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Hailey was at a loss for words, finally realizing that it seemed inappropriate to drink Champagne on such an occasion.


Champagne was usually drunk during celebratory events like weddings or when ones favorite sports team has won a championship.


Who would pop champagne when a relative is on her deathbed


Hailey silently put away the champagne and said, “Hubby, can I connect my cell phone to the Bluetooth speaker of the car I want to play a song in my playlist.”


Hailey and Jordan had slightly different tastes in music.

The trip this time would take close to two hours, and itd be agonizing for her if they kept playing songs she disliked.


Jordan would never force others to listen to the songs he liked.

Hence, he allowed Hailey to connect her phone to the Bluetooth player and play her preferred songs.


To his surprise, the first song that Hailey played after connecting her phone to the Bluetooth player of the car wasA Thousand Reasons to be Sad!


The familiar piano prelude instantly reminded both of them of the concert the other day.


Hailey took the initiative to hold Jordans hand and said, “Hubby, you know what I was mesmerized by you when you went up on stage to perform this song on the piano while singing along at the concert the other day.

Not only did you hide your identity from me, you even kept it from me that you could play the piano.

Why did you do that”


“If I knew you played the piano so well, I would love you even more!”


Jordan didnt push Haileys hand away.

After all, her hand was quite comfortable to touch.

Besides, she was the one who had held his hand first, not the other way around.

Hence, it didnt mean that he wanted to get back together with her.


Jordan said, “So what if youd love me more Its just some piano-playing skills.

Theyre not going to help you increase the status of your family.

You would have still gotten into an affair with Tyler.”


“Hailey, since I caught you and Tyler in the hotel room, Ive already lost all feelings for you!”


The car was traveling at a speed of 60km/h.

The roof and windows in the back were all tightly closed, and their conversation could not be heard or seen from the front.


Hailey continued to hold his hand.

“If you lost all feelings for me, why did you tear up”


Jordan was instantly shocked because he knew that Hailey was referring to the fact that he had teared up because of her at the concert and a song calledIf You Dont Have Anymore Feelings.


Jordan looked at Hailey in surprise and said, “Ive only played that song once.

How did you…”


Jordan and Hailey had been married for three years.

If it was a song that Jordan often played, it wouldnt be strange for her to know about it.


However, Jordan remembered that he had only played that song once.


Hailey took out her cell phone and opened the Spotify app.

She then showed Jordan the list of “liked songs”.


“Ive downloaded all the songs that you listened to in the past three years.

Suppose Im a materialistic and promiscuous woman who doesnt love you and despises you because of your family background.

Why would I have done that!!”


Jordan looked at Haileys cell phone screen in astonishment.


‘If You Dont Have Anymore Feelings,Perfect Summer,The Scientist…


They were all of Jordans favorite songs.


At this moment, Hailey lay in Jordans arms and pleaded, “Hubby, I know Ive hurt you.

You can beat and scold me all you want but dont give me the cold shoulder or leave me.”


Music really has the ability to affect a persons mood.


Listening to the songA Thousand Reasons To Be Sad, Jordan recalled the night when Tyler proposed to Hailey.

At that time, he wished that he could go forward, tell Hailey the truth and forgive her!


He knew that he still loved her and did not want her to marry another man at all.


Now that Hailey was lying in his arms, Jordan didnt push her away.


‘Since were pretending to still be married, Ill just take it that this is an act!


The chauffeur wasnt driving at a fast speed.

The car was traveling at only about 110-120 km/h on the expressway.


They arrived at Lilys home at 11:30 pm.


She was married into the Blaine family, which was considered quite a wealthy family in South Daytona.

However, they were several notches below the Camdens.


Thus, when the Blaines learned that the Camdens were coming, they waited at the entrance to welcome them.


Jordan, Hailey, Diana, and the others alighted from their respective cars almost simultaneously.


However, Lilys eldest son, Devon, was the first to approach Jordan.


He took the initiative to extend his hands and said, “Mr.

Steele, its very thoughtful of you to come here.”


Jordan was a little surprised.

Even if he and Hailey were still married, he should still be known as a live-in husband.


Logically speaking, Devon should have greeted Diana first.


Jordan decided to be polite to Devon on Lilys account.

“Its only right for me to do so.

Grandaunt Lily has always been so nice to Hailey and me.

How is she now”


Devon shook his head and sighed.


It seemed that she was really about to kick the bucket.


Jordan asked, “You should know Hailey and I are divorced, right”


Jordan guessed that since Devon was aware that he was the president of the Ace Corporation, he should also know about his divorce from Hailey.


After all, what happened between them had become a hot topic in Orlandos business circles.


The news had spread to South Daytona, which wasnt far from Orlando.


Devon nodded and said, “Im the only one in my family who knows.

Neither my siblings nor my mother are aware.”


“So, when you see my mother later, I hope you wont mention the divorce and just behave affectionately with Hailey later.

I hope she wont hear such bad news before she passes.”


Lily naturally knew about it a long time ago.

Still, Devon decided to play along with the plan because he knew that Hailey and Jordan would pretend to still be married to lie to Lily.


Later, he would also arrange for Jordan and Hailey to stay in the same room!


Jordan assured, “Dont worry, I wont say anything.”


After a brief greeting, Jordan and the others proceeded to go see Lily without further ado.


Lily had been hospitalized for a long time, and the Blaines decided to give up on treatment and take her home instead.


Jordan felt his heart wrench up in misery when he saw Lily lying quietly in bed, waiting for her life to come to an end.


Hailey was tearing up incessantly in Jordans arms.


Perhaps because of the sounds of Haileys sobbing, Lily slowly opened her eyes and said feebly, “Is Hailey here”


Hailey immediately knelt in front of the bed and held her hand.

“Yes, Grandaunt Lily, Jordan, and I are here to see you!”


“Jordan… Jordan Steele”


Hearing Jordans name, Grandaunt Lily immediately perked up.

She turned to look at Jordan as if she was experiencing terminal lucidity before her death.


“Grandaunt Lily.”


Jordan also hurriedly walked to the bed and held her hand.


Lily grinned elatedly.

Seeing how haggard she was, Jordan felt distressed.


“Jordan, I never thought I would get to see you again before I die.”


Feeling melancholic, Jordan comforted, “Youll be fine.

I will hire the best doctor in the world to cure you.”


Lily patted Jordans hand happily and asked, “Jordan, Hailey, how are you two doing”


As the only Camden who was aware of the secret, her greatest, final wish before her death was to see Hailey securing her marriage to the ultra-rich scion, Jordan.


Hailey held Jordans hand and said, “Grandaunt Lily, were doing well, and weve been planning to have a baby recently!”


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