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Jordan and Shaun arrived opposite the building where Hailey lived.

Their apartment was on the ninth floor so Jordan also went to the ninth floor of the opposite building.

Knock knock!

Jordan knocked on the door.

A womans voice rang out.

“Who is it What do you want”

This was a high-end district in Orlando.

There were cameras at the door and the woman inside could see Jordan and Shaun, and how they were dressed.

The two of them were wearing oxygen masks and completely wrapped up.

They did not look like decent folk.

Jordan knew that she would not open the door so easily.

Shaun said impatiently, “Open the door quickly.

Were here to buy your house!”

“Buy my house Dont treat me like a three-year-old.

I can tell at a glance that youre not good men.

Hurry up and leave, otherwise, Ill call the police!” The woman threatened.

Shaun was about to speak again when Jordan stopped him.

Jordan shouted at the door, “You are Yasmine, right”

Shaun was stunned for a moment.

Jordan actually knew the owner of this apartment.

No wonder he chose the ninth floor.

Actually, if it was for surveillance, it would be better to choose a higher floor.

The woman inside suddenly panicked.

“How did you know Why does your voice sound so familiar Do you also live here”

Jordan knew the owner of this apartment because he had come here before to deliver takeout.

Coincidentally, they lived in the same neighborhood and were on the same floor, just from different buildings.

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As this woman was quite good-looking and had a good figure, Jordan was able to remember her.

In fact, not only did Jordan know her name, but he also knew her little secret.

Jordan said, “Yasmine, open the door.

Otherwise, Ill call your husband and tell him that you slept with someone else behind his back.”

Shaun was dumbstruck.

This woman was having an affair

Good lord, so many cheating women in this little estate.

“This place should be renamed Cuckold Residential Estate.” Shaun chuckled.

Jordan was not trying to fool her.

He did know about her dirty little secret.

He didnt follow her on purpose.

It was just a coincidence that he met Yasmine many times and knew what her husband looked like.

Occasionally, when he passed by a hotel entrance, he would see Yasmine holding the arm of an unfamiliar man as they entered the hotel.

Yasmine panicked.

“You… youre spouting nonsense! If you dare to spread lies, Ill call the police to arrest you!”

Jordan said calmly, “Alright, call the police.

Call your husband over too.

I can send a photo of you and that man sleeping together to your husband to enjoy.”

Shaun was getting impatient.

“B*tch, open the door quickly.

Without evidence, do you think well knock on your door”

Yasmine opened the door shakily and let Jordan and Shaun in.

Yasmines house was quite luxurious.

It was not much different from Jordan and Haileys place.

Yasmine was very nervous.

“What do you want Are you here to extort money from me I can give you money if you promise not to tell my husband.

However, I can only give you $10,000 at most.

This is all the cash I have now.”

Jordan sat on the sofa and said, “We dont want money.

We just want you, your husband and your family to move out.”

Yasmine widened her eyes.

“You want my house Thats impossible.

This house is worth more than $2 million!”

Shaun said angrily, “Cut the crap.

We wont be staying here for long.

Just treat it as us renting this place.

This is the rent!”

Taking out an exquisite watch from his backpack, Shaun threw it at Yasmine.

Yasmine looked at it and was overjoyed.

“Oh my god, its an Audemars Piguet watch from the Royal Oak Offshore Collection.

Its worth over a hundred thousand dollars!”

Jordan knew her secret and they were still offering a watch worth a hundred thousand dollars in rent.

As a result, Yasmine immediately agreed.

“Alright, Ill persuade my husband to rent this house to you.”

Shaun urged, “Hurry up and move your things.

Ill give you two hours!”

Shaun was tired and didnt want any trouble.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be bothered to give an expensive watch to this cheating woman.

Soon after, Yasmine moved her familys personal belongings out of the house.

After Yasmine left, Jordan and Shaun fell asleep from exhaustion.

They only woke up at eight in the evening.

Shaun rubbed his eyes.

He no longer needed an oxygen mask and could breathe steadily now.

He took a big gulp of cold beer and said, “Finally, I dont feel dizzy anymore.

Even strong people like us have to rest for a long time after traveling back in time.

That old man Rong Huangde will probably need to sleep for a day and night”

Jordan was also awake but he did not answer.

Instead, he took out a pair of binoculars from his backpack and looked at the building opposite.

He saw that the lights on the opposite floor, in the apartment where he and Hailey used to live, had just been turned on.

“Yo, are you and Hailey home”

Shaun also picked up his binoculars and took a look.

As they were too far away, Shaun could only see and not hear anything.

He smiled.

“Ill install a surveillance camera and a listening device at your house.

This way, you wont have to keep looking through binoculars.”

As a member of the eight secret families, these high-tech devices were easily available to him.

Controlling an invisible drone, Shaun discreetly installed cameras and listening devices in various rooms in Haileys house, including the bedroom, living room and even the washroom.

Seeing that Shaun had installed cameras in the washroom, Jordan hurriedly stopped him.

“Why are you installing cameras in the washroom Remove them!”

Shaun smiled.

“Why are you so nervous You dont love that b*tch anymore.”

Jordan punched him.

“F*ck you.

No matter what, Hailey is my ex-wife.

How can I let you peek at her bathing”

Shaun chuckled and put the camera away.

He only installed a listening device in the washroom before controlling the drone to fly back.

All the surveillance equipment was ready.

Jordan and Shaun sat on the sofa.

They could see Hailey and past-Jordans every move.

At this moment, Jordan was cooking for Hailey.

Hailey was wearing a white Chanel T-shirt and white shorts, revealing her fair and beautiful legs.

She was also wearing a pair of cute red slippers.

“Hubby, hurry up and make dinner for me.

Im starving,” Hailey said coquettishly.

She was already at the dining table and couldnt wait to eat.

“Alright, its almost done.”

Jordan was busy preparing everything in the kitchen…


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