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“We have gone back in time.

Weve really returned to two years ago!”

Jordan suddenly felt as if a lifetime had passed.

He felt that all of this was like a dream.

It was too magical.

He could actually return to the time two years ago and meet and talk to people from two years ago.

Two years ago, he was still the son-in-law of the Camden family and was still undergoing the mental training arranged by his grandfather.

He was still in love with that b*tch Hailey and had yet to meet Victoria and Lauren.

Jordan had a subconscious feeling that he would be doing many things during this trip back in time!

Not just implanting an idea in Victoria.

“Are you crazy Why are you looking at my calendar Dont you have a phone!”

The pretty lady snatched her phone back.

She looked at Jordan and Shaun as if they were crazy before walking away.

Shaun patted Jordans shoulder and smiled.

“How f*cking insane.

Weve really returned to two years ago! At this time I was still in Switzerland.

Do you think I should go to Switzerland now and send a message to my past self to ask him to quickly bring Lota away Otherwise, youll be snatching her away in another year!”

Everyone had past regrets, including Shaun.

One of his regrets was Lota.

He had raised Lota because he wanted to take her as his woman when she turned 18.

However, just before she turned 18, she met Jordan and asked him to save her from the Swiss castle.

Jordan rolled his eyes at Shaun and threatened, “You can try.”

Shaun laughed.

“Im just joking.

Hahaha, what will happen has already happened.

Since youve already taken away Lotas first time, even though I have come back in time, I cant change that fact, right”

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Jordan shook his head.

“No, Lotas first time is still with her.

She didnt give it to me.”

Shaun was shocked.

“Damn, stop fooling around.

Didnt you two sleep together”

Jordan said, “On our way to the US from Chaoyang Park, she alluded to it.

She said something about how she still hadnt given away her first time.

I dont understand what she meant.

Previously, she clearly said that when I was unconscious in that special room in Switzerland, she did it with me.”

Shaun couldnt help chuckling.

Jordan didnt know the reason, but he did.

However, he was too embarrassed to tell Jordan.

He was also afraid that Jordan would beat him to death if he knew the truth.

Jordan could tell that something was up with Shaun.

He asked, “Do you know something What nonsense did you teach Lota”

Shaun quickly changed the topic and pointed at a cafe in front.

“Im thirsty.

Im going to get a cup of coffee.

Do you want some”

Shaun walked to the cafe and was about to order a cup of coffee.

At this moment, a delivery rider suddenly attracted Shaun and Jordans attention! When Shaun noticed the young man wearing a helmet and delivery uniform, he suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.

Jordan was taken aback by the sight of that delivery man.

The young delivery man turned around.

Shaun and Jordan got a good look at his face at the same time!

“F*ck! Its you!”

Shaun was shocked.

He realized that the young man delivering takeout was none other than Jordan from 2020!

At this time two years ago, Jordan was indeed a delivery man!

[Im the happiest every morning.

Ill meet you again on this train.]

After Jordan was injected with the Mirakuru serum, his hearing had improved a lot.

He could even vaguely hear the music playing in Jordans Bluetooth earpiece.

It was his favorite song to play when he was out delivering takeout.

He didnt expect to meet his past self from two years ago!

Jordan remembered Rong Huangdes advice.

He could not let his past self see him.

Otherwise, if a person saw someone who looked exactly like them, they would realize that something was wrong and their worldview would collapse.

Therefore, Jordan hurriedly took out a cap from his backpack and put it on.

He lowered the cap so that his past self wouldnt get a chance to see his face clearly.

Shaun was amused.

He was looking at two Jordans at the same time.

Shaun said to Jordan, “Deity Jordan, how about I go greet your past self from two years ago”

Jordan became nervous.

“Dont mess around!”

But Shaun just lowered his head and walked over.

At this moment, the Jordan from 2020 had just finished retrieving the takeout order from the cafe.

He turned back to leave.


Shaun deliberately bumped shoulders with Jordan from 2020.

“Excuse me.”

Jordan from 2020 was often in a hurry to deliver his orders.

He thought that he was the one who had accidentally bumped into someone due to his haste.

Therefore, he apologized first.

Without waiting for the other party to respond, he left on his motorcycle.

Looking at the back view of Jordan from 2020, Shaun smiled.

“Look, nothing happened at all.

Dont be nervous, haha.”

But Jordan frowned and said, “I remember.

I remember what happened just now.”

“Huh” Shaun didnt understand what Jordan was talking about.

Jordan said, “I remember two years ago, I was at a cafe in this district.

After retrieving the takeout order, I bumped into a man wearing an oxygen mask.

This really happened two years ago!”

Jordan suddenly recalled this incident.

What just happened actually existed in his mind for the past two years!

Shaun smiled.

“Indeed, what should happen has already happened.

I understand more and more how time travel works.”

The two of them ordered two cups of coffee.

Shaun took off his oxygen mask.

After taking two sips, he couldnt take it anymore and put the mask back on.

They had just experienced a space-time reversal.

For the time being, they could not survive without the mask.

Shaun was a little frustrated.

“Im tired and dizzy now.

Lets find a hotel to rest in.

Anyway, youll only see Victoria the day after tomorrow.”

Jordan nodded and said, “But we wont go to a hotel.

Lets go to the New City residential estate.”

Shaun felt that this place sounded a little familiar.

He had previously investigated Jordans background and remembered that the New City residential estate was where Jordan lived with Hailey when he was married to her.

“Why are we going to the New City residential estate Isnt that where you live now” Shaun asked.

Jordan said, “Yes, lets get a house opposite my old house to monitor my past self.”

Shaun didnt say anything.

If it were him, he would also want to find a secret place to monitor his past self.

The two of them took a taxi to the New City residential estate.

“Which building did you and Hailey stay in”

Shaun asked Jordan as they entered the estate.

Jordan pointed at the building in front.

Shaun smiled.

“That one.

Alright, lets find a place opposite that building to monitor you and Haileys every move in 2020.

Hehe, lets go and rob someone.

Lets see which family is so unlucky!”


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