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At those words, Jordan and Shaun became very attentive.

Rong Huangde said slowly, “Before we talk about this concept, I want to tell you a little story.

Perhaps youve heard it before.

Legend has it that this world originally didnt have a moon.

God only created Earth.

Earth was the only planet in the entire universe.

But as time passed, suddenly one day, a fellow called Galileo invented a telescope that could look beyond the skies of Earth.

God was shocked and hurriedly created a moon.

“It means that the moon doesnt exist until you have the ability to see it.

Only when you have the ability to see it will the moon be placed there.

Do you understand what I mean”

Shaun was confused, but Jordan seemed to have understood something.

Jordan said, “You mean that what I saw with my own eyes in the past will still happen But what I didnt see it, I can still change it”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Rong Huangde clapped happily and praised Jordan.

“As expected of a Deity! As expected of a descendant of the Steele family! Jordan, youre too smart.

Thats exactly what I meant!”

Shaun had a low education level.

While he was good at his demonic techniques, he knew nothing about physics and science.

He tugged at Rong Huangdes arm.

“Dad, I dont understand.

What do you mean What are you talking about Can you explain to me”

Now, Shaun would call Rong Huangde “Dad” every time he saw him.

As Shaun was indeed using Rong Bailuns body, Rong Huangde would sometimes mistake this person in front of him to be his real son.

This was also the reason why Shaun insisted on calling him “Dad”.

It was to confuse this old man and make him sympathize with him.

Rong Huangde explained patiently, “Let me give you another example.

If you drive to work in the city in the capital, you will encounter many cars along the way.

However, you only remembered seeing two cars: a black Audi A8 and a white Ford Focus.

There were hundreds of cars you didnt remember seeing.

And you can change all of them.

“I can change a Tesla that has been following your car to a Porsche, or I can change a Volkswagen that was far away into a Buick.

Do you understand”

Shaun swallowed.

He… still didnt quite understand.

Seeing how confused Shaun was, Jordan quickly intervened to explain.

After all, they had already agreed to work with each other.

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Jordan said, “Lets not use such complicated examples about the past and future for now.

Lets just talk about the present.

Were in this room now, right”

Shaun nodded blankly.

Jordan asked, “Whats outside this fort”

Shaun was stunned for a moment before replying, “There are lawns, soldiers and weapons outside the fort.”

Jordan said, “No, I say that its a desert outside this fort.”

Shaun smiled.

“Thats impossible.

This is Chengdu, a large city.

There are other cities nearby too.

How can it be a desert”

Rong Huangde smiled and joined in.

“I say that outside this fort is the sea.”

Shauns expression changed.

“Did something happen to your brains Why dont you let Dr.

T examine you”

Rong Huangde smacked Shauns head.

“You fool, why cant you understand Let me ask you, can you see whats outside the fort now Lets not talk about when you came in.

Lets talk about now.

Can you see it this very second”

Shaun shook his head.

Rong Huangde said, “So it can be the sea or the desert outside.

Only when you really walk out of the fort and see those lawns can they really exist.”

Shaun was enlightened.

“I understand! Weve all experienced the past, but everyones understanding of the past is limited.

Its impossible for one person to experience everything in the past.

So we can return to the past and can change things that we didnt experience personally! Is that what you mean”

Jordan and Rong Huangde nodded.

Shaun finally understood.

And this was indeed a very difficult concept to understand.

Jordan thought for a moment and said, “If we want to go back to the past and implant an idea into Victoria, I cant do it myself because I didnt do it in the past.”

Rong Huangde smiled and nodded.

“Thats simple.

Put on a mask or disguise yourself as an old man or an ugly freak and quietly approach her.

Make her listen to you and then slowly implant that idea.”

Jordan said, “If I travel to the past, there will be another me in the past, right Its equivalent to having two Jordans at the same time.”

Rong Huangde nodded.

“Thats right.

Therefore, you must never meet your past self, or your worldview will collapse.

But you dont have to worry about that.

Like I said, what should have happened has already happened.

If youve really seen your other self in the past, its impossible for you not to know now.”

Shaun felt a little dizzy when he heard this.

However, he understood one thing.

Jordan could return to the past and save Victoria.

Moreover, he was about to do so.

Jordan said, “Mr.

Rong, please let me return to the past and save my wife!”

He had confirmed that as long as he returned to the past and found an opportunity to implant the idea of growing old with Jordan into Victoria, she would wake up.

Jordan couldnt wait to do this now!

However, Rong Huangde stretched lazily.

“Ah, Im so tired.


T, give me a glass of whiskey.”

Rong Huangde ignored Jordan and walked to the side to drink.

Jordan knew that Rong Huangde would not help him so easily.

Since he had chosen to come here, Jordan was already prepared to pay any price.


Rong, if youre willing to send me back to the past and save my wife, Im willing to return to 30 years ago to help you explore the secrets of the Handley family, as well as the origin and secrets of the Deity.”

Rong Huangde was delighted.

“Hahaha, Deity Jordan, youre finally enlightened! Actually, youre not helping me.

Youre helping yourself and the entire human race.

As long as I can know the Handley familys spells and the secret origins of the Deity, I will have no regrets even if I die! Lets not delay a moment longer.

Why dont we start immediately”

Jordan said, “Before I help you, I have to save my wife, Victoria.”

Rong Huangde became cautious again.

“Deity Jordan, your condition seems a little too much.

Since youre begging me to help you, you should solve my problem first before I can help you.”

Jordan was very determined.

“I must save my wife first.

I promise you that after I save my wife, I will definitely help you finish what you started.

If you dont trust me, you can let me take the poison you gave Shaun to control me!”


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