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Seeing the name Tyler again, Jordan suddenly felt like this was only yesterday!

For the past two years, after Jordan left Orlando, he had interacted with many big shots.

The people who went against him had changed from small-time second-generation heirs to men like Park Chan-young, Miyamoto Masaki and Shaun.

However, when he saw the message on Haileys phone, Jordan still felt very angry at Tyler, this small-time heir from a second-rate family in Orlando!

Shaun looked at the contents of the surveillance screen and asked with a smile, “This Tyler is the unlucky kid who seduced your wife back then and was castrated by you, right Hehe, Jordan, when I saw your interaction with Hailey just now, I felt that the two of you were quite sweet.

“Youre so good to Hailey.

You really dote on her.

Shes also quite coquettish in front of you.

I can tell that you two love each other.

I thought you were having a miserable time as a live-in son-in-law, being ordered around by that bad woman, Hailey.

But it looks like her attitude towards you wasnt that bad.”

Outsiders like Shaun, Geng Anli and the Rong family had all investigated Jordans past.

They all knew that Hailey was a bad woman who had betrayed Jordan.

With this first impression of Hailey, they all believed that she was a particularly bad person.

However, in reality, during the three years he lived with the Camdens, Haileys attitude towards him had been rather good.

After all, she was from a well-to-do family and had basic manners.

She would not say anything too nasty.

On the other hand, Haileys parents often said nasty things to Jordan because they were his elders and did not like Jordan as their son-in-law.

Jordan and Hailey did love each other at that time.

Especially during their first year of marriage.

They were tentative but sweet with each other, and Jordan missed those hazy days very much.

At that time, Hailey was still a university student.

She was very innocent and had not turned bad yet.

If Hailey was really a promiscuous woman with a bad attitude, how could Jordan fall for her

By then, even if Hailey cheated on him, Jordan wouldnt be so angry.

He would not have sung that sad song after finding out that Tyler had successfully proposed to Hailey.

Jordan did not say anything to Shaun.

It was all in the past.

Shaun was not a friend worth sharing his feelings with.

Hailey clicked on the video chat function and called Tyler.

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“Yo, their video call is starting.”

Shaun took a bag of peanuts and started snacking and drinking.

As he drank, he looked at the surveillance screen with interest.

Tyler soon answered the video call.

“Babe, have you eaten” Tyler asked in the video.

Hailey nodded.

“Yes, I just ate.”

“What did you eat”

Hailey replied, “Stir-fried shrimp with cucumber.

My husband made it for me.

Its delicious and I love it, hehe.”

As Jordan watched the screen and listened to the sound from the listening device, his face was filled with anger.

Actually, Jordan remembered the conversation with Hailey in that living room and kitchen two years ago.

However, Jordan did not know about Hailey and Tylers video chat.

He thought about how he was dutifully cleaning up after dinner, yearning for the next day when his mission would end so that he and Hailey could live a happy life.

Meanwhile, Hailey was having a flirtatious video call with another man.

Jordan was so angry that he wanted to thrash someone!

Tyler replied, “Tsk, whats the use of knowing how to cook Your husband is only useful around the house.

He cant help you in your career! Hailey, your Landmark Realty business needs a lot of capital.

Can your useless husband give it to you”

Hailey had been very happy about showing off her husbands culinary skills.

However, the smile on her face instantly disappeared after hearing Tylers comments.

She was truly a very impressionable woman.

In the first year of her marriage to Jordan, Hailey really liked him very much.

She felt that he was handsome, polite and treated her well.

They also had similar tastes and interests.

Money did not matter to her.

But as time passed, all her good friends got married to rich men.

Hailey gradually felt that it was shameful to have such a poor husband.

It was then that she started to complain about Jordan.

Hailey said gently, “Tyler, can you help my family with this My grandmother said that if we can attract investments and let my father be the person in charge of the project.

I might be able to be the deputy director.”

Tyler smiled wickedly.

“Hailey, you know that money is nothing to my family.

I can invest a few hundred thousand in you.”

Hailey was overjoyed.


Tyler said, “Hehe, I can definitely invest if you want me to, but you have to be my woman.

Hailey, Ive asked you out so many times.

You should agree, right”

Hailey instantly became shy.

She bit her lips, looking like she was in a dilemma.

“Tyler, you know that I… have a husband.”

Hailey was conflicted.

Tyler said impatiently, “Hes just a useless son-in-law who lives off your family.

Whats there to worry about Besides, he wont know if you dont tell him, right He goes to work during the day to deliver takeout, doesnt he Then lets meet at noon.

Delivery at that time is always the busiest.

He definitely wont have time to check on you.

How about that

“Hailey, my patience is limited.

If you dont agree, dont come looking for me for investments then.”

Hailey was conflicted, but in the end, she agreed.

“Alright, tomorrow at noon then!”

Tyler laughed happily.

“Hahaha, alright! Ill book a hotel now.

How about the Roxy Hotel Its a five-star hotel!”

Hailey smiled shyly.

“Yes, anything you choose is fine.”


Hearing this, Jordan angrily smashed a cup on the ground!

“Buddy, that was my wine glass.”

Shaun looked exasperated.

Jordan was furious.

“Hailey, that b*tch.

I was so good to her, but she treated me like this!”

Shaun asked, “Didnt you know about this two years ago Why are you still so angry now Forget it.

Anyway, you dont love Hailey anymore.

You have Lauren and Victoria by your side.

Your two beautiful and beloved wives.

Dont bother about Hailey.

Let her sleep with Tyler or Dick or Harry if she wants.”

With that, Shaun retrieved another wine glass and prepared to pour.


Jordan grabbed the wine glass and smashed it again!

“B*stard! Im a Deity.

How can I endure such humiliation! How can I let others ridicule me about this!”

Shaun looked helplessly at another broken wine glass.

“You cant change what has already happened.”

Jordan replied very seriously, “Who says I cant change the past! If I cant change the past, why did I travel back in time! Now that Ive managed to return to two years ago.

I wont stand by and watch Hailey betray me again!”


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