, from what you said, it sounds like you think that the medical team we sent to help you isnt our best one”

Jordan did think that.

He felt that the team which Shaun brought was the best under Rong Bailuns level.

And now, Jordan knew that Rong Huangde was the real mastermind.

Perhaps he had a group of even more powerful experts that he had yet to reveal.

Rong Huangde smiled and did not answer the question directly.

Instead, he asked,

“Deity Jordan, medicine has been developing for thousands of years, right Over the years, weve conquered countless illnesses.

We can treat them with medicine now.

However, even though medicine has been progressing for thousands of years, is there any medicine or surgery that can change a persons state of mind

“Do you think there is a medicine that can change a persons personality and thoughts To make them happy or sad There isnt, right


Victorias current situation cant be resolved with just high medical standards.

Even if we develop for another thousand years, I believe no medicine can make her go from begging for death to being determined to live.

She is suffering from a mental illness, and one that cant be resolved with medical skills.”

Jordans expression instantly turned to despair.

“So even you cant save Victoria”

If even Rong Huangde couldnt do anything, then Jordan really didnt know who to look for.

Perhaps, there was really no hope for Victoria.

Unexpectedly, Rong Huangde smiled again.

“Actually, there is a solution.”

Jordan immediately became excited.

“Can you save my wife How”

Rong Huangde said, “The problem with your wife is that shes already dead inside and doesnt have any desire to survive.

Her mind died the moment she was shot.

Even after the doctor healed her gunshot wound, her mind is still in a dead state.

Therefore, if you want to save her, you have to plant an idea in her mind, that no matter what difficulties she encounters, she has to be positive and live on!”

Jordan hurriedly asked, “How”

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Rong Huangde pointed at the Time Gate he had just walked out of and said, “Go back in time.

You definitely need to do it now.

You have to go back in time to complete this.”

Indeed, Rong Huangde was enticing him to go back in time.

However, after thinking about it carefully, Jordan realized that Rong Huangde was right.

The only solution now was to return to the past.

Rong Huangde continued, “After you return to the past, you can subtly instill an idea in her whenever youre with her.

For example, you can frequently mention how you two would be decades later when you and she have become an old couple.

The two of you would still hold hands and take walks in the park together.

You will get to hug your grandchildren together and so on.

“When her heart is filled with anticipation for this future and she remembers this deep inside her heart, she will be filled with hope.

That is what will allow her to wake up.”

Jordan slowly thought about the feasibility of this matter.

“Implant an idea in her”

Jordan suddenly remembered Nolans movie “Inception”.

In the movie, in order to make an heir of a financial group give up his fathers assets, the protagonist implanted an idea into the heir via an illusory dream.

They influenced him that money was not the most important thing.

Family and love were.

In the end, after waking up, that heir indeed gave up on inheriting his fathers business and chose to live an ordinary life.

If Jordan returned to the past, he could implant an idea in Victorias mind, the idea that she must stay with Jordan until she grew old.

As long as this idea was strong enough, Victoria would definitely wake up and not seek death!

Shaun said, “Dad, theres no need to go through so much trouble.

Victoria committed suicide because my wife controlled his body and slept with that boy.

Go back in time and stop my wife from sleeping with him.

Jordan, if you do this, I dont mind you slapping my wife a couple of times.

This woman actually cheated on me to take revenge on you.”

However, Rong Huangde said bluntly, “Shaun, stop calling me Dad.

Your IQ is not worthy to be my son.

Didnt you guys watch Director NolansCreed I had him explain the concept of time travel very clearly in the movie.

What happened in the past cannot be changed.

Victoria and the little boy slept together and she chose to shoot herself, these two things cannot be changed.

“Once you try to change either one of the events, a new timeline will appear, which is…”

“A parallel world!” Jordan answered quickly.

Rong Huangde nodded.

“Thats right.

In this parallel world, your wife wasnt violated.

She didnt commit suicide and is living well.

But the Victoria in this world is still unconscious.”

Jordan quickly said, “No, I dont want to create a parallel world.

I wont change the past.

I dont care about Victoria and that boy.

I just want her to wake up!”

Parallel worlds were what Jordan was most afraid of.

He did not want to create a new flow in time.

Rong Huangde smiled.

He knew that Jordan was a person who saw the bigger picture.

He said, “Jordan, what happened has already happened.

Anyway, you cant create a parallel world even if you want to.

At the very least, in my long experience of time travel, Ive never been able to create a parallel world.”

At this moment, Shaun felt a little dizzy.

He asked, “Dad, since you cant change what happened in the past, why did you ask Jordan to return to the past Didnt what should have happened already happen In the past, Jordan didnt instill this idea in Victoria.

If he goes back to the past and instills this idea, wouldnt it be equivalent to changing the past”

Jordan was also a little puzzled by this.

Rong Huangde pointed at Shaun and said in a gratified tone.

“This is a good question.

You are qualified to be my son.

Now, I want to tell you about another very important time travel concept.

You must listen carefully.”


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